The new Honda 2018-2019

Motorcycle Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Rally 2017

Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Rally 2018-2019

The European department of Honda visited the exhibition “Motodays Motorcycle Expo 2018-2019” in Rome, Italy, where he presented the new Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Rally 2018-2019 motorcycle.

The novelty was developed on the basis of the racing motorcycle Paolo Chechi, who spoke at the Africa Eco, in cooperation with Red Moto.
The motorcycle is completed with racing components.
The engine complies with the Euro4 standard, while the customer can choose a DCT box or classic mechanics.
As a result of all modifications, the model Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Rally was 7 kg lighter than the original model and more powerful by about 5 hp.


– exhaust Termignoni

– top-level suspension

– reinforced hoses

– high front wing

– programmable control unit with a special application

– carbon parts

Motorcycles Honda CRF1000L Africa Twin Rally 2018-2019 already have some European offices.
Price: € 21,490 (standard) and € 22,640 (DCT).

Superbike Honda V4 will present in 2019 !?

Honda V4 will be presented in 2019

Japanese giant Honda last autumn introduced the new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2019 , but continues to work on a mysterious superbike with a V4 engine, which is likely to be released in 2019 by the 70th anniversary.

The new sportbike will allow the Japanese company to pass homologation and perform in a superbike using all the advantages of the V4 engine, reminding us of the legendary past RC30 and RC45.

Rumors about a new motorcycle have been going for a long time.
Last year it became known that the motorcycle will have an aluminum monoamom like Ducati Panigale, and inside it will be installed a simplified Honda RC213S V4 engine to reduce the cost, since for homologation in the WSBK the motorcycle should cost no more than 40,000 euros.

The British edition MCN closely follows the development of the project and has unearthed a series of new patents that detail the Honda V4 project.

1) Design of the tail section.
The main goal is to increase the efficiency of aerodynamics.
Various nozzles allow you to pass the airflow that passes over the windscreen and the back of the rider.
All the channels are connected, that is, the entire airflow leaves through a large hole between the tail lights.
There are also smaller channels.

The diagram shows the place of fixing the license plate.
The patent also refers to the V4 engine and the chain final drive.

Superbike Honda V4 will be presented in 2019 !?

2) The second patent is dedicated to attaching the exhaust and the bracket to the footrests.
Some elements on the diagrams are made for the completeness of the picture (for example, a cowl in the style of Honda RC211V).

3) The remaining patents concern the design of the fairing, the device (probably carbon fiber), the central inlet (similar to the RC213V inlet), the tiny LED headlights.

Honda also patented the design of air intakes, frame design, mirrors with LED turn signals …

The photo in the title shows a concept created on the order of the MCN edition on the basis of information from patents.

2018-2019 Honda VFR1200X

We are pleased to introduce you to the upgraded VFR1200X Crosstourer.

Motorcycle Updated 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer has become even more kofortno.



In 2012, Updated 2018-2019 Honda proudly introduced a new line of motorcycle models with V4 engines – new Crosstourer. It was first shown as a concept at the motorcycle exhibition Eicma Show 2010. For the 2013 model year that is intended to travel with a large sports enduro V4 engine got a new special version.

Crosstourer model provides fun and excitement peculiar sport-touring motorcycles as well as a comfortable straight fit and maneuverability, which is typical for vehicles designed for adventure. The key to this is the experience of Updated 2018-2019 Honda’s V4 engine in the creation and transmission Dual Clutch Transmission with improved functionality.

The development team, led by Yosuke Hasegawa (Yosuke Hasegawa) (project head), wanted to create a bike, giving the owner a sense of trials and adventures. The Japanese phrase, which has become the motto of all the work on the model, translates as: “I can do it. I can get to a place such as this. ” “It” can be a long journey on the highways, or an adventure whose goal is to get to a remote mountainous area. Crosstourer The creators have tried to create the bike suitable for all applications – a good companion for travel, endowed with a unique premium design, the relevant advanced technology.

The Crosstourer combines the components of sports and tourist models, such as the powerful V4 engine, also used in the VFR1200F models and features off-road motorcycles, such as the long-travel suspension and a direct landing at the wheel, providing reliable control over the motorcycle. The merger of these two features makes motorcycles of different classes of Crosstourer true crossover – a unique and multi-purpose. Long-stroke suspension, commonly used on off-road motorcycles, gently work out any unevenness heavy roads. Reliable long-travel suspension also provides excellent ride and precise control. Vertical planting provides comfort, control and versatility for an outstanding driver.

As Crossrunner, presented at the EICMA show in 2010, Crosstourer is a crossover, equipped with a powerful engine V4. Developed by Updated 2018-2019 Honda transmission with double-clutch Dual Clutch Transmission perfectly fit into the Crosstourer, making it a pioneer in this field. Transmission with two clutches allows to shift gears manually using the buttons on the steering wheel, and fully automatic. In automatic mode, the driver can at any time intervene in the shifting process and choose the right gear manually. The bike is also equipped with traction control system TCS (Traction Control System), which gives the driver more confidence on slippery surfaces, ensuring that the drive wheel from the engine comes only the amount of torque that it is currently able to implement. Such additions, as a combined anti-lock braking system Combined ABS, all-weather and all-terrain emphasize motorcycle. He really ready for anything.

Crosstourer sets new standards in the class of full-travel enduro. It offers a unique combination of powerful engine V4 with cutting-edge technology (Combined ABS, TCS, Dual Clutch Transmission) for stability and motion handling when driving alone or with a passenger on any roads and at any distance. The adventure begins here.

Honda CRF450R 2018-2019

Cross Motorcycles Updated 2018-2019 Honda CRF450R – a real sports equipment: a reliable and uncompromising. Over its creation worked HRC and Updated 2018-2019 Honda engineers are experts. As a result of deliberate combinations tested, proven solutions, and new approaches to the production of such equipment, it turned noteworthy apparatus.

Features and capabilities Updated 2018-2019 Honda CRF 450R

Among the features of this bike should be highlighted:

  • VI Generation diagonal frame made of aluminum. Its main feature – the mass centralization, which provides near-perfect weight distribution for better handling and traction. Besides this frame generation has been strengthened.
  • Front KYB gas-filled fork. Due to its use of developers have managed to significantly reduce the weight of the bike compared to its predecessor. Due to what its use possible for different types of trails have become even wider.
  • The new damping system, which is achieved due to the excellent handling on any type of motorcycle cover.

As for the powertrain, the engine is used in working volume of 449 cm3, which develops 49 hp power, and outputting maximum torque of 46.8 Nm at 7000 rev / min. Due to the liquid-cooled internal combustion engine Updated 2018-2019 Honda CRF450R it perfectly shows itself even in the most critical situations. Among the features of the current generation of this motor – heavier than its predecessor, the flywheel. This solution was able to make the power unit at low revs more elastic. Creators have worked on a motorcycle and clutch: through the use of compression springs 6 are provided for easier switching speeds.

Buy Updated 2018-2019 Honda CRF450R for the price of the official dealer you in our salon. Treat.



Honda CBR600RR 2018-2019

Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBR600RR is the flagship of the line sports motorcycle technology of the legendary brand. Availability vysokooborotisty engine worked perfectly and sports suspension delivers refined handling and unmatched dynamics of the model. Over a decade of this motorcycle is recognized as one of the best vehicles of category Supersports. The original design reflects the energetic and strong character of this model. Ideal-designed shape of the fairing significantly improves its stability. Elegant, muscular forms attract a lot of views both on the track and on the streets of big cities.

Among the features of the model is necessary to highlight the presence of a rigid aluminum frame, electronic steering damper, radial brakes with a combined element of ABS. The bike is equipped with in-line 4-cylinder engine with liquid cooling function, capable of delivering 120 hp Ultra powerplant focused on the operation in the upper performance range.

Motorcycle NC750X 2018-2019 model year boasts a new design with a “tourist bias” and a higher level of comfort for the rider and the second number.
Honda NC750X 2018-2019

Larger windshield provides increased protection from the oncoming airflow. Increased storage compartment now features on the cover of a special bracket for installing optional equipment. LED headlights and taillights give the bike a luxurious feel, and function of adjusting color balance of the liquid crystal display allows the rider to customize the dashboard and makes it more readable.

DCT automatic transmission now works even better: thanks to the re-edited software gearchange when opening and closing the throttle is more gently and naturally. Fans of sporty driving will appreciate the three-tier mode S shift in automatic mode AT and increase the value of the maximum permitted engine speed when switching to a lower gear in the manual mode MT. In addition, the updated software allows DCT transmissions work better in all operating modes.

DCT automatic transmission now works even better: thanks to the re-edited software gearchange when opening and closing the throttle is more gently and naturally. Fans of sporty driving will appreciate the three-tier mode S shift in automatic mode AT and increase the value of the maximum permitted engine speed when switching to a lower gear in the manual mode MT. In addition, the updated software allows DCT transmissions work better in all operating modes.

Rear shock absorber mechanism was preliminary loading of the spring, and the new plug system with Showa Dual Bending Valves (SDBV) slightly raised front of the motorcycle. New muffler weighs less and emits a pleasant throbbing roar, and the six-speed manual gearbox has received more than “light” clutch.

Honda NC750SA 2018-2019

Modern design and interesting technical solution combines the classic motorcycle for everyday use – 2018-2019 Honda NC750S. With its stylish exterior