"Ugly Beauty"

The French have an interesting expression for the unconventionally attractive women «jolie laide», literally, it means pretty ugly. The ambiguous expression gave rise to the name of custom bikes.

BMW R100 / 7

According to Nico, the motorcycle maker when he first saw the BMW R100 / July 2017, which for many years lain in the garage like a piece of trash, the name came by itself – "I would like to old, reliable, lightweight and powerful enough, motorcycle could awaken the streets of Paris "- he jokes.

BMW R100 / 7

Nico had installed new cylinder head from R80GS and slender, stainless steel exhaust system. ( "Loud, but legally, -. He says) The original rear frame has been reduced. Two-level seat BMW was replaced by continuous. Short aluminum fenders and headlights from the old Ossa, protected by bars, a fresh look at the BMW R100 / 7.

BMW R100 / 7

BMW 100/7

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