Video: unexpected guest Adrenaline FMX Rush-2017

At the end of August at the prestigious avenue in SC "Luzhniki" took place on the main extreme event of the summer – FMX show Adrenaline FMX Rush. In addition to the spectacular performances of Russian, European and American riders who have demonstrated breathtaking stunts on motorcycles, and ATV and snowmobile, guests of the show waiting for a surprise.

Thousands audience witnessed how an unknown elderly man volunteered to sit on the bike, started it, and – suddenly brilliantly performed several stunts on a motorcycle. Exciting performance, captured on video, led to a large number of rumors and disputes concerning the identity nameless hero.

Mikhail Yarygin, one of the riders of the Russian team at FMX Adrenaline Rush Ferz: «It was a very unusual experience for me. Suit, special make-up – all this had to adapt and specially trained to anything not create discomfort. The result, of course, has surpassed all my expectations, such a reaction from all who came to the show, I did not expect! Honestly, I did not recognize myself. "

The whole team of professional make-up artists who helped to transform Russian pop stars to take part in the show "One-to-One" on the First Channel, worked on the creation of a "grandfather-motofristaylera" way for Michael Yarygin. In order to completely change the look of an athlete, make-up artists it took 4 hours.

Adrenaline FMX Rush-2017

Adrenaline FMX Rush-2017

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