«Tzar» custom Suzuki GSX 2017 Inazuma


Sylvaine Berneron – designer at BMW Motorrad, had a special passion for customizing and that «Tzar» his personal project, based at the Suzuki GSX2017 Inazuma. At the festival, Wheels & Waves in Biarritz last June, Tzar won the drag race, which was held at the local airport. In the world it is known as customizing psevdanimom Holographic Hammer.

To select the donor of his future cafe racer customizer immediately identified him, he will pick up on some criteria:

1) The motorcycle must have a good steel frame for subsequent modifications;

2) The motorcycle must be equipped with an engine oil cooling, as it is easier and easier means more reliable;

3) The engine must be krupnokubaturnym, four-row, with a decent torque and power;

4) Dual shock absorbers, for symmetry and all of this combined with the modern basis for everyday driving.


«Tzar» custom Suzuki GSX2017 Inazuma

After a quick sample on the above criteria, it remains only two motorcycles, of the project is suitable for this Cava ZRX2017 and Souza 2017 Inazuma, which was chosen due to the best-looking of the fuel tank on the customizer opinion. After buying a motorcycle Sylvain was skeptical when he saw him already in his gorazhe and comparing with those it would look like. The goal was to make as much as possible, but with a limited budget. Thus the bulk of the funds, it was decided to put on the updated chassis and Activities creation of tail-style café racer.


«Tzar» Suzuki GSX2017 Inazuma

Another problem Sylvain was the fact that it creates great projects, but the embodiment of them worked with a team of professionals, and it is his personal project, and napomosch he offered his best friend Hugo Lambert racing mechanic proffesii. Now together they set to work and began to replace the drain plug and the front brakes of the 2017 GSXR 2017 year established klipony the LSL, a speedometer, and a couple ACEWELL master cylinder PR19.

The sub-frame has been shortened by 30 centimeters and be completely redesigned to move the battery under the seat and motorcycle electronics.

The engine received filters K & N, larger exhaust pipes with silencer ZARD, modified ignition and a pair of cam YOSHIMURA. The output power of the bike was brought to the 160th hp

The final touch was a painting of a motorcycle, made with powder paint and the color scheme was inspired by a motorcycle Suzuki RG500 2017 Barry Sheen.


«Tzar» Suzuki GSX2017 Inazuma

Holographic Hammer

Sylvain Berneron under his pseudonym created a lot of interesting projects, which you can see below. Here’s how Holographic Hammer describes his work: “As a designer, I realized that the first idea is rarely the best, perfection is to study the various options and attempt to use non-standard techniques. Task Holographic Hammer – a digital assistance in creating a project and simplify manual labor.

I am convinced that, sketching before building helps to understand the global proportions and details in sozdovat already proschitannyz size, not sozdovat over and over again, looking for the perfect option.

For me it does not matter wakes Is designed me a motorcycle built or remain on kartinkoya, I’m having fun at work, and always drag your new projects to your friends, that’s been created custom for El Solitario MC, Untitled Motorcycles, Fuel Bespoke, Icon 2017 The lucky cat garage and Derestricted.

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