X-lite X-802R – a new model helmet for champions.

Helmet X-lite X-802R (an upgraded version of the well-known model X802) – a racing helmet made ​​of composite materials produced by the Italian company Nolan Group is . This design represents the culmination of many years of experience gained through participation in the premier class international championships in road-racing. Each component (shell, visor, liner, and ventilation system) is the result of innovative development, aimed at guaranteeing consistent quality and excellent performance of the helmet.


Each element has been carefully designed to provide maximum performance and has been tested in MotoGP and the SBK . At the beginning of the 2017 season Casey Stoner, Jorge Lorenzo, Carlos Checa, Marco Melandri and other riders sponsored by Nolan
Group, tested the innovative technical solutions applied in this helmet. It is now available for the most demanding riders.


The shell is made of high-strength materials that ensure maximum performance and is available in three sizes (XS / S, M / L, XL / XXL). Thus, the weight and volume of helmet (and hence its aerodynamic drag) is minimized and is proportional to the rider's head size.


The use of innovation to create a new design of the helmet visor X-802R is clearly visible in the enlarged viewing angle and optimized gear system raising the visor, which is set to defend against condensation and fogging visor lens (Nolan Fog Resistant System). This lens can also be
mounted on visor coupled loose lenses. All integrals X-Lite installed a special time-tested mechanism for raising the visor. It has a low weight, it can easily be removed without the aid of any additional tools and it also allows you to leave a distance of 4 mm between the edge of the visor and the helmet, providing constant air draft. The mechanism is equipped with a system of Double Action, which helps prevent accidental opening of the visor. Fixing it in the minimum opening position, this function protects the lens from fogging at high speeds and during stops.


For the inner lining of the helmet used "breathable» UNITHERM fabric – it has become a major component to ensure rider comfort. This tissue consists of the most modern high microfibers that actively regulate
breathability by rapidly removing the evaporation inside the helmet. Removable cheeks needed to maintain a stable position in the head at high speeds. This is due to different density triple sheath that
It provides excellent comfort even in significant impacts on the cheek. Linings for the cheeks, you can choose different thickness that will provide the best comfort and fit.


On the helmet mounted innovative aerodynamic adjustable rear spoiler that optimizes the aerodynamics of the helmet, stabilizing it at high speeds, and also helps to extract the hot air out of the helmet through the outlet vents integrated directly in the spoiler itself. Aerodynamics can be set to one of the two available configurations to best fit different styles


I changed and the design of the helmet, the metal elements are added to the outer shell and the lining has become bright red.
Well, we can only thank the company Panauto Yamaha and personally Margarita Eremin for the material.

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