WSBK Donington / BMW's first win

Today Donengton Park was the fifth stage of the championship WSBK . From the first bars of the grid started Tom Sykes, Leon Hazlitt, Morecambe Melandri and Max Biaggi. Immediately after the start Sykes lost to his compatriot Leon Hezlamu. For Sykes each race as "Groundhog Day", leading over a distance of 2/3 of the rubber starts to wear on the Kawasaki, in consequence of that to keep his bike Sykes forced to slow the pace.
In the course of the check-pilots of the top ten times exchanged positions, no one wanted to take their positions without a fight, demonstrate a great, spectacular race, the heroes of which were Marco Melandri, who brought the first victory for BMW in WSBK championship, and home runs Brits Leon Hazlitt and Tom Sykes. However, it would be fair to note the efforts of Max Biaggi, Jonathan Ray, and a young, but fast newcomer David Giuliano.
Defending champion Carlos Checa did everything in his power, but the motorcycle Ducati lost speed in-line BMW and Kawasaki's .

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