The new Snowmobiling BRP 2018-2019

2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT SP 154 850 E-TEC

For model 2018-2019 BRP Sammeyt joint venture 154 850 E-Tech is characterized by a very strong frame structure. Due to its shape in the form of a conical tunnel, as well as an innovative front suspension RAS 3 provides a special reliability of these vehicles.

Devices equipped with a pick-up 2-stroke snowmobile engines are characterized by high responsiveness, reduced operating costs, long overhaul intervals. Buy these vehicles tend to experienced pilots, who appreciate their innovative propulsion systems: a lightweight unit with additional injection nozzles, made of steel and cast iron scraper rings, having forged crankshaft execution.

For model 2018-2019 BRP Summit SP 154 850 E-Tec is characterized by compact dimensions and low weight, which allows it to demonstrate the exceptional speed performance. Sale of these devices is carried out at affordable prices located in Moscow Major sites.


2018-2019 BRP Model Summit X T3 174 800 R E-Tech is designed to move in deep snowdrifts and traversing slopes. Among its indisputable advantages should be made use of cutting-edge mining technology, complete set of high quality engine, perfect ergonomics. This approach contributed to the stunning disclosure operational capacity model.

For snowmobiles, working in difficult conditions, it is extremely important that all components and systems functioned well and in a coordinated manner. In this regard, the developers have equipped this vehicle-the-art suspension system with front component of RAS 2 and rear suspension tMotion. Unlike earlier versions, the car, the model has a lower weight (210 kg) through the use of advanced exhaust and wheel of a gear type.

To this end, the vehicle is characterized by the long tracks PowderMax with a flexible edge, made by technology 3 FlexEdge. In order to ensure quality adhesion to the snow-covered surface, the truck has a very high (76 mm) cleats. developers could guarantee a rare combination of pinpoint handling, which is typical for uzkogusenichnyh machine during maneuvering and assertiveness shirokotrakovyh models when driving on the straights With FlexEdge technology.

Conquest of previously inaccessible peaks was made possible thanks to temperamental motor Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm3), which easily develops 150 hp Model 2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 174 800R E-TEC is equipped with everything you need, including professional ski Pilot DS 3 with adjustable base (907 + 43 mm), ergonomic dashboard, easy seat REV-XM with luggage.

2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X T3 163 800R E-TEC

Mountain snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP T3 Summit X 163 E-Tech 800r model year is the expressive form and original color version, so that looks very impressive. It is built on the REV-XM high-tech platform. This engineering solution indicates the orientation of the vehicle to ensure a high permeability. For this purpose work and other elements of the snowmobile design: especially durable edge podnozhnika, high (64 mm) lugs. Due to the increased openings on the pegs, the routine cleaning of the snow mass becomes incredibly simple.

The manufacturer was able to increase the maneuverability of the model, through the use of suspension system that includes components of RAS 2 and tMotion with increased up to 406 mm stroke. Due to the unique design of the tracks, disposing short-reinforced rods and flexible edge, the model consistently maintains a course demonstrates honed movement on the slopes, confidently glides on snow-covered surfaces. Due to the presence of gas-filled dampers HPG Plus and improved ski Pilot DS3, provides a stunning fluidity of movement of the vehicle.

The equipment snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Summit X T3 163 800R E-TEC included Brembo braking system with a reinforced hose, aluminum wheel configuration with direct mining rafters and curved hilts, windscreen 285 mm high, high-tech data center heating function handles. The “heart” of the model is a series motor Rotax 800R E-TEC (with a displacement of 799.5 cm3). Thanks to direct injection technology, these snowmobiles different fuel economy. Particular ease of use provides a lightweight saddle type REV-XM, in a design that includes a luggage compartment.

2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT SP 146 600 E-TEC

Thanks to an unrivaled driving characteristics, snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Summit JV 146 600 E-Tech , even with the deepest snow drifts exhibits exceptional permeability and dynamics. In this case, the developers have provided a rare opportunity to bring the pilot to control the skill this vehicle to the highest level.

Achieve superior technical parameters of the model, the manufacturer has, due to its well-designed equipment 2-cylinder engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC with a displacement of 594.4 cm3. In view of the electronic direct-injection function, snowmobile differs incredible fuel efficiency.

A well-proven platform, rigid frame and innovative design directly from the mountain lines and curved handlebars, define the excellent maneuverability of this model. His refined handling snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Summit SP 146 600 E-TEC obliged the front suspension with double A-arm and monoshock HPG, and also set back tMotion element with twin shock absorbers of the same series. In combination with the suspension system works caterpillar FlexEdge, has a unique flexible edge that ensures optimum tilt of the vehicle is in motion along the slope.

Perfect ergonomics of the vehicle due to the presence of a narrow lightweight seat REV-XP X with a spacious luggage compartment. Highly informative instrument panel has a horizontal layout, with the comfort of the pilot carried developers switches on the center console, protection against arbitrary illumination key presses and reverse. Central grip has a high rigidity and is very comfortable to hold.


Specialized model 2018-2019 BRP Summit X 154 E-Tech 800r , based on the popular REV-XM platform is an ideal sport option. A distinctive feature of this snowmobile is an innovative design that combines a system of suspension and caterpillar. It allows these elements up to 2 0 to repeat the contours of any slope, traversing mountain ranges, navigate through deep snowdrifts, to maneuver side hill.

Another feature is the presence of a snowmobile ski variable gauge: it can be adjusted from 907 to 950 mm. This engineering solution allows to minimize the resistance when making skilful turns in deep snowdrifts.

His impeccable technical characteristics of this model snowmobile shall carefully consider the 2-cylinder engine Rotax E-TEC ® 800R (799,5 cm 3), capable of delivering 163 hp Throttle response, power and efficiency of the power plant due to the use of exhaust valves 3-D RAVE, as well as liquid cooling technology and electronic direct injection fuel mass. Security model largely determines racing brake system Brembo, which has a stainless steel braid.

Due to the high fuel efficiency of these vehicles (fuel mass flow rate is less than 12.3 liters per 100 kilometers), they show excellent endurance running. So, on one refueling snowmobiles are able to overcome 330 km. Moreover, their inherent economical engines oil consumption (less than 1 liter per 450 km). The manufacturer has provided a lightweight powertrain launch 2018-2019 BRP Summit X 154 800R E-TEC in low-temperature conditions, and the availability of innovative technology for their automated preservation.

BRP Xtrim Commander 600HO E-TEC

Model 2018-2019 BRP Extreme Commander 600HO E-Tech is designed for long trips in comfort areas with different landscape features. Among its basic characteristics of experts allocate reliability, economy, excellent handling. Due to suspension system, formed by elements A-LFS, PPS-5900-A and gas-filled shock absorbers HPG 36, a vehicle demonstrates high maneuverability.

This snowmobile is perfect for fans of extreme races, as he consistently operates on the most challenging tracks in the most difficult climatic conditions. Engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC is highly reliable. Thanks to the electronic direct-injection function, the 2-cylinder engine with a displacement of 594.4 cm3 demonstrates the tremendous efficiency.

Due to the low weight (304 kg) and the presence of a shaped truck with an optimal ratio of width to length (500/3923 mm), the machine is characterized by excellent maneuverability. The developers have provided the height of the lug at a rate of 44 mm, which was the key to excellent adhesion.

User comfort is guaranteed thanks to the staffing model 2018-2019 BRP Xtrim Commander 600HO E-TEC modular 1-seater chair “luxury” category and improved rear shock absorbers. Already in the basic version of the snowmobile is equipped with a steel wheel with J-shaped hilts, mountain sling nadstavkoj and special grip. Standard equipment also includes electric starter, heating function handles, high windshield, a digital information center, turnbuckle. Fuel tank whose capacity is 45 liters and provides significant progress autonomy of the vehicle.

BRP Skandic SWT 600ACE

Utility snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Scandic SVT 600 Ice model year, designed for active driving through deep snowdrifts, so they are the best solution for winter hunting and fishing. The reliability of these vehicles is largely due to the use of high-REV-XU platform.

suspension system is formed by a front telescopic component LTS, rear suspension with elastic pendulum SC-5U and shocks Motion Control. Reserve stroke shock is enough to overcome the deep potholes.

For confident driving on difficult terrain manufacturer equipped this model 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 594.4 cm3, able to give 60 hp The motor has a mild nature, environmental friendliness and economy. The presence of high-capacity (45 liters) of the fuel tank causes an unmatched autonomy stroke.

Thanks to 600-millimeter caterpillar snowmobiles are able to easily overcome the zone of snowdrifts. Since the width of the truck like the presence of the developed profile is not required, the height of the lug does not exceed 32 mm. Impressive width skis Pilot DS (175 mm) causes a lack of visual control: during the movement there is a feeling that the vehicle “floats” on the snowy expanses.

Due to the high glass windscreen, heated steel wheel with curved handles and mountain sling comfortable modular seat with luggage compartment, users can travel with special comfort. rear-view mirrors, multifunctional Infocentre, towbar and the electric vehicle 2018-2019 BRP Skandic SWT 600 ACE is already equipped as standard.


In the process of developing a model 2018-2019 BRP Summit SP 165 850 E-Tec manufacturer considered snowmobile platform and powertrain as a single device. It is possible to obtain a reliable vehicle is near the features: provides control over the snowmobile while maneuvering stamped footrests, compact silencer with a resonator, extremely accurate metering of oil, forged crankshaft.

Many pilots have appreciated the presence of the joint venture model 2018-2019 BRP Sammeyt 165 850 E-Tec concise and easily switch heating handles and innovative variator pDRIVE bearings instead of bushings, which significantly increases its service life. The presence of these innovations led to the growth in demand for snowmobiles this model, as well as a confident dynamics of their sales. The possibility to buy such vehicles on particularly favorable price gives the company.

2018-2019 BRP MXZ X-RS 800 E-TEC

Difference model 2018-2019 BRP EMIKSZET X-MS E-Tech is its staffing engine ROTAX 800R E-TEC with a liquid cooling system and feature 3-D RAVE unique fuel system, which is equipped with the vehicle, ensures compliance with modern environmental standards of cleanliness. The engine exhibits exceptional efficiency, which confirms the desire eminent manufacturer to ensure high operational efficiency produced models.

These tourist sled rebuilt platform REV-XS RS, the key points of which are exposed in the process of driving the highest load, specially reinforced. Such a solution is the key to the successful conquest of the mountain slopes, self-site visits “Pukhlyak” and storm snow-covered ravines.

The presence of elongated truck should recognize the key to leadership of this model, its incredible directional stability at high speed circuits. Thanks to the progressive performance suspension system that includes elements of RAS 2 and rMotion, as well as the damping device KYB Pro 40 Easy-Adjust, snowmobile passes obstacles without negative consequences for the pilot and the design of the vehicle itself. Experts note that the sample placed horizontally to the vector of movement of the sled of the main rear shock, unreal. The process of suspension tuning operating parameters different absolute convenience and accessibility.

Model 2018-2019 BRP MXZ X-RS 800 E-TEC is equipped with a multi-function digital display Infocenter. Ease of landing the pilot and control is ensured by equipping the car seat REV-XP X with the trunk, an aluminum wheel with J-hilts, windscreen optimum height.


Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Tundra Extreme 600 E-Tech model year, represent a unique technique to combine the best design of the set of world famous brands. The vehicle is built up based on the REV-XU chassis, which has increased strength and allows you to comfortably explore any terrain. suspension system developed by specialists Lynx consists of designs LTS and SC-5U with the course of 150 and 356 mm, respectively. This feature is the key to optimal agility and good handling of the vehicle. Use as Motion Control damper elements and HPG to successfully dampen shock and vibration eliminate snowmobile.

Two-stroke powerplant Rotax 600 HO E-TEC was the result of joint research companies Rotax, 2018-2019 BRP and Evinrude. The motor has a working volume of 594.4 cm3. Its effectiveness is due to the presence of liquid cooling systems, technology 3-D RAVE and electronic direct injection. The wide track and long PowderMax high (57.2 mm) grouser is the key to excellent traction in the bundokinga.

The combinatorial approach has allowed to create an original version of the snowmobile equipment, capable of solving daily tasks efficiently. Among the key features of the model 2018-2019 BRP TUNDRA XTREME 600 E-TEC experts identify its unique permeability and expressive design that highlights the extreme nature of the vehicle.

Saddle with a low profile is perfect for riding in a standing position. In the rear part is ergonomically designed luggage box with a capacity of 5 liters. Glass 254 mm serves as a reliable windscreen. High-tech performance of different wheel made of aluminum alloy, equipped with special gripper and heated grips.

