Zero 2018-2019 Company introduced new elektrotsikly for beginners


Company «Zero 2018-2019 Motorcycles» updated range of electric motorcycles in 2017, adding more power and more torque, as well as presenting two new models for beginners.


The new engine allows you to drive in a more aggressive style.
On top models SR / DSR powerplant produces 145 Nm of torque.

Low-power version of the Zero 2018-2019 S / Zero 2018-2019 DS (on the photo), designed for beginners, produced 15 hp
power instead of 28 hp to motorcyclists, students or motorcyclists with categories A1 (Europe) could travel, even though on a steep torque of 106 Nm.
These bikes also installed a lightweight and compact battery pack (-43 kg), allowing free space for the luggage compartment.

Models Zero 2018-2019 FX / FXS (enduro / supermoto) just became a little easier by the new Battery Pack.

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