The new racing season championship R-Cup 2017 is open!

June 1 circuit ADM «Raceway» in Myachkovo hosted more than 1,000 guests racers, spectators, models, photographers and organizers got together to hold one of the highlights of the Russian motorsport – Championship R-Cup 2017 This year at home. lattice of the first stage was visited 57 pilots from different Russian cities, each of which makes a real show of high international level.

Championship R-Cup 2017

Thanks to the support of Yamaha Motor CIS, a cellular operator "MegaFon" and the Administration Ramenskoye and the Lyubertsy district of Moscow region, on the road to create a real racing atmosphere to this day: the paddock to failure were packed motorcycle racers and their support groups, in a special area of ​​the fans of two-wheeled equipment tested the top model Yamaha motorcycles, the audience pictures with beautiful Grid Girls and the main prize of the championship – sporbaykom Yamaha R6 are, and the team of photographers on the spot print out photos taken at the souvenir magnets.

Championship R-Cup 2017

For the opening of the championship was invited to a team of professional stantrayderov who instantly warmed up the audience with his spectacular show. This was followed by welcoming remarks organizers of the event and start scoring runs. Because this season to take part in the championship were not only amateurs, but also professionals, R-Cup has attracted riders such as Sergey titled Krapuhin Dmitry Mayorov, Andrey Chernov , Alexei Ivanov, Sergey Orlov and Maxim Averkin.

The race among professionals acting on the bike Yamaha R6, won a six-time champion of Russia Sergey SHKMG Krapuhin. Sergey for several years is the official pilot of Yamaha Motor CIS in Russia, so the victory of the athlete with a wide experience of participation in the competition was expected. Together with the winner of the second step of the podium went up Sergey Orlov, and the third – Anton Milov.

Among professionals, speakers for Yamaha R1 motorcycle, the winner was a young rider Alexey Ivanov. Other prizes have caught Andrei Chernov Dmitry Mayorov.

In the amateur standings led Gerelis Boris – a well-known amateur racer, a former organizer for SHKMG Russian championship. Boris have not participated in these championships, but has retained tremendous shape, so went up to the top step of the podium in the class R1. The second and third place was shared by Alexander and Michael Kulachenko Golyakov.

Among the fans of the group R6 in the student's record became the strongest champion of the R-Cup 2017 Igor Mkrtchyan. "Silver" and "bronze" in the 600-cubic category went to Alexey Belyakov and Vladislav Miroshin.

Championship R-Cup 2017

Traditionally, winners do not leave the track without prize trophies and gifts from partners R-Cup 2017. But the fate of the main prize – Yamaha R6 sportbike will be decided after the second phase of the R-Cup 2017 which will be held in August 2017 in the most advanced in the Russian racing road «Moscow Raceway».
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