2018-2019 BRP RENEGADE X-RS 800R E-TEC

Especially the legendary manufacturer has created a unique model 2018-2019 BRP Renegade X-RS 800 E-Tech P . Excellent adhesion, high comfort, absolute reliability distinguish this vehicle for lovers confident aggressive driving on highways. This brutal conqueror of snowy spaces equipped with an easy 2-stroke engine Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm3), uniting these operational advantages, as speed dial speed, environmental friendliness and fuel efficiency. Using the transmission of the popular driving pulley TRA ensures accurate start and quick acceleration, which is extremely important when maneuvering.

Model 2018-2019 BRP RENEGADE X-RS 800R E-TEC is not utilitarian, it is designed for pilots who are confident in their abilities and capabilities. Due to suspension system including suspension RAS 2 and rMotion, as well as shock absorbers KYB PRO 40 R Easy-Adjust, these snowmobiles incredibly effective on the broken roads and hard cornering. Progressive chassis XRS has created a light and extremely rigid structure of the vehicle, the driver for optimal fit.

Convenient use of a snowmobile driven by flawless ergonomics of the saddle, the presence of the windscreen of medium height with vetrootboynikom, heated aluminum wheel with J-shaped handles, mountain sling 160 mm spacer. Model equipped as standard with electric, and optional mode – manual starter. Ease of use is guaranteed, thanks to the dashboard in a digital information center with LCD display. As an option, a snowmobile can be beefed up with towbar.

2018-2019 BRP SKANDIC WT 900 ACE

Technical features snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Scandic BT 900 Ice will allow to cope with any challenge everyday because these vehicles are designed to maximize user comfort. They aim to achieve exceptional security and ease of management.

Perfect handling and maneuverability model defines a unique system of suspension. In the front part it is represented by an element of LTS monoshock with Motion Control. At the rear of the vehicle capacity for SC-5U element with shock Motion Control and HPG.

The manufacturer has provided the opportunity to free the rear suspension of the pendulum position in order to reduce the contact area on the tracks compacted snow mass. This engineering solution helps simplify the passage of turns and sharpness of reversing in the loose snow. For towing loads, on the other hand, the pendulum can be fixed, which can significantly increase the strength of grip.

This model is equipped with an upgraded powerplant ROTAX 900 ACE with a displacement of 899 cm3. Its high performance and efficiency of liquid cooling technology is determined and distributed injection fuel mass EFI. Thanks to innovations introduced in the mechanism of functioning of the throttle iTC, selects the optimal mode of operation (of the three available options – ECO, Standard and Sport). Inexperienced pilots the opportunity to limit the power and speed limits through the use of the educational function of the key.

Particular user convenience is ensured by a modular 2-seater with seat located beneath the luggage compartment. Ergonomic steel wheel 2018-2019 BRP Skandic WT 900 with the capture of Ace and J-shaped tips, as well as high (58 cm) windscreen ensures perfect level of comfort.

2018-2019 BRP FREERIDE 146 800R E-TEC

Developers offer stunning model PDU 800r Freeride 146 E-Tec pilots who are considering how snowmobiles machines for extreme travel on steep slopes and deep snow. Among the unique design solutions implemented in the vehicle should be made agile platform REV-XM RS with additional reinforcement elements, allowing the machine to easily perceive the impressive load.

Reliability and excellent handling due to the presence of a snowmobile is ideally-designed suspension system consisting of a front double A-shaped arm type rear suspension t-Motion, as well as cushioning devices KYB PRO 40 R Easy-Adjust. Characteristic features of the model is the standard accommodation forward of the steering column, Pilot DS skis with 2 wide (975 mm) base, a massive truck with a rigid middle. Moving tracks krai made by PowderMax 2 FlexEdge technology makes it easy to traverse the slopes. Lug has enlarged to 63.5 mm in height, which guarantees a perfect grip. Increased safety of the tourist sled developers ensured by means of sports brakes Brembo, which are characterized by the presence of the steel braided brake line.

Model 2018-2019 BRP Freeride 146 800R E-TEC Series features a lightweight seat REV-XM with the luggage compartment. Particular ease of management provided by a curved aluminum wheel having a special gripper and heated J-shaped handles. Additional comfort is guaranteed, thanks to the electric starter, multifunction information center, as well as a rear-view mirror and a removable anti-roll bar, offered as an option.


Model 2018-2019 BRP Adventure VT 900 4-Tek for will fully realize that is a feeling of absolute freedom. This versatile vehicle is best manifest itself in an environment where the power is needed, maneuverability and comfort.

The peculiarity of this snowmobile is to equip the 3-cylinder engine Rotax 900 ACE 4-TEC. Thanks row arrangement of cylinders, electronic ignition and fuel injection system, a distributed mass powerplant demonstrates perfect performance.

An important factor in improving the controllability is intelligently-designed suspension system. Implemented in the model 2018-2019 BRP Adventure GT 900 4-TEC suspension design solution allows you to comfortably move in off-road conditions. Front element A-LFS + is the key to a stable and honed progress even in hard cornering. Rear suspension PPS-5900-A is able to withstand considerable weight, so is perfect for transportation.

Skiing with a wide adjustable base (1,070 mm + 42), caterpillar ideal size (500/3923 mm), sports HPG 36 gas dampers determine incredible ease travel on this vehicle. For special comfort, the consumer developers should consider the availability of this model in the tow bar, steel heated steering with adjustable nadstavkoj, multifunctional information center, high windshield, an exclusive two-seat saddle Series Luxury Modular, mirrors and electric starter. High-capacity fuel tank (45 liters) causes an extremely high endurance running these tourist sled.


For snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Expedition Sport 900 Ice model year is characterized by a lightweight silhouette, compact windscreen, ski ideal design Pilot DS 2. Developers have offered for this machine a tough and agile platform Rev-XS radical holes in the panel for the feet designed to clear snow masses. Manageability model is largely due to well-designed suspension system which includes a front element in the form of a double A-arm rear suspension and SC-5U. Comfort travel is guaranteed, thanks to a high quality shock absorbers Motion Control and HPG.

The “heart” of the vehicle is a powerful 3-cylinder engine Rotax 900 ACE (899 cm3) with a hammer type electronic gas. The manufacturer has provided in this model, the function of intelligent throttle control, which provides a choice of one of three modes of engine operation (Sport, Standard, or ECO). The efficiency of the power plant is due to its features such as dry sump, liquid cooling, the presence of 2 camshafts top location. Cost of the machine is guaranteed, thanks to the introduction of the distributed injection technology EFI.

Impeccable ergonomics should recognize the key feature of the snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Expedition Sport 900 ACE . Convenience of landing caused by the presence of elongated by 200 mm pegs, narrow two-seat saddle, aluminum wheel with J-shaped heated grips, information center display. The unique equipment of this model will allow to explore the forests and the mountain slopes, make long trip to transport loads.

BRP Renegade Backcountry-X 800 E-TEC

Snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Renegade Backcountry – X 800 E-Tech model year, is designed as a universal device for all operating conditions. Created on REV-XS platform, it is perfect for high-speed races, and traversirovaniya challenging slopes, and to overcome the off-road areas. Due to the design, provides for a rigid pyramidal frame and aluminum tracks tunnel, rider located exactly in the center of a snowmobile. This engineering solution determines the ideal handling of this model. Long single pilot seat ensures a relaxed fit and allows it to move freely along the longitudinal axis.

As the front suspension module developers have used the dual A-arm with gas-filled shock absorbers HPG Plus R. Despite its impressive (210 mm) stroke, the possibility of the installation as an option the quick earrings stabilizer bar that allows you to run precise bends in deep puffy snow.

Rear suspension module presented adjustable element rMotion (stroke value reaches 406 mm), which operates in conjunction with the damping devices HPG Plus / KYB Pro 36. Developers should consider the possibility of rapid migration of suspension without the use of tools. As a result, the vehicle is able to overcome small irregularities gently and efficiently pass large potholes.

Snowmobile equipped mountain caterpillar PowderMax, having the optimum ratio of the width (406 mm) and length (3487 mm). Thus snegozatsepy have universal height (44 mm). Engine Rotax E-TEC (800 cm3), an outstanding 164 hp demonstrates the tremendous reliability and efficiency.


Model 2018-2019 BRP MIX SET X 600RS is designed specifically for high-energy, explosive rounds. The developers claim that it was rebuilt under the snow-covered slopes and rather soft. To ensure a sharp start and accurate passage of turns, the manufacturer used to create this snowmobile REV-XP platform and an upgraded 2-cylinder Rotax 600R (600 cm3).

Power of the power unit is carried out via two carburetors Mikuni TMX-38. In order to increase the power of the motor and pickup developers improved fuel system and implemented Open Mod kit technology, providing innovative designs inlets, crankshaft, and supports the control module of the power plant.

To enhance the chassis, reducing flexibility and exceptions cracking suspension elements upgraded unit used rMotion. As applied shock damping devices KYB PRO 40 with adjustable compression ratio and response. To reduce vehicle weight torsion springs made of ultra-light high-strength alloy.

Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP MX ZX 600RS are equipped with a high-end type Brembo hydraulic brake system, in which the piston calipers, pads and discs are adapted for racing races. It is timely and effectively extinguishes the dynamics, allows easy and powerful control safety device.

This model is characterized by an upgraded steering column. Thanks to an improved form of the saddle, users become more comfortable fit. seat design is particularly easy. Additional convenience provides an informative instrument panel and heated handlebar grips.

2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 ACE

The harsh climate poses snowmobile technology complex tasks. With the brilliance of their model is designed to allow 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 Ice . This utilitarian vehicle will allow to carry out the work in all weather conditions and in the most difficult terrain.

Maneuverability snowmobile due to the use of advanced suspension system that includes elements of LTS, PPS-6900-A, as well as shock and MC HPG 25. Front suspension telescopic type LTS ensures maneuvering without snags in forested areas, and PPS-6900 A rear suspension enables you to enjoy a soft ride .

Thanks to a massive caterpillar (600h3968 mm), the vehicle delivers solid flotation even in very deep snowdrifts. This engineering development is the key to a perfect adhesion to wet snow cover and allow to easily tow loads. Due to the solid contact area, greatly reduced the pressure of tourism on the snow sled that allows them to move with incredible ease. To strengthen this effect allow the modernized ski Blade.

Engine Rotax 600 ACE works well and very effectively. This 4-stroke engine with a displacement of 600 cm3 demonstrates stunning efficiency. His aggregate arrangement with the transmission in which the drive pulley of the variator is the technology eDrive 2, makes the vehicle 69 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 600 ACE in as a model tractor and perfect machine for the high-speed races.

Basic equipment of this model is presented for Single modular seat, tow bar, steel sports steering wheel with adjustable hot-top and J-shaped handles, high windscreen, electric starter, a multifunctional Infocentre.


Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Summit 154 600 E-Tech model year were the epitome of progressive technological developments. Thanks to them, this model has an extremely rigid lightweight frame, an innovative engine, intelligent suspension system.

Snowmobiles equipped with 2-cylinder power unit 600 HO E-TEN (594.4 cm3) with technology of direct injection fuel mass. The aggregate arrangement with him is a reliable transmission, which includes RER electronic reverse type pulley CVT (lead – TRAVII and slave – QRS). Brembo brake system having a stainless steel braid, shows the highest efficiency.

In the frontal part of the vehicle mounted twin A-arm, ensuring refined handling. Rear suspension SC-5M, provides the slope in the tunnel that helps to reduce the effort when tilting the machine body to turn. As the shock absorbers in the vehicle used gas-filled damping device HPG, the working fluid which is gaseous medium, does not change its physical and chemical properties at any temperature regime. Caterpillar FlexEdge, located flexible edge forms an effective combination with the innovative suspension system and significantly reduce the resistance level of the slope of the vehicle while moving along the slopes.

Special comfort while driving a snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Summit SP 154 600 E-TEC provides ski-new New Pilot DS, having an adjustable base. The seat REV-XP, having the optimum width and equipped with a 5-liter luggage compartment ensures a natural fit while riding.

BRP Tundra LT 600 ACE

Model 2018-2019 BRP Tundra LT 600 Ice has already received the status of a great entry-level snowmobile equipment. Despite the existence of a primitive front suspension LTS, the vehicle is able to demonstrate excellent bundoking in deep snowdrifts. Developers were extremely precisely calculated weight distribution of a snowmobile, allowing the presence of an impressive ground clearance thoroughly (to 810 mm) to reduce the distance between the skis. As a result, we can say with confidence that the full snowmobile model with a narrower gauge on the market today does not exist.

