The updated KTM RC8 R

The company has updated its line of KTM motorcycles are not only releasing new models , but also updated the earlier released, one of them became a sportbike RC8 R. The RC8 R renewal undergone virtually every motorcycle assembly, engine, suspension, transmission, and electronics.
V-shaped engine RC8 firmed more than 1kg. thanks to a new flywheel and crankshaft, potyazhelevshy in favor of greater inertia and thus smooth operation of the engine. Another interesting update became independent ignition system, submit a spark to two candles at different times – this helps to increase the efficiency of combustion of fuel and reduce carbon dioxide emissions.
As for electronics, the sensor has been added to the PPC allows ECU to control the engine braking process depending on the gear. Thanks to the sensor watching over switching to the slip clutch is not necessary, the latter by the way became easier, providing smoother shifting. On the instrument panel and the gear indicator appears.
Suspension and front and back of the WP, 43-mm front fork rear monoshock.
RC8 R 2017 will be available in white and black colors.


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