The winners of the World Championship in 2017 kastomayzengu

Passed the next world championship in customizing and looking at the winners, it is clear as day that the world does not stand still, and everything changes. Just a few years ago, we were able to observe and admire the custom bikes are winners with long forks, huge rollers behind and incredibly low-slung. Yes, these monumental sculptures draw attention to themselves unless pompous pathos. No one had not occurred to ask about the technical side of the issue. Now everything has changed radically custom bikes winners began to go under an hour surprising us with unusual engineering solutions.

AMD World Championship kastomayzengu 2017. 1st place – Tavax

The first place was won by Japanese samurai TAVAX2017V, amazing beautiful bike was shown the Japanese master, looking at him with the impression that only the Dunlop shod on Marchesini wheels tires are not made of metal. Technique is definitely interesting and deservedly takes first place.

AMD World Championship kastomayzengu 2017. 2nd place

Second place belongs to Briton Son Of A Gun, ¬ęgolden" custom assembled from different reworked and adopted from parts purchased on eBay. The total amount of construction was approximately $ 9000. The amazing beauty of the bike and how gormonichny drives from krossacha!
4th place deserves to be mentioned separately about it in this article. Custom name Spacester born Frenchman Lafontaine Pavie, interesting variety of modified parts Sportster XL2017 2017. Smooth, smooth frame, wheels with brake discs in a circle and specially designed supports. Haytekovsky design Frenchman suggests mys about the future, who knows may be Sportster will look like in 2017.

AMD Championship kastomayzengu world. 4th Spacester

The winners of the World Cup on kastomayzengu

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