The “heart” of the vehicle is a well-researched motor Rotax 600 ACE (600 cm3) providing power to 60 hp Four-stroke power unit, which is a pair of camshafts top location, functioning on the basis of liquid cooling technologies and fuel injection. This design approach was the key to the high efficiency of the snowmobile. The innovative control system iTC choke causes the opportunity to select one of three modes of engine operation (Sport, Standard and ECO), which allows you to set the speed and capacity limitations. For the entry-level model, the value of this training is invaluable key.

A feature of snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Tundra LT 600 ACE model year is a significant level of fullness of high-tech components: Turn the trigger gas, anti-theft device on the basis of radio, 3-mode electronically controlled powertrain. Operating comfort is achieved by equipping the model comfortable seat and straight aluminum wheel with special gripper and heated.

BRP Commander LTD 600 E-TEC

Luxury Model 2018-2019 BRP Commander LTD 600 E-Tech can be successfully used for working trips, and for recreation. With its powerful engine and increased the width of the tracks, these snowmobiles demonstrate the ability to overcome the steady snow drifts of any depth. Due to the presence of dense and downshift lever suspension, the vehicle has additional capabilities for high-performance towing loads.

The model is an ultra-modern design execution, ergonomically designed seat and conveniently located controls. The use of well-designed LXU platform, coupled A-arm front suspension and rear suspension type PPS 5900 A, is the key to the perfect handling and maneuverability. In view of the pyramidal structure, the frame offers an extremely high torsional rigidity. The presence of “cut-off” the top of the tunnel allowed the manufacturer to establish a comfortable narrow seat. This engineering solution provides users with a comfortable natural fit.

A feature of snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Commander LTD 600 E-TEC is the presence of a powerful 2-stroke power unit. When the working volume of 594.4 cm3 it is able to deliver an impressive 115 hp The highest efficiency of engine operation due to its innovative design, provides for direct electronic injection and valve function 3D Rave series.

Additional operational comfort when using these snowmobiles developers were able to provide due to the multifunctional digital display and high steel wheel with curved handles. The model has an exclusive complete set, including items like a spare belt variator, practical luggage boxes, shovels and saw.

BRP Freeride 800 E-TEC 154

Like the best sports snowmobiles, 2018-2019 BRP Model Freeride 800 E-Tec 154 is characterized by a low windshield. This indirectly indicates the outstanding speed that the vehicle can reach. Unique engine Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm 3) gives the snowmobile impressive dynamic and traction features. The torque developed by the motor, is enough snow for sure overcome obstacles, drive on the highway, clear out of the turns.

The presence of relatively narrow platform REV-XM RS causes the exceptional maneuverability of the vehicle. Pinpoint handling determined suspension system comprising a double A-arm, tMotion module (with 381 mm stroke), type shock absorbers KYB PRO 40 R Easy-Adjust. Thanks to high-quality damping device with adjustable rebound, it is possible to instantly adjust the suspension system under your own driving style. Calibrated suspension kinematics is the key to their energy consumption and, as a consequence, the possibility of achieving significant speed in off-road conditions.

Equipment of model caterpillar PowderMax 2 FlexEdge innovative design with a value of 63.5 mm lug and flexible reinforced edge is uncompromisingly efficient solution to improve patency.

Ease of management snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Freeride 800 E-TEC 154 is guaranteed in , thanks to the curved aluminum wheel with a special grip, J-shaped handles, the heating function. Relaxation landing was made possible through the use of lightweight REV-XM seat. Safety races on the snowy slopes available, due to equip the vehicle sports Brembo brakes with brake line stainless steel braid.

BRP Commander 900 ACE

Universal Travel snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Commander 900 Ice created from platform L-XU, designed to conquer the snowmobile trails. In the off-road conditions that require power and precision work of adhesion, vehicles of this model also demonstrated excellent results.

Double snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Commander 900 ACE equipped with upgraded engines with electronic throttle control function, which demonstrate improved performance. This model is characterized by the presence of steel direct steering with adjustable spacer. Suspension PPS provides the ability to easily control the vehicle even in the broken lines. During the trip special comfort is ensured by a modular passenger seat premium level.

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BRP Rave RE 600 HO E-TEC

A key feature of the model 2018-2019 BRP Rave PE HO E-Tec is polished to a shine ride quality. This is achieved thanks to a popular REX platform and enjoy an excellent reputation 2-cylinder engine Rotax 593 HO E-TEC (594,3 cm3), which is ready to give out 115 hp Cost of the machine due to the use of advanced fuel system 2 Dellorto dia.46. Low consumption of fuel supply and oil is the key to minimum emission of exhaust gases into the atmosphere. Despite the fact that the motor is deprived of cutting-edge electronic “bells and whistles”, it differs incredible reliability.

Powerful truck, which is the ratio of length to width of 3051/380 mm, ensures efficient overcoming the steep slopes. This model is well suited for bundokinga, estimated arrival on virgin snow with a lowering of the vehicle on its side. The use of innovative technologies in the creation of these snowmobiles provide the perfect weight distribution of the machine, making it easy to cope with the management. Thanks to the suspension, including back piece PPS-120 wheel component A-LFS, and KYB dampers 46 HLCR / KYB KYB 46 HLCR and 40 HLCR, smoothing guaranteed even very heavy blows.

The model is equipped with an ergonomic steering wheel with J-shaped handles and a spacer by which the height of steering can be easily changed. Devices (fuel gauge, speedometer and tachometer) are extremely informative. Convenient single seat, extra low windshield and heating function handles provide comfort pilot. The optional mode model users 2018-2019 BRP Rave RE 600 HO E-TEC is available electric starter.

BRP Xtrim BoonDocker 800R E-TEC 3700

Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Extreme Bundoker P 800 E-Tech 3700 able to move through the deep soft snow and perform high jumps. This single model effectively combines innovative technology, expressive design and extensive practical possibilities. Thanks to energy-intensive dampers and well-designed suspension system including dual A-arm and innovative element of PPS-3700 with a course of 390 mm ensures an optimal supply of handling the most complex natural and climatic conditions.

This vehicle is equipped with one of the best powertrains – Rotax 800R E-TEC with a displacement of 799.5 cm3. Universal 2-stroke engine with a liquid cooling system is able to easily give a stunning 163.9 hp The high fuel efficiency of the model is due to the presence of a progressive system fuel E-TEC with the function of an electronic direct injection. Of torque, which develops the engine is enough for the active movement on groomed trails, and for dashing cornering.

The ideal model of maneuverability due to the use of popular REX platform. Caterpillar SilentDrive, showing the optimal ratio of length to width, very clearly operates in tandem with pneumatic suspension option PPS-3700. This vehicle has all the modern comfort elements: skis with adjustable base, electric starter, preheating function handles, comfortable narrow seat.

Proponents of active drive value model 2018-2019 BRP Xtrim BoonDocker 800R E-TEC 3700 for refined handling, the presence of energy-intensive suspension, extensive operational capabilities.


The utilitarian snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Extreme Commander 800 E-Tech manufacturer managed to bring the vehicle with perfect adhesion, a fantastic cross, huge power reserves, lively dynamics and excellent flotation. Thanks to reliable engine truck and sophisticated design, the management of this machine was extremely clear, simple and comfortable.

This model, experts are often called “flying truck”. It is easy to take place there, where can not poniknut no typical utilitarian snowmobiles or uzkogusenichnye sports car. Thick chassis design, balanced suspension system consisting of lever front suspension A-LFS and rear element PPS 5900 A, make this vehicle extremely maneuverable. Using high-quality shock absorbers KYB KYB 36 R, and 46 is the key to extremely effective damping shocks during off-road. Ideal proportions truck (500/3923 mm) and the optimum height of lugs (44 mm) cause the superior traction.

Carefully crafted a two-stroke engine Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm3) is ready to easily give a record 164 hp Due to such motor vehicle demonstrates an improved ability to check-in on the mountain slopes. Due to the electronic direct injection, delivers exceptional fuel efficiency.

In the standard model 2018-2019 BRP XTRIM COMMANDER 800E-TEC includes a heated steering wheel with rock straps and spacer for height adjustment, informative instrument panel, electric starter, sports skiing LXU Blade with adjustable base (975 + 42 mm).

BRP Grand Touring Sport 600 4-TEC

Model 2018-2019 BRP Grand Touring Sport 600 4-Tec is a great solution if you plan to buy a vehicle for leisurely travel on snow-covered tourist routes. This snowmobile is equipped with a perfectly elaborated powertrain Rotax 600 ACE, whose displacement volume is 600 cm3. The motor, which is 2-cylinder and fuel EFI system is ready to easily give 60 hp The aggregate arrangement with him is a continuously variable transmission, rebuilt on the basis of 2 eDrive technology.

The combination of engine type 4-TEC with eDrive drivetrain 2 provides a perfect build-up of torque, which ensures incredibly pleasant feelings during the trip. Smooth running, agility and refined handling causes the REV-XP chassis. suspension system is characterized by balance. As a manufacturer of front element proposed dual A-arm. Rear mounted well-proven SC-5 components with predefined adjustments MC / HPG rear shock absorbers. The front ski controlled damper MC high pressure.

Ergonomics design of this vehicle should be recognized as excellent. It is equipped with a 2-seater seat with backrest and special handles for the passenger. In order to create extra comfort seat backrest can be adjusted for single and paired traveling. A heated steering wheel, electric starter and analog information center with lots of features and digital monitor ensures exceptional driving comfort. Due to the high glass Model 2018-2019 BRP Grand Touring Sport 600 4-TEC provides excellent protection from the wind.

BRP Xtrim Commander LTD 600HO E-TEC

On a model of 2018-2019 BRP Extreme Commander 600HO LTD E-Tek experts say as a universal vehicle in the construction of which there are many allusions to the utility. With a relatively low weight of 304 kg sled has wider track (with a ratio of length to width 3923/500 mm), which is the key to ensure terrain. That is why this model is very popular among supporters of active recreation, hunters and lovers of winter fishing.

The front suspension A-LFS ensures amazing maneuverability and control. As for the rear suspension of this modification manufacturer of element proposed PPS-5900-A with 340 mm stroke. Its energy consumption due to the use of highly shock HPG 36. The model is equipped with a series of skis Blade adjustable in the range of 975-1017 mm base.

Carefully crafted engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC (594,4 cm 3), ready to give out 115 hp, capable of satisfying the most demanding pilots. Its throttle response and efficiency are determined by using the exhaust valves 3-D RAVE, as well as the complex of innovative technologies (electronic direct fuel injection, E-TEN, liquid-cooled).

The vehicle has a steel wheel having a curved handle, grip and spacer. The standard model is equipped with a heating function handles. Modular 2-person seat with trunk has the luxury performance and is equipped with good back support. Due to the high windscreen guarantees reliable protection of the pilot and the passenger. Particular ease of operation 2018-2019 BRP Xtrim Commander LTD 600HO E-TEC is ensured by the presence of the electric starter, tow bar, multifunctional information center.

2018-2019 BRP Adventure GT 600HO E-TEC

Luxury Model BWP adventure VT 600 HO E-Tech will give an incredible feeling of freedom. This vehicle will allow its owner to become one with the elements of snow-covered space. This snowmobile LXU rebuilt on a progressive platform. Thanks to great proven suspension system including dual A-arm (with 225 mm stroke) and an element of PPS-5900 A (with a course of 340 mm), this model is able to demonstrate perfect control.

Due to the high shock HPG 36 with rebound setting, users can quickly adjust the suspension to individual driving style. Perfected kinematics suspension system causes their highest energy consumption. This design solution allows to gain significant speed in off-road conditions.

Excellent technical characteristics snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Adventure GT 600HO E-TEC is largely determined by the presence of caterpillars studded with an optimal ratio of length to width (3923/500 mm). This vehicle is equipped with skis CTRL II with adjustable in the range of 1038-1080 mm base. Their innovative concept is the key to the incredible ease of sliding on snow-covered surfaces and guarantee the absolute confidence of the driver when performing difficult maneuvers.

Engine Rotax 600 E-TEC (594,4 cm3), issuing 115 hp differs incredible efficiency and reliability. Excellent operating parameters of the 2-stroke engine due to the use of complex advanced technologies (3D RAVE valves, electronic direct fuel injection, liquid cooling, E-TEC).


Compact model 2018-2019 BRP Bundoker PE 3700 800 E-Tech EU experts appreciated for the excellent maneuverability. This snowmobile shows incredible combination of visual motion control and stability in deep snowdrifts. However, the vehicle feature absolute reliability and controllability.

Thanks to the progressive suspension system and high-quality motor, the model solves the problem perfectly traversirovaniya slopes or movement through the dense forest. This feature makes this snowmobile good option for measured travel and freeride in the snow. For fans of extreme sports offered developers a powerful 2-stroke engine Rotax 800R E-TEC with a volume of 799.5 cm3. Due technology electronic direct injection, electronic ignition and 3D RAVE valves, it embodies the perfected balance of power, dynamics and efficiency.

The upgraded rear suspension series PPS²-3700-DS has a stroke of 390 mm. In combination with the front element A-LFS, it demonstrates an increased power consumption. Comfort in motion provide innovative shock-absorbing device KYB 40 PB HLCR, KYB KYB 36 and 46 PB HLCR.

medium size truck has excellent ratio of length to width (3705/406 mm). Production of rolling caterpillars on PowderMax edge technology makes it easy to move around on the slopes and fill up the car if necessary. Given that the average area of ​​a truck is tough performance when driving in a straight line snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Boondocker RE 3700 800E-TEC ES takes full advantage of shirokogusenichnoy models, including excellent adhesion and a low load on the snowpack. Improved traction and, as a consequence, facilitate the movement on loose soil, increases to 59 mm height of the lug.

2018-2019 BRP Freeride 800R E-TEC 137

To cancel the result of the eminent manufacturer of snowmobiles became the new model PDU 800r Freeride E-Tec 137 . This vehicle demonstrates an impressive combination of manageability, security and reliability. Using the new platform REV-XM RS, disposing reinforced elements is the key to a perfect perception of high loads. The chassis shows a slight feeling of steering and excellent balance.

The presence of a rigid frame, Pilot DS skis with 2 adjustable (from 975 to 1019 mm) gauge, removable anti-roll bar distinguishes this snowmobile. Thanks to the removable rack stabilizer model easily configured for high-speed traffic on the plateau or for free rides between the trees.

2-cylinder features an innovative motor Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm3) with the function of direct electronic injection clearly indicates that the tourism sledge suitable for the most daring and confident pilots. Another would be: stress-free engine produces 164 hp Technology E-Tec, implemented in creating this power unit, ensures the implementation of the fuel injection into the combustion chamber under the influence of considerable pressure. The design of the combustion chamber causes uniform layering of the fuel consumption of the masses. This engineering solution has provided tremendous efficiency and speed of the snowmobile acceleration.

Due to the use of advanced suspension system comprising a dual A-arm, rMotion component and new shock absorbers KYB PRO 40 R Easy-Adjust, and mountain tracks with a flexible edge, model 2018-2019 BRP Freeride 800R E-TEC 137 perfect for extreme races and exciting spirit jumps with snow cornices.


Before the advent of 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 Army snowmobiles world was different. No other model snowmobiles can not boast that raises the weight hundredweight, climbs into the mountains, and thus saves fuel.

Weight 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 Army (311 kg) allows it to easily overcome the virgin snow or steep climbs and carry with it, really, a lot of cargo. The controllability and maneuverability 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 Army has no equal, because the manufacturer has taken care of a powerful 2-stroke V-twin engine. The center of gravity is low, so the snowmobile quickly and easily respond to the driver’s commands. For hunters, foresters and others who often travels a lot through the snow, carrying large loads, the snowmobile will be a true friend.

2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 600 Army equipped with wide running boards, to be able to move on the case of a snowmobile without moving in the snow. To Yeti is characterized by high permeability and traditional elements of the CVT comfort – heating, running boards and a choice of colors.


2018-2019 BRP Model Rave 550 was distinguished utmost ease and incredible handling. Thanks to the motor Rotax 550 SK with air-cooling system, this sports vehicle has the best power reserve. This 2-cylinder engine with a displacement of 553.4 cm3 is particularly reliable.

REX series chassis machines perfectly balanced and leads to refined handling. As the front suspension developers used the arm member A-LFS. Rear mounted component PPS 3000 with a course of 390 mm. In order to repay jolts and bumps of moving parts and the body of a snowmobile, used gas-filled dampers HPG 36. The vehicle is equipped with a brand a track with a lug height of 25.4 mm. As a ski used products Blade popular series with base 1080 mm.

A feature of the model is very robust steel wheel with spacer and curved handle. In order to increase user comfort, the snowmobile is equipped with ultra-low windshield, ergonomic seat, electric starter and a warming function handles. Perfect controls design guarantees driver feeling of absolute control over the vehicle. Due to the bandwagon precisely calibrated size, which have a perfect grip as well as openings for the removal of snow, the rider feels especially comfortable.

Such equipment makes this vehicle a magnificent machine for the most demanding pilots. The successes in races, achieved by using a model 2018-2019 BRP RAVE 550 , is a clear proof of its impressive specifications.

BRP Commander 800R E-TEC

The market model snowmobile technology 2018-2019 BRP Commander 800R E-Tec occupies a worthy place. Spectacular design, secure grip, an innovative propulsion system Rotax 800R E-TEC with Electronic Direct Injection 2-stroke engine (799 cm3, 147 hp) – the characteristic features of these snowmobiles. Thanks to the powerful power unit with a power reserve of up to 325 km, to drive vehicles 2018-2019 BRP Commander P 800 E-Tech is easy even on deep snow-covered roads.

The unprecedented growth in sales of this model is due to the fact that its mining capacity far exceeds the capacity of specialized snowmobile. To this end, the vehicle is characterized by the presence of well-designed suspension: A-LFS front and rear PPS-5900-A. In view of the stability of the model and its soft run, tend to buy it many experienced and demanding riders.

We recommend to make sure that the holding in the Major venues in Moscow, the prices of these snowmobiles are very accessible.

BRP Grand Touring SE 1200 4-TEC

Characteristic features of 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles Grand Touring SE 1200 4-Tec model year, experts agree perfectly-developed suspension, a reliable motor, high quality continuously variable transmission and hydraulic brakes Brembo premium category.

Flawless performance parameters of the model is required to powerful 3-cylinder engine Rotax 1200 4-TEC with a displacement of 1170.7 cm3. It is designed for smooth and soft set speed. This power unit is capable of delivering an impressive 130 hp, is extremely cost-effective, thanks in part to a high-tech fuel EFI system.

Especially for this model proposed truck manufacturer Ripsaw 15 × 137 “, created on the basis of innovative technology SilenTrack. In view of its application, according to the developers, could reduce the noise in motion by 3 dB.

This is achieved through an updated, flexible design, which provides a caterpillar roll through the rear axle without affecting the inner surface of the truck. Heights lug 25.4 mm is enough to provide sufficient traction. The ratio of length to width (3486 x 381 mm), characteristic of the caterpillar model 2018-2019 BRP Grand Touring SE 1200 4-TEC is a guarantee of an optimal contact area. As a result, the vehicle moves along the groomed snow trails incredibly smoothly and quietly.

Variator used as a transmission arrangement creates highly aggregate engine Rotax 1200 4-TEC. Transmission will enable unlock the great potential of 3-cylinder unit. Excellent ergonomics and intelligent accessories make this vehicle an excellent choice for long journeys over long distances.

2018-2019 BRP Commander 600 E-TEC

Pilots do not recognize borders, a big-name manufacturer offers a 1-seater model 2018-2019 BRP Commander 600 E-TEK. The popularity of these snowmobiles have caused advanced engineering solutions, determine the ideal handling and an incredible level of user comfort. Due to the pyramidal structure provides exceptional torsional rigidity frame structure that gives the vehicle the ability to withstand heavy loads. The use of lightweight suspension system (A-LFS front and rear PPS-5900-A) is the key to a stable behavior of the model in the corners and on the slopes with difficult terrain. Precise control in the deep snow skiing provide a series Blade DS.

Outstanding performance was achieved thanks to the innovative equipment in the form of a 2-stroke engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC with a displacement of 594.4 cm3. Used therein electronic direct injection technology is the key to fuel economy (up to 20%) and compliance with high environmental standards. Modular layout of the power unit with a well-designed 2-speed gearbox ensures that no technical problems in the process of moving over rough terrain. Due to the low transmission ratio, provided the inclusion of sharp acceleration or movements slow speed that allows you to effectively and safely haul loads.

Particular ease of operation is achieved through the special design of the steel wheel with special gripper, equipped with hot-top and J-shaped handle. Among the features of the model 2018-2019 BRP Commander 600 E-TEC should highlight the presence of an electric starter and a multifunctional information center of the digital type.

2018-2019 BRP Rave RE 800 E-TEC

After updating snowmobile RAVE RE 800 E-TEC (38) has acquired a unique combination of improved driving performance and fuel economy. Reliable and dynamic motor 800R E-TEC (volume of 799.5 cm3 Power 164 hp) transforms a leisurely stroll on the snowy roads in spirited race with obstacles. Designed high-quality KYB shock absorbers 40 HLCR, mounted on RAVE RE 800 E-TEC (38) for slozhnoprohodimyh tracks, different absolute dependability and extremely reliable. This vehicle is capable of traveling at high speed to develop in difficult conditions of deep snow and hard frosts. Sport ATV RAVE RE 800, thanks to light-weight body (weight 233 kg) and small dimensions (width 1225 mm, height 3000 mm) can quickly accelerate to a speed of 200 km / h and for a short period of time to deliver a driver in any, even the hard to reach or almost impassable place.

2018-2019 BRP Xtrim BoonDocker 600 E-TEC 3700

Powerful like a real SUV, and dynamic as a true sports car, 2018-2019 BRP Xtrim BoonDocker 600 E-TEC 3700 is ideal for riding in deep snow, groomed trails and conquer the mountain tops.

BoonDocker 600 E-TEC 3700 – a novelty in the Canadian lineup of crossovers – different easy control in any situation. Two-stroke Rotax engine is not only the best in class performance and power efficiency, but also meet international environmental standards, virtually without creating smoke and odor. Thanks snegozapetsu of 59 mm and a modern suspension, providing better stability and dynamism in the loose snow and icy slopes, BoonDocker opens up new possibilities for the use of sports snowmobile in deep snow.

BRP Summit Sport 800 P-TEK 154

Snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Summit Sport 800 P-Tek 154 model year shows an ideal balance between weight and power. This vehicle is much easier to competing models, while it has a highly maneuverable platform REV-XP.

Thanks to a 2-cylinder 2-stroke engine 800R Power TEK with a displacement of 799 cm3, characterized throttle response and responsiveness to the unique control action, the experts recognize these leaders in the conquest of snowmobiles snowy spaces. Power plant easily produces 151 hp The aggregate arrangement with it forms a progressive transmission, elements of which are lead (TRA 7) and slave (QRS) CVT pulleys. By equipping advanced fuel system 2hTM-40, the vehicle shows low fuel consumption.

As a manufacturer of front suspension offered to proprietary development – the twin levers of A-type. Behind the set proved to be reliable SC-5M element. The role of the damping devices in the suspension system perform innovative gas-filled shock absorbers Series HPG clicker T / A Alu. This engineering solution resulted perfect handling and maneuverability snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Summit Sport 800 P-TEK 154 Exceptional movements ensure accuracy Pilot DS skis progressive design.

A special operating comfort is ensured by equipping a narrow seat REV-XP, hard aluminum wheel with mountain sling and J-shaped hilts-tips, as well as the windscreen, having the optimum height. High-capacity fuel tank (40 liters) is the key to running a large autonomy of this model.

2018-2019 BRP Expedition SE 1200 4-TEC

Comfort utilitarian models of 2018-2019 BRP Expedition SE 1200 4-Tech manufacturer brought almost to perfection. It is not surprising that many of these experts include snowmobiles in the tourism category.

These vehicles are equipped with fuel efficient powertrains Rotax the E-TEC 600 HO and the Rotax 4-TEC 1200. A wide tracks with larger lugs, technology, fuel injection, sound system suspension (includes dual front A-arm and rear suspension SC-5U) , downshift and Pilot skis guarantees the possibility of convenient and safe travel in off-road conditions. Developers have offered a revolutionary design of the rear suspension of the pendulum, which, thanks to the possibility of bending, allows to reduce the contact patch on groomed snow surface. Such a solution is the key to ensuring improved patency. In the case of the pendulum lock is guaranteed safe and highly towing heavy loads. Reliability in the process of transportation of loads increases, thanks to the carefully crafted Flap towbar. The two forward gears and one reverse gear contribute to soft snowmobile being driven away from the place.

Excellent level of operational comfort is provided, due to equipment snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Expedition SE 1200 4-TEC ergonomic 2-seater seat with luggage compartment. High back seat having side support, forms a comfortable lumbar support. Quality windscreen design ensures protection of the pilot in bad weather. With the rear-view mirror the driver can perform an accurate assessment of the traffic situation. Special comfort is achieved thanks to the mountain slings and heating function grips.

BRP Skandic SWT 550 EUR

The utilitarian model 2018-2019 BRP Scandic SVT 550 Eur is designed to cope with all the challenges of nature. Its key characteristics of steel reliability, comfort and ultimate ease of operation. Due to suspension system including front LTS element rear suspension SC-5U, as well as cushioning and MC HPG 36 devices, developers were able to improve the driving capabilities of a snowmobile. Due to the elastic swingarm reduced contact patch on packed snow surfaces, which ensures improved throughput and manageability. To Transporting the pendulum may be subjected to blocking.

The advantage of this model over other utilitarian snowmobiles should recognize the highly economical engine Rotax 552SK (553,4 cm3, 57 hp). High fuel efficiency and capacious tank (45 liters) are the key to significant autonomy of the vehicle. Transmission comprising a variator with pulleys eDrive and the QRS, and a mechanical reverse, causes the possibility of adapting the snowmobile to solve various operational problems.

A massive truck 2018-2019 BRP Skandic SWT 550 EUR 600 mm with 30 mm grouser is the key to steady movement to cover different densities. And on the loose, and hard-packed snow cover vehicle demonstrates impeccable handling.

Perfect suspension setup of the system in conjunction with a comfortable 2-seater seat ensure absolute ease of travel. Passenger seat with a handrail and anatomic lumbar support. The developers have equipped model is a steel wheel with high pillars and athletic hilts. It was provided separate heating throttle trigger and arms.

BRP Freeride 800 E-TEC 146

For model 2018-2019 BRP Freeride 800 E-Tec 146 manufacturer offered a radical platform REV-XM RS, details of which are efforts to improve the perception of the increased loads. The presence of high-strength frame – a characteristic feature of these snowmobiles. Vehicle suspension system includes a dual A-arm, tMotion component and a damping device KYB PRO 40 R Easy-Adjust. Her perfectly complement the upscale ski Pilot DS 2.

Hurricane nature of the model is due to its staffing 2-cylinder Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5sm3) with electronic direct injection technology. Thanks to a caterpillar with an optimal ratio of length to width, the unique flexible edge and a large quantity lug (63.5 mm), this machine can be used in any environment.

These tourist sleds are distinguished by unique eDrive2 system, due to which the engagement, access to the medium speed mode, gear change occurs extremely smoothly. This innovation is particularly important when having to perform transitions to the present or the groomed slopes at the snow chubby. eDrive2 system at the same time be able to keep the engine speed in the required range. In this case the exhaust system sounds very subtly emphasize the athletic character of the machine.

Through a unique combination of practical, utilitarian platform REV-XM RS with flawless performance of the power unit, model 2018-2019 BRP Freeride 800 E-TEC 146 in is an excellent suggestion for a broad range of consumers. A distinctive feature is the presence of these snowmobiles lightweight seat REV-XM with luggage, aluminum wheel with special gripper and heating function, multi-functional information center.


The 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles 59 600 Yeti Ice embodied the best traditions of utility models. In view of the wide (50 cm) tracks and high-tech rear suspension PPS-5900-A, they have excellent adhesion and great towing capabilities. Front suspension LTS is designed to solve the most complex daily tasks. This design is the key to the lack of hooks for rock and vegetation in the process of movement. Thanks to its flat bottom, is excluded under the weight of snow fatten snowmobile, which ensures ease of maneuvering a vehicle in deep snow.

Overcome snowdrifts enable high-performance 4-stroke Rotax 600 ACE engine with a displacement of 600 cm3 and two cylinders. Cost of this model is due to the use of advanced technology distributed injection fuel mass EFI. This concept allows for complete combustion optimization, reduction of losses due to mechanical friction.

Power plant layout forms an aggregate with an innovative transmission. Developers have proposed as a solution variator drive pulley eDrive 2 as the driven pulley – QRS component. The transmission used a mechanical reverse.

Incredible driving comfort when operating model 2018-2019 BRP 59 YETI 600 ACE due to the presence of a convenient modular saddles and a steel wheel with curved handles, driving a handrail and wide (205 mm) spacer. In the basic configuration a snowmobiles towing hook that is able to withstand loads up to 0.5 tonnes. Minimum demand for this vehicle due to its reliability, safety and bold sporty character.

2018-2019 BRP Tundra WT 550

In the manufacture of utilitarian models of 2018-2019 BRP superbyudzhetnoy Tundra BT 550 the legendary group does not deviate from its principles issuance premium snowmobile equipment. Enough light (254 kg) construction, an elaborate system of suspension, wide track – thanks to these engineering solutions the vehicle, designed for hunters, demonstrates the tremendous throughput and manageability.

suspension system, formed by the front telescopic element XU-LTS and rear suspension SC-5U with the course of 340 mm, causes good maneuverability model. Quality cushioning and MC HPG 36 devices are the key to passing the pits honed and absolute user comfort.

Powertrain components are a mechanical reverse, as well as the driven variator QRS and leading eDrive pulleys ensures optimization of a snowmobile in a variety of operating conditions. To equip the vehicle manufacturer suggested 552SK powerplant with a displacement of 553.4 cm3. He is able to issue a power of 57 hp The model is equipped Trakom optimal (500 mm) width of the lug with a moderate height of 32 mm.

The narrow two-seater seat and steering wheel of a steel alloy with a J-shaped hilts, nadstavkoj, heating and mountain sling provides a relaxed fit users. As an option, the model can be expanded with lumbar support. Windscreen high profile ensures reliable protection. Accessories in the form of mirrors will improve the safe operation of snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Tundra WT 550 .

2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600

For the exciting high-speed races has created a unique model 2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600 year. Precision control, engine power, ergonomic design – the key characteristics of the snowmobile. Through Rack Steering System technology guarantees less fatigue pilot during prolonged operation of the vehicle.

Upgraded 2-cylinder Rotax 593 RS (594,4 cm3), a feature of which is the presence of a lightweight crankshaft, provides stable performance throughout the power range. Because the weight of the moving parts of the motor decreased capacity increased an average speed range and the response when exposed to the trigger has become more acute.

The model used an improved suspension system which includes a front element of A-LFS +, the rear element PPS² 3300, as well as the damping device KYB 40 PB HLCR and KYB-46 PB HLCR. Lightweight suspension of chrome-molybdenum alloy allowed to significantly reduce the weight of the vehicle, making it more agile and manageable. New caterpillar design with a height of 44 mm lug ensures extremely effective acceleration in a soft trails.

For snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP RAVE RS 600 manufacturer suggested new performance transmission. The model its constituent elements of steel pulleys of the variator: Lead TRA III light and slave Team TTS-04. For safety during the drive meets the high-tech racing Brembo system.

The vehicle is equipped with an ergonomic saddle, hand electric start as well as an aluminum wheel with curved handles, the special adjustable spacer and heated. This ensures that the driver’s balanced approach and absolute comfort during operation.


Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Rave RE 800 E-Tech model year, the experts referred to the “luxury” category. This vehicle was originally configured for operation of sports, so the pilot is no need to perform additional adjustment. A characteristic feature of this model is created for the energetic drive by Scandinavian routes, it should be recognized reliability. In the development of cutting-edge racing snowmobiles data technologies have been used, by which the supporters of extreme sports have received an effective option for aggressive driving.

With the 2-stroke engine Rotax 800R E-TEC the tourist sled got explosive temper. The motor is able to deliver an impressive 164 hp, while, at the expense of function electronic direct injection, it differs incredible efficiency.

The machine is equipped with a narrow and short with optimal sports Trakom (44 mm) tall lug. This design solution makes it easy to fill up the snowmobile to exit on the side planing and shift it into the corners. The model demonstrates excellent adhesion to any surfaces from fresh snow melted to dense routes.

As a support for the front suspension A-LFS + used shirokobaznye skiing sports series Blade, which is key to the stability of the machine. Stroke 390 mm, which is characteristic for the rear element PPS²-3300 suspension system ensures a high maneuverability of the model. User comfort during movement is largely determined by the presence of gas-filled shock absorbers KYB. Stiff suspension tuning snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP RAVE RE 800E-TEC allows you to work very well pass bumps at high speed modes.


Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Extreme Commander 600 E-Tech model year are designed for long trips in a varied landscape. The result was the most complex research vehicle embodying reliability, manufacturability, cost and comfort.

This technique demonstrates the incredible potential of the operational, so she got a well-deserved recognition in the media and professionals and amateurs. The model is based on the chassis L-XU. Exceptional torsional stiffness of the frame due to its pyramidal structure. Due to the wide top of the tunnel, the developer could provide ergonomic installation of the fuel tank and narrow saddle. This ensures a relaxed fit users, despite the wider track snowmobile equipment.

Manufacturer suggested for this model is an economical 2-stroke engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC, which is the working volume of 594.4 cm3. Due to the electronic direct-injection function, snowmobile demonstrates exceptional fuel efficiency. The model is able to give out 115 hp In view of the electric starter, recoil starter and electronic ignition, the problems with the launch of the power unit no.

To achieve maximum functionality works such equipment snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP XTRIM COMMANDER 600 E-TEC as a 2-seater saddle “premium” category, ergonomic luggage box, high-quality information center, hitch, high windscreen, made of steel sport steering wheel with grip and heating. The equipment of the vehicle also includes a connector CTEK, providing simplicity and ease of charging.

BRP 49 Ranger 600 ACE TOURING

Sverhekonomichny snowmobile 49 RANGER 600 ACE equally comfortable feel as loose snow open spaces, as well as in the dense forest. In this model, skiing are located close to each other, so to get to the bottlenecks, for example, between the trees, in the cellar. Reliable PPS rear suspension combined with front A-LFS will make even long journeys comfortable and enjoyable. For the most pleasant experiences of traveling on snow-covered landscape in the 49 RANGER 600 ACE set a quiet, fuel-efficient engine 600 ACE, of 600 cm 3, 60 hp collected on time-tested REX platform. The fuel tank of 39 liters of oil and 3.7 liters allow fearlessly go on a long journey, in a place far from gas stations. Standard equipment 49 RANGER 600 includes: steel wheel with a sling and a spacer, heated grips, passenger seat, electric starter and high windshield.

BRP Skandic SWT 600 E-TEC

A key feature of 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles Scandic SVT 600 E-Tech model year is its solid foundation. As such, the developers used a popular platform REV-XU, different special durability. In addition, its design solution is the key to a comfortable position of users in the process of moving through the woods and along the routes. Vehicle suspension system includes the LTS front suspension, mounted behind the SC-5U component, as well as Motion Control and HPG shocks.

Developers should consider having the ability to rear suspension of the pendulum to remain in the free position, which leads to decrease in the contact area on the truck compacted surfaces. This ensures a simplified entry into the turns and the ability to move backwards in the snowdrifts. In order to increase the cohesive forces in the towing, swingarm may be subject to blocking.

Reduce the pressure on the snowpack and increase grip with it contributes to a wide (600 mm) track with 32-mm lugs. The original design of skis Pilot DS 2 with a base of 900 mm and with expanders (10 “) makes passages on loose snow is particularly effective. Unleash the potential of dynamic models of 2018-2019 BRP Skandic SWT 600 E-TEC enables highly efficient motor Rotax 600 HO E-TEC (594,4 cm3, 115 hp).

Snowmobile equipped with traditional utilitarian art sports steering wheel with the function of heating, hydraulic brakes with brake pipe in stainless steel housing, a modular two-seater with a luggage box seat, electric starter, informative dashboard. Special operational comfort provides high (580 mm) of the windshield.

2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT SP 163 800R E-TEC

One of the most popular models of snowmobiles have become tourist sled PDU 800r Summit SP 163 E-Tech . They key difference is the suspension system and high-powerful engine. Due to gas-filled shock absorbers HPG, move the front suspension in the double-A-arm is 200 mm. TMotion rear suspension with 406 mm stroke, leaning in the tunnel significantly reduces the amount necessary to tilt the machine effort.

suspension system operates in conjunction with a powerful Trakom PowderMax, the edge of which short reinforcing rods is the technology 2 FlexEdge (flexible edge). This design solution reduces the resistance seriously tilt the vehicle while riding along the slopes. The result of this engineering approach was the creation of a reliable, energetic, incredibly responsive to the control action of the machine. The revolutionary characteristics of suspensions are the key to their exceptional energy consumption. They guarantee a significant softening of the terrain roughness and eliminates the effects of excessive shock when jumping.

Two-cylinder engine Rotax 800R E-TEC with a displacement of 799.5 cm3 worldwide known for durability and reliability. Thanks to electronic injection function, the model is particularly economical. Setting up a snowmobile to work under difficult operational conditions become particularly effective, thanks to the transmission in the form of a variator with pulleys TRA VII and QRS. Absolute safety due to trips sport brakes Brembo, whose backbone is made of stainless steel braid. Model 2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT SP 163 800R E-TEC offers a heated steering wheel made of aluminum alloy and the optimal wind protection (285 mm) in height.

2018-2019 BRP Commander Touratech 800R E-TEC ECS Traveller

Characteristic features of the model 2018-2019 BRP Commander Touratech 800R E-Tec ECS Traveller is the presence of the popular REV-XU platform, as well as a rich additional equipment. It includes a robust suspension ECS2.1, rear and frontal area for luggage.

Single snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Commander Turateh P 800 E-Tech CEN Traveler equipped with 170-horsepower 2-stroke snowmobile engines Rotax 800R E-TEC. These 2-cylinder engines have a liquid cooling system and feature direct injection fuel mass. Fuel injection is carried out in a moment when there is overlapping windows piston body cylinder walls, which leads to exceptional stability and economy of operation of the power unit. Buy this model preferred by experienced riders.

Additional ease of use due to the presence of U-shaped steel steering wheel, multi-function digital information center, modular seats.

Sale of snowmobiles this model in Moscow carries out one of the key players in the automotive market – holding Major. Affordable prices are an important competitive advantage for our work.

BRP Commander GT 900 ACE Comfort Kit

Active sales model 2018-2019 BRP Commander GT 900 ACE Comfort Kit due to its stylish design and superior performance. Due to the rigid frame, this 2-seater snowmobile is able to withstand significant loads and provide an anatomically correct position of the driver and passengers in all driving situations.

In order to ensure user comfort, the vehicle is equipped with a comfortable seat modular, high (510 mm) of the windscreen and the steel U-shaped wheel with the driver and handrail adjustable spacer.

The “heart” of a snowmobile is a 3-cylinder power unit series Rotax ACE 900 with a displacement of 899 cm3. The design of this 4-stroke engine is characterized by a liquid-cooled and features two camshafts with upper location. The motor is lightweight and exhibits the highest fuel efficiency. This model is equipped with the innovative transmission – CVT pulleys with elaborately – leading eDrive II and slave QRS SS. A feature of 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles Commander Ice GT 900 Comfort Kit is a type of hydraulic brake system, which is characterized by the presence of steel brake hoses, which leads to its particular reliability. Due to the increased size of the fuel tank, the vehicle has increased autonomy stroke.

This model demonstrates the best qualities of a working model: universality, extensive technical capacity, increased service life, reduced maintenance costs. Due to exceptional permeability of this compact vehicle, the experts call it the all-terrain vehicle. It is perfect for gambling pilots, ready to conquer the most difficult terrain.

2018-2019 BRP SKANDIC WT 600 ACE

For those who prefer a reliable and dynamic models of snowmobiles, world-renowned manufacturer offers the tourist sled 2018-2019 BRP Scandic BT 600 Ice . The strength and agility of the vehicle determines the upgraded platform REV-XU. Full control of a snowmobile driven by the presence of high-end suspension system consisting of a telescopic suspension LTS (installed in the front), member SC-5U (rear mounted), Motion Control damping and HPG devices.

Developers manned this model 4-stroke engine Rotax 600 ACE (600 cm3), which has a very mild disposition. With its creation, use unique technology that led to the high efficiency and economy: the presence of the distribution function of the injection and liquid cooling, dry sump, increased to 46 mm throttle body, two camshafts top location. Thanks to the optimized weight of the fuel combustion system, implemented in the power unit Rotax 600 ACE, and increased to 45 liters tank, the snowmobile has an incredible autonomy stroke.

Transmission, elements of which are variator with pulleys eDrive (leading) and QRS (slave) and a mechanical reverse, provides an effective adaptation to various vehicle operating conditions.

User comfort during movement guaranteed by equipping snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP SKANDIC WT 600 ACE modular 2-seater seat with lumbar support for the passenger, high windscreen glass (580 mm), heated aluminum wheel with a special grip, electric starter, a mirror, an information center with display .


Competitive advantages of magnificent sports model 2018-2019 BRP Summit X 146 800r E-Tech is a perfect suspension system, a powerful truck Powder Max II width of 406 mm and a high-performance power unit.

As part of the suspension system developers should consider the presence of the front suspension in the double-A-arm and back piece t-Motion, which demonstrates a high degree of freedom (the rear suspension travel is 20 from the chassis). As used gas-filled cushioning device components HPG Plus.

caterpillar design provides for a rigid middle (310 mm) and a movable edge (50 mm). This engineering solution has caused increase of stability and maneuverability of the machine, particularly during its movement along the slope or tilt. Moreover, such an approach has allowed to realize the advantages of the vehicle shirokogusenichnyh snowmobiles for vector movement and uzkogusenichnyh machines – when maneuvering.

The combination of low weight (207 kg) with a powerful motor allows this model to demonstrate a truly sporty dynamics. The manufacturer of the complete vehicle engine Rotax 800R E-TEC (800 cm3), capable of delivering an impressive 163 hp The push-pull power unit is not only high performance, but also the ultimate reliability. Thanks to technology 3D RAVE valves, electronic direct fuel injection and electronic ignition, snowmobile different marginal efficiency.

Operational efficiency 2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT X 146 800R E-TEC is also due to the presence of the original design of Pilot DS skis with an adjustable 2 (907 + 43 mm) base, sports brakes Brembo Racing, a heated steering wheel.


Equipment 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles Sammeyt X 165 850 E-Tec advanced powertrains yielded exceptional operating parameters. Due to the increased volume of up to 849 cm3 engine is capable of outstanding performance in the 165 hp Due to such innovations as additional nozzles integrated into the throttle, the manufacturer was able to smooth out the torque characteristics of the engine and make the reaction 2018-2019 BRP Summit X 165 850 E-Tec gas Pressing more stable and soft. Due to the presence in the design of valves eRAVE electric actuator, they have increased speed.

The reason to buy this model, many snowmobile riders feel the presence of forged crankshaft and a lightweight CVT, which in return supplies bushings with bearings. For this configuration is characterized by equipping the machine rigid perforated footrests. On Major sites in Moscow snowmobiles for sale is made affordable.


A feature of the model 2018-2019 BRP EMIKSZET X-RS 600HO E-Tech is the presence of REV-XS RS chassis with adjustable steering column. Due to suspension system (RAS 2 front and rear rMotion), operating in conjunction with aluminum absorbers KYB Pro 40 Easy-Adjust, snowmobile shows excellent maneuverability and excellent handling, including in hard cornering and extreme tracks.

Due to the rear axle rMotion, provides an increased level of comfort, rayderskih expansion opportunities, the growth of productivity. Through adjustment of compression and rebound damping shock absorbers in operational vehicle customization to the individual features of the pilot. As a result, the rider can fully control the movement of its own weight, and the car shows full adaptation to jump on the snow cornices and a serious blow.

The vehicle is equipped with a reliable 2-cylinder engine ROTAX 600 HO E-TEC (594,4 cm3), operating on the basis of technology E-TEC, liquid-cooled, 3-D RAVE, electronic direct injection.

The model is equipped with skis Pilot 5,7, a radically new concept which provided a special lightness slip tourist sled. Due to the design of skis, snowmobile consistently behaves in the snow-covered surface, guarantees complete confidence of the pilot in the commission of the most difficult maneuvers.

The vehicle 2018-2019 BRP MXZ X-RS 600HO E-TEC is designed for fast-paced races and do not lack a set of elements for a comfortable driving: protecting hand transparent plates, ergonomic seat REV-XP X to the luggage compartment, mountain driving with central handle, the electric starter

BRP Skandic WT 600 E-TEC

Model 2018-2019 BRP Scandic BT 600 E-Tech in all conditions is ready to show his incredible technical potential. The rigid platform is ideally-designed suspension system, excellent power unit – this snowmobile ready to carry out their work at the highest level.

Excellent handling of the machine due to the use of LTS telescopic design as the front suspension and the element SC-5U – as a back. Developers provided an opportunity to establish the rear suspension of the pendulum in a free position, which reduces the contact area of ​​track on compacted snow. This design solution is the key to high-precision cornering and movement through the snowdrifts in reverse. To increase traction with the ground when transporting cargo provides the ability to lock the pendulum.

Using quality Motion Control damping and HPG devices opens up endless scope for adjustment, ensures an increase in energy intensity suspension, enhanced user comfort during travel, improving manageability.

Efficient 2-stroke engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC, despite the small displacement volume (594.4 cm 3), will allow confidently overcome snowdrifts area and traversing slopes. The distinctive features of this power unit is the use of electronic direct fuel injection technology, liquid-cooled, 3-D RAVE.

Light caterpillar, having a width of 508 mm as well as pulleys variator TRA III and QRS disclose all possible chassis 2018-2019 BRP Skandic WT 600 E-TEC . Base Pilot DS skis 2 900 mm allows you to confidently down the slopes, hardly choosing the trajectory.

BRP Renegade X 1200

Model 2018-2019 BRP Renegade X 1200 Year – a bright example of how a big-name manufacturer improves snegohodostroeniya technology. As key solutions utilized in the development of this vehicle, it should highlight the popular platform REV-XR and progressive suspension system: at the front of the Dual A-arm with damper HPG Plus R, and rear – rMotion element with shock HPG Plus R / KYB PRO 36. As a result, this model is extremely effective for the problem runs with “snow cornices” and a lot of complicated turns.

The secret of the “soul” of the sled for extreme is to equip a 3-cylinder power unit Rotax 4-TEC 1200 (1170.7 cm3), which is always ready to give an impressive 130 hp Thanks to the Intelligent Throttle Control and 3rd modes of operation, process control boasts stunning comfort. Individual settings allow to achieve complete security and adapt to any terrain. Corporate Pilot DS skis cause increased maneuverability of the vehicle.

Particularly easy to guarantee the unique design of the aluminum steering with direct protection for hands and heating function, narrow REV-XP ergonomic saddle X, windshield optimum height.

An innovative solution was implemented by developers when creating a transmission snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Renegade X 1200 , which are incorporated into the design elements eDrive ™ II (CVT drive pulley), the QRS (driven pulley) and RER series reverse (controlled by means of buttons). Canadian designers to seriously work on the external appearance of the vehicle: in the end consumers offers stylish, dramatic, aggressive model.


Snowmobiling Model 2018-2019 BRP Summit X 154 850 E-Tec, based on REV4 platform, is a compound of many innovative solutions that have been developed concern BMP in the past 5 years. This vehicle has formed a new standard for the mining segment and demonstrates compliance with the requirements of the most experienced pilots.

When creating this model, special attention was paid to the developers of ergonomics and improvement of the power unit. For 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles Sammeyt joint venture 165 850 E-Tec is characterized by an improved intake manifold with a reduced noise level. In order to improve vozdhozabora housing 2-stroke engine, constructed on the Constructive motorcycle circuit has increased mesh sizes. Riders appreciated the absence of violations of snowmobile weight distribution and the eagerness to buy this model. In Moscow, Major selling vehicle data is done at reasonable prices.

2018-2019 BRP Skandic WT 600 4-TEC

Built on a new platform REV-XU snowmobile SKANDIC WT 600 ACE continues its triumphal procession through the snow-covered trails and off-road. The model is equipped with a low and a four-stroke two-cylinder super economic power unit 600 ACE, of 600 cm 3 and 60 hp, with fuel injection EFI, making SKANDIC WT 600 most maneuverable and legkoupravlemoy. Snowmobile refers to the utilitarian type of machine that requires a hard-working nature and stable operation under high loads as much as possible. The combination of high levels of comfort and excellent technical characteristics confer SKANDIC WT 600 ACE excellent maneuverability, unlimited possibilities for cross-country in the most remote places. Economical engine consumes just 8.1 liters of fuel per 100 kilometers, so the fuel tank of 45 liters is enough for a very long journey.

BRP 69 Ranger Alpine 1200 4-TEC

Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP 69 1200 Alpine Ranger 4-Tek are designed for solving complex operational problems, including treatments, spa ski slopes, laying tracks, condition monitoring of electrical lines. All technical solutions implemented in this model show its serious power, reliability, efficiency and stable operation. Maximum load capacity parameters manufacturer has been achieved in view of the snowmobile equipment front suspension and a rugged rear dual shock absorber having an improved structure.

Due to the long, rigidly fixed runners eliminated the rise in the movement of skis on steep slopes or in the process of towing heavy loads. In order to achieve an impressive ride quality, the developers have upgraded front suspension. Even more it contributes to the special design of the front of a snowmobile with a sharply lowered nose.

The vehicle is equipped with a 3-cylinder Rotax 1200 4-TEC with a displacement of 1170.7 cm3. Due to the use of fuel injection technology EFI, achieved high fuel efficiency.

2018-2019 BRP Model 69 Ranger Alpine 1200 4-TEC shows high operational comfort, thanks to equip a 2-seater lightweight modular seat, high (62.9 cm) steel windshield and driving with J-shaped hilts, special grip and nadstavkoj. In order to provide comprehensive information to the driver of the snowmobile, the developers have provided him with a multifunctional Infocentre digital type. Spacious (45 liter) fuel tank and the presence of a dry sump ensures the owner of this model increased autonomy stroke.

BRP Skandic WT 550

Model 2018-2019 BRP Scandic BT 550 – a new word in the class utilitarian snowmobile. It demonstrates the unsurpassed characteristics in the process of driving on loose snow, to effectively haul cargo ensures fuel economy and would be a good companion on holiday. Thanks to advanced technologies and utilitarian wider track, the vehicle became the embodiment of reliability, practicality and safety.

Durability and guarantee improved manageability distinguish progressive platform REV-XU. Its basis is a lightweight aluminum frame, by which the snowmobiles demonstrate impeccable ratio of weight and power. Particular ease of sliding model provides skiing Pilot DS series with increased up to 90 cm base.

The “heart” of the snowmobile is a 2-stroke engine Rotax 550 F (553 cm3, 57 hp). Thanks to an innovative fuel system 2 x VM-30 provides exceptional operating economy 2018-2019 BRP Skandic WT 550.

The architecture of the driver’s and passenger seats causes ergonomic, natural fit. Long and moderately wide seat allows you to comfortably accommodate two people on it. At the same time, and the pilot and the passenger can not remove backpacks. passenger back comfortably supports low backrest. The vehicle has a fully functional data center in which the composition has an analog speedometer and tachometer type, as well as display.

The difference of this model is the high position of a rudder, allowing to manage “the rack”. Additional comfort creates items such as mountainous sling arm sporty design, the function of heating the steering wheel and throttle trigger.

2018-2019 BRP SUMMIT SP 154 800R E-TEC

Technically perfect, stylish, comfortable – so experts characterize snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Summit SP 154 E-Tech 800r model year. Thanks to the progressive suspension system consisting of twin A-arm (installed in the front part) and tMotion component (rear), guarantees perfect maneuverability of the vehicle.

As the damping devices used gas-filled shock absorbers HPG. Due to the fact that their compensation chamber fills which is under high pressure gas environment immutable, shock absorbers exhibit nonlinear change in stiffness at overcoming the track irregularities. This leads to refined handling and high energy suspension system, which provides a view of the absorption of severe impacts.

Innovation, realized by the manufacturer in this model – the caterpillar FlexEdge with a flexible edge and shortened reinforced rods, provides extremely precise vehicle control response.

The perfect combination to form a suspension system having a narrow (907 mm) track skiing Pilot DS 2. Their advanced lightweight design ensures faultless precision, even with the passage of deep potholes.

Easily overcome the obstacles and the snowdrifts model 2018-2019 BRP Summit SP 154 800R E-TEC enables powerful 2-cylinder engine Rotax 800R E-TEC with a displacement of 799.5 cm3, which is a direct function of the electronic injection.

A special user comfort is guaranteed thanks to equipping the vehicle aluminum wheel with special gripper and J-shaped handles, multifunctional Infocentre, narrow lightweight seat REV-XM with the luggage compartment.

BRP 49 Ranger 600 E-TEC Touring

Multi Model 2018-2019 BRP 49 Ranger 600 E-Tech Touring in , has undergone a complete redesign. This vehicle demonstrates the range of the best features of snowmobile equipment for ideal handling, maneuverability, comfort, efficiency, ability to efficient movement on the slopes and flotation in deep snow. In all weather conditions and in the most difficult terrain, this model ensures a pleasant journey.

Snowmobile equipped with a 2-seater passenger seat with backrest. Ease of management is provided through the use of a steel wheel with extension, special grip and J-shaped heated handles. Glass having an average height (41 cm), serves to securely protect the pilot and passengers.

A massive truck PowderMax (406h4141 mm) gives the vehicle a special stability. Good grip is guaranteed, thanks to the lug height of 59 mm. Combined with an improved suspension system (A-LFS front and rear PPS²-4100-DS-A) track provides excellent handling. The model is equipped with modernized ski REX² Blade with the base, which is regulated in the range of 975-1017 mm.

Snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP 49 Ranger 600 E-TEC Touring is equipped with a reliable 2-cylinder power unit Rotax 600 HO E-TEC with a displacement of 594.4 cm3. User comfort is provided through such items of equipment as 2-seater passenger seat with handles and back, hitch, a combined system of manual and electric starter. Ease of management process is largely determined by highly informative dashboard that displays the tachometer, speedometer, fuel mass level.


The model 2018-2019 BRP Extreme Commander LTD 600 E-Tech manufacturer managed to embody the best qualities of snowmobile equipment. The unique characteristics of this sports car is very well combined with multifunction dlinnotrakovyh modifications. In view of the improved manageability, reliability, and great ergonomics, long-lasting travel in this vehicle will give a feeling of extraordinary comfort.

Model built up on the basis of the modernized chassis L-XU, characterized by a high torsional rigidity. Thanks to well-designed suspension system, with elements of A-LFS and PPS-5900-A, this vehicle has become the pride of the legendary producer. Two-stroke engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC (594,4 cm3) ensures highly efficient operation of the machine on the slopes, in forests, in deep snowdrifts.

First-class ergonomics model provided by installing a modular seat on narrow cut in the top of the tunnel. This decision was the key to a comfortable fit users. The standard version of this vehicle is equipped with a steel wheel with extension, grip and heated sports arms. In addition, it is equipped with a high (62.9 mm), windscreen, electric starter, tow bar. Thanks to a 45-liter fuel tank, the model 2018-2019 BRP XTRIM COMMANDER LTD 600 E-TEC demonstrates impressive endurance course. Rearview Mirror machine can be supplied in an optional order.

2018-2019 BRP 69 RANGER ARMY LTD 800 E-TEC

Unusual, unique, amazing – so characterize experts Model 2018-2019 BRP 69 Rendzher Ami LTD 800 E-Tech. This vehicle is designed to easily navigate through the complex terrain, which is included with powdery snow. To achieve these goals, working every snowmobile element: long, wide skis with asymmetrical straps, powerful motor, sound transmission, the aerodynamic shape of the body.

The model is equipped with an upgraded 2-cylinder Rotax 800R E-TEC with a volume of 799.5 cm3. In view of the electronic direct-injection function, snowmobile shows high efficiency. Unique suspension system includes an element of A-LFS with a curved lower A-shaped levers and shock HPG 36 (set in the frontal zone), as well as an element of PPS-6900-A with shock HPG 36 (set back). It is the key to an ideal weight distribution of the vehicle along the axes, which ensures optimum adhesion of the runners from the road surface. Security model is largely due to the presence of excellent proven hydraulic brakes with brake hoses made of steel alloy.

Comfort of movement in all weather ensured by facilitating two-seater modular seat, high wind stele and the possibility of heating the steel wheel. Its comfortable grip become available, in view of the J-shaped handles and an adjustable extension. Ideal to feel the car will help multifunction information center. In any weather perfect ease engine start can provide both manual and electric starter. Thanks to the increased capacity of the fuel and oil tanks Model 2018-2019 BRP 69 Ranger Army LTD 800 E-TEC has considerable autonomy stroke.


For 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles Freeride 154 E-Tec 800r model, the manufacturer has offered hard module REV-XM RS, experts recognize that the embodiment of an ideal platform for mining machines. Stunning colors, body line in the style of “stealth” brutal details of the exterior make this snowmobile object of special attention devoted fans of the legendary brand.

The perfect control of the vehicle due to the effective suspension system consisting of twin A-arm, tMotion component and shock absorbers KYB PRO 40 R Easy-Adjust. Installed behind tMotion suspension due to the move to 381 mm, can change the horizontal angle of inclination of the machine to either side, which contributes to a significant relief traversirovaniya hillsides.

Truck, construction of which is made by PowderMax 2 FlexEdge technology that requires a movable edge and short ribs, has an extremely high grouser (63.5 mm). This engineering solution allows you to navigate in the slope and easy to fill up the car. This excellent grip is maintained. Component manufacturers snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Freeride 154 800R E-TEC aggressive two-cylinder engine Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm3) with the function of an electronic direct injection.

The basic package developers have included model REV-XM saddle facilitated type with luggage, handy steering wheel made of aluminum alloy with heated handles and a special gripper, highly informative control center, electric starter. In an optional mode, the vehicle can be supplied with quick-set stabilizer and a rear-view mirror.

BRP Xtrim Commander 800 E-TEC

famous manufacturer offers a brutal model snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Extreme Commander 800 E-Tech for lovers of extreme races on winter slopes. With such a machine to engage in combat with a severe nature can be on an equal footing. This vehicle experts call grandiose in terms of style and technical capacity development. At the heart of “flying truck” is aluminum LXU platform. suspension system is distinguished by the presence of elements A-LFS and PPS-5900 A, as well as gas-filled shock absorbers Series HPG 36. The impressive progress of the rear suspension of the snowmobile – 340 mm.

By using a wide truck (ratio of width to length of which is 500 x 3923 mm), the manufacturer was able to achieve incredibly comfortable work suspension system. The optimum height of the lug (44 mm) ensures perfect grip on snow-covered surfaces and excellent flotation in deep snowdrifts.

Especially for those who want to overcome the most difficult obstacles, the manufacturer proposed powerplant Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm3), which is guaranteed to run in any frost. Quiet and efficient, it differs incredible fuel efficiency, thanks to an electronic direct injection technology.

The key to a particular user comfort was equipping an aluminum wheel series Fat Bar with mountain sling and spacer. Single seat, which outfitted snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Xtrim Commander 800 E-TEC in , provides a relaxed fit pilot. Standard equipment of the vehicle is represented by a high (62.9 mm) of the windscreen, electric starter, a multifunctional Infocentre, tow bar, heating function handles.

BRP Tundra LT 550F

Experts estimate the model 2018-2019 BRP Tundra LT 550F as a budget work “horse.” Developers, in turn, called the snowmobiles’ the ideal solution for everyday life. ” Laconic design, good quality equipment, fuel-efficient engine – this vehicle is rightly claims to be the premier winter transport.

This machine is not designed to conquer the sporting heights. However, despite the constructive simplicity and the absence of suspension stabilizer bar, the model is fairly well kept turning and allows experienced active pilots get a certain amount of adrenaline.

Running the engine is located at the inlet valve petal resembles a motorcycle sound. It gives easily 50HP, thereby demonstrating the vehicle dynamics as live rolled and puffy to snow. Snowmobile races stand well-packed trails, confidently climbs the slopes and transports goods efficiently when needed. The width of the tracks, is only 400 mm, largely determines the high maneuverability of the machine.

The design of the steel wheel has a modern ergonomic shape. It has a curved handle and a spacer, allowing to adjust the height. The manufacturer provided a heated grips and throttle trigger. Under the narrow comfortable saddle is located a spacious box for storage. A feature of the model is necessary to recognize the existence of a wide and high windscreen glass, through which the pilot can drive the car into the wind.

The basic version of the model 2018-2019 BRP Tundra LT 550F is equipped with a handrail for the passenger, and the electric towbar. Facilities in the form of a rear-view mirror and lumbar support is available in the optional mode.


The developers of the legendary brand did everything to realize the model 2018-2019 BRP Bundoker 3700 600 E-Tech -the-art technical solutions. As a result, already in the basic version, consumers received ultrakomfortabelny and high performance snowmobile. This vehicle is designed to run on a deep snowdrifts, mountain slopes and well groomed trails.

Snowmobile equipped with an economical 2-cylinder engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC with a displacement of 594.4 cm3. It demonstrates an effective combination of the impressive torque, incredible performance and exceptional reliability. The engine is able to easily give out 115 hp

Thanks to the progressive electronic direct injection system, this powerplant is different stunning efficiency. Modern cooling system designed for operation in the northern areas, eliminates overheating problem, which is typical of mountain snowmobile. In an optional mode, the model can be equipped with an air cooler. This causes particular technological solution for ease of movement of groomed trails, during which there is no possibility to throw at the truck needed to cool the tunnel number of the snow mass.

Increased to 59 mm height lug impressive adjustable ski base (900 + 42 mm), well-designed suspension system guarantee high comfort of traveling by snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Boondocker 3700 600 E-TEC . Suspension Series A-LFS and PPS-3700-DS, established in the gas-filled shock absorbers HPG 36, have excellent energy consumption. Developers have offered for this model, a narrow saddle convenient BD series, designed to accommodate one person.

BRP SUMMIT X 154 800R E-TEC (highlands)

Especially for those who are full of enthusiasm and excitement, the world-renowned manufacturer has developed a model of snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Summit X 154 E-Tech 800r designed to operate at high altitudes. His refined handling it must meticulously developed REV-XM platform.

This vehicle has a unique design of the track PowderMax 2 FlexEdge, makes it easy to maneuver on the slopes and the snow-covered area full of bumps: with a width of 0.4 meters in length up to 4 meters. With a height of 63.5 mm lug these snowmobiles transcend any snowdrift depth and steepness of the ascent. Even the special ergonomically shaped side plates are designed to efficiently overcome the difficult areas. Impassable routes for this model does not exist.

Thanks to the sophisticated suspension system shown with double A-arm, tMotion element and gas-filled shock absorbers HPG Plus, designed for high altitude modification snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Summit X 154 800R E-TEC shows the incredible fluidity of movement.

The model is equipped with a lightweight seat REV-XM, providing a relaxed fit. The seat has a convenient storage compartment for storing documents and necessary in the way of details. To make the operation of the vehicle as comfortable, outfitted with his highly informative dashboard. At the same time in order to protect against accidental control actions, most of the switches has been moved off the steering wheel to the console. Much of the capacity of the fuel and oil tanks (40 and 3.7 liters, respectively) ensures high endurance running this model.

BRP Skandic SWT 550

Since 2009, a worthy place in the lineup 2018-2019 BRP takes double snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Skandic SWT 550. Progressive chassis Yet II, an innovative suspension (front – and rear telescopic LTS SC5-U), the optimal ratio of the width and length of the tracks (600 mm/3968 mm) guarantee vehicle’s safe operation. Because of massive large area of ​​contact tracks with the snow surface, a large pressure is not created. As a result, snowmobile easily passes the zone with very deep snow.

Model 2018-2019 BRP Scandic CBT 550 is equipped with 2-stroke 2-cylinder powerplant (553.4 cm3, 57 hp). It shows decent performance, a soft reaction when exposed to the gas, reduced operating costs. Thanks to the ergonomic organization of the passenger and driver’s seats, buy this snowmobile eager supporters comfortable travel. The presence of a steel wheel having a curved handle, mountain strap and spacer ensures confident control of the machine. Sale of snowmobiles at competitive prices provides.

2018-2019 BRP 49 Ranger 900 ACE Touring

Due to the proven frame REX2, an innovative front suspension A-LFS + and rear suspension PPS ²-4100-DS-A, as well as a steel steering wheel with comfortable grip, universal 2-seater snowmobiles Model 2018-2019 BRP 49 Ranger 900 ACE Touring exhibit impeccable handling. They allow you to confidently overcome any obstacles. The demand for these devices have mountain character in Moscow and remote areas due to the presence of low gear ratio and extended up to 4141 mm tracks that increases their stability in off-road conditions.

Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP 49 Ranger 900 ICE Tauring equipped with in-line 3-cylinder 4-stroke engine (899 cm3, 88 hp), as well as highly informative multi-functional instrument panel. Buy data sets at a reasonable price offered by Major. Snowmobiles for sale is conducted in all the company’s stores.

2018-2019 BRP 69 YETI 900 ACE

The presence of energy-intensive suspension, powerful engine, wide caterpillars, low CPR mode, high windshield and capacious fuel tank allowed to combine in a snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 900 Ice the best features of the practical utility and the nature of gambling “tourist”.

Upgraded 4-stroke engine, demonstrating the high torque, is capable of easily give 90 hp Thanks to the powerful cooling system, the user will get absolute confidence in the normal functioning of the power unit in any road conditions. The features of the engine are low weight and ultimate cost-effectiveness. Tremendous energy efficiency in combination with the used as an oil tank and dry sump sverhvmestitelnym (45 l) fuel compartment define an increased autonomy of the progress of this model. The manufacturer has provided that three movement modes (Standard, ECO and Sport), which will allow to adjust the character of the vehicle for different tasks. Transmission 2018-2019 BRP Yeti 69 900 Ace mechanical reverse, drive pulley variator eDrive 2 and the driven pulley QRS is best suited for hauling cargo.

The high level of user comfort provides a convenient single unit saddle type. Its moderate width and well-designed construction ensure natural relaxed fit. Robust steel wheel has a comfortable grip, in view of the extension and adjustable ergonomic J-shaped handles. Additional ease of use is provided by means of booster heating function, electric starter and multifunctional information center with a speedometer, tachometer and fuel level indicator mass.

2018-2019 BRP SKANDIC SWT 900 ACE

Comfort, versatility, practicality, virtually unlimited technical potential and the highest fuel efficiency characterize snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Scandic SVT 900 Ice. The basis of this utilitarian model forms a proprietary platform REV-XU, characterized by high durability. It determines not only a comfortable fit, and refined control of the vehicle.

In this case, the manufacturer has offered an improved suspension system including a front shock absorber LTS component Motion Control, and a rear component SC-5U HPG with dampers and Motion Control. The design of this system suggests the possibility of fixing the rear suspension of the pendulum in one of the positions, which ensures optimum grip during towing loads. Free standing pendulum would be the key to reducing the contact patch tracked elements on compacted snow cover, thus increasing stability and improving the ride quality when driving in deep snow.

Model 2018-2019 BRP Skandic SWT 900 Ace is equipped with a 3-cylinder Rotax 9 (899 cm3) with a liquid cooling system. The high efficiency of the motor and its efficiency are achieved at the expense of 46-millimeter throttle body and the distribution function of the fuel mass injection. The difference is the presence of these snowmobiles electronic throttle trigger, the position of which can be adjusted.

Thanks to the electronic control unit with 3 modes of operation, the vehicle demonstrates the extremely precise control response. So, for high-speed prohvatit is Standard mode. In Sport mode provides accurate execution of driving commands. The loop is triggered ECO maximum speed limit (at 70 km / h) and as a result, fuel efficiency is achieved limit.

BRP 49 Ranger 600 E-TEC TOURING

Since the date of foundation in 1942, 2018-2019 BRP products of the company, created Dzh.-A. Bombardier became the epitome of genuine quality and innovation. Double universal model snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP 49 Ranger 600 E-Tech Tauring designed for long trips in off-road conditions, winter recreation and exciting walks.

This snowmobile is inherent in the existence of excellent proven PPS suspension and gas shock absorbers that provide a special softness stroke. 2018-2019 BRP Sales model 49 Ranger 600 E-Tec Touring demonstrates confident dynamics, including thanks to the special design of the front arm, excluding their deformation.

Comfortable ride on a snowmobile makes this model a high-quality 4-stroke, 2-cylinder power unit is capable with the volume of 600 cm3 outstanding performance of 60 hp

Buy this snowmobile are both experienced and novice drivers, as this highly reliable vehicle has perfect handling.

BRP Adventure GT 1200 4-TEC (ACS)

Snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Adventure VT 1200 4-Tec (ACS) in will give the best impression of the races on snow-covered terrain. Thanks to an ideal-designed LXU platform, this model is perfectly suited for solving complex problems of utilitarian.

By smokeless quiet motor Rotax 1200 4-TEC, any trip would be enjoyable and highly economical. These powertrains are tireless energy source. When the working volume of 1170.7 cm3, these engines are ready to give out 130 hp A key advantage of these motors is their ability to provide high torque throughout the rev range. This inherent power units optimized fuel combustion system weight, reduced friction, reduced emissions of exhaust gases.

By pressing a button on the console by the engine operation mode selection. For the basic mode is characterized by a smooth start and support an optimal torque at high speed. In the “Sport” is given maximum power and guaranteed a significant acceleration. In the «ECO» mode is used to restrict the torque and, consequently, provided a measured pace of movement and fuel savings.

Equipment snowmobiles 2018-2019 BRP Adventure GT 1200 4-TEC (ACS) is capable of providing complete comfort even at very long distances. This model developers filled the 2-seater modular saddle having the luxury design. The seat has a heating function, the backrest and luggage rack. High windscreen, heated steering wheel, electric starter increase the ease of operation of this machine.


The secret of success 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles Rave RE 600 E-Tech RS model year is its expressive exterior, incredible reliability and perfect handling. Many experts call this vehicle the best design in the sports segment.

Invincible model recognized through progressive suspension system formed from the front element of A-LFS +, the proven rear suspension PPS²-3300 with a course of 390 mm and shock absorbers KYB 40 PB HLCR. Since the shock-absorbing device has a vast range of adjustments, the pilot at any time can easily adapt to the conditions of your car rolling. A special feature of this model is a complete lack of smell of exhaust gases.

For this model, developers have proposed a high-performance 2-stroke engine Rotax 600 HO E-TEC, whose design is impeccable execution. The engine has a working volume of 594.4 cm3 and provides superior performance. Due to the electronic direct-injection function, the power unit demonstrates the utmost efficiency. Transmission realized in this model includes pulleys of the variator TRA 3 (master) and the QRS (slave), as well as reverse the RER.

Due to the compact truck (380/3269 mm), the vehicle weight has been reduced to 211 kg. The height of the lug is versatile and 35 mm. Manufacturer manned the snowmobile skis popular series REX² Blade with base 1080 mm.

As standard, the vehicle is equipped with a 1-seater seat the RE type, low (235mm) windscreen, heated aluminum wheel with extension, a highly manual starter and the control center. In an optional mode, the manufacturer offers a retrofitted model 2018-2019 BRP RAVE RE 600 E-TEC RS towbar.

BRP Adventure LX 600 ACE

To turn a winter trip to an exciting journey, a big-name manufacturer recommends a great snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Adventure LIKS 600 ICE . Thanks to perfectly calibrated REX² platform geometry, engine reliability and excellent ergonomic controls, this model experienced pilots recognize the best companion for outdoor activities.

Excellent aerodynamic design ensures protection against wind gusts. Balanced suspension is the key to pinpoint handling. As the front suspension developers used item A-LFS +. component PPS²-3500 rear mounted. Their highest energy intensity cause damping devices HPG HPG 25 and 36.

The “heart” of the model is the power unit 600 ROTAX ACE, which is characterized by the presence of the electronic throttle control system iTC. Behind the acronym ACE hides term Advanced Combustion Efficiency, implying the improved efficiency of the combustion of the fuel supply. For this model, the manufacturer has provided the power injector type. Powertrain 2018-2019 BRP Adventure LX 600 ACE is focused on the issue of maximum thrust at low and medium revs. Through the use of the principle of dry-sump lubrication, the problem of oil starvation in the case of overturning of the vehicle is completely eliminated.

A large windscreen height (63.5 cm) is a guarantee of reliable protection of the rider colliding air currents: with the help of this screen developers could take searing cold of the steering wheel. Additional comfort provides the function of heating handles. Snowmobile equipped with a comfortable double seat.


The expert community recognizes 2018-2019 BRP snowmobiles 69 Yeti Ami Limited 800 E-Tech unique development. Its owner will be able to overcome any obstacles and snow to get there, where you do not have the opportunity to get competitors. Design features of the 335-pound model ensures confident flotation in snowdrifts, efficient towing loads, precision high-speed races.

Improved manageability snowmobile is largely due to the decision of a competent manufacturer’s suggested suspension system. Its composition is presented perfectly proven components LTS, PPS-6900-A, as well as shock absorbers MS, HPG HPG 25 and 36.

Due to the long (3968 mm) and wide (600 mm) of trucks, this unit perfectly copes with difficult terrain with numerous hooks, and a loose mushy snow. This is largely due to streamlined design LXU Blade skis with 900 mm base and asymmetrical straps. These features are key to a stable low-pressure on the snow-covered surface, allow the car to glide easily over it.

Developers have offered for this model 2-stroke engine Rotax 800R E-TEC (799,5 cm 3), capable of issuing 164 hp Thanks to him, the vehicle demonstrates excellent dynamics in accelerations. An additional radiator with forced cooling ensures the normal operation of the power unit even at very high loads.

Excellent operational comfort is provided by equipping 69 snowmobile 2018-2019 BRP Yeti Army Limited 800E-TEC 2-seater lightweight saddle high (62.9 mm) windscreen, a digital information center as well as a steel wheel with extension, J-shaped handles and heated.

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