The results of the Australian Grand Prix

For many fans who followed the championship in the royal class, namely for those who are rooting for Danny Pedrossa – this race was sadder to go, but first things first. As in the past, Malaysian Grand Prix , here in Australia Lorenzo again showed a great start. But his lead was short-lived, Dani Pedrossa passed him on the ground, the same turn. Moving to the second position, Lorenzo immediately fell under the onslaught of Casey Stoner, who was able to get around champion already on the second lap.

Pedrosa, Jorge and Casey

After reaching the first position Dani Pedrosa commits a gross error at the entrance to the stud, an unsuccessful candidate trajectory and fall on the right side just a meter away from Casey Stoner. After the fall of Pedrosa, Casey took the lead, and Cal Kruchlou moved to the third position, followed by Andrea Dovizioso, Alvaro Bautista and Stefan Bradley. On the same lap James Ellison from Paul Bird Motorsport team makes a drop, and Colin Edwards was forced to leave the race due to technical reasons. On the sixth lap Kruchlou closed the distance between him and Lorenzo, Dovizioso on the contrary, dropped the pace, allowing Bautista to close the gap. Behind the top four fight were Valentino Rossi, to fend off attacks by Karel Abraham behind which followed Nicky Hayden.

Casey Stoner

After ten laps Dovizioso Bautista passes, but on the next lap Bradley Stefan catches and passes Andrea, moving it to the sixth position. On the sixteenth round of the Australian Grand Prix, Roberto Rolfo from the Speed ​​Master leaves the race due to technical reasons. For five laps remaining Dovizioso initially manage to play advantage for Bautista and four laps later overtaken Stefan Bradley, what subsequently took Bautista, sending the German into sixth place.

Valentino Rossi

As a result, the Australian Grand Prix was won by Australian Casey Stoner, followed him finish line crosses Jorge Lorenzo – who became World Champion ahead of MotoGP. In the third place of the podium rose Cal Kruchlou. There followed Andrea Dovizioso, who has taken the upper hand in the battle with Alvaro Bautista, which is located on the fifth place, Stefan Bradley was on the sixth position. For ten restless trio closed the Valentino Rossi, Nicky Hayden, Karel Abraham and Alex Espargaro.

Early World Champion Jorge Lorenzo

Paddock Girl Avstaliya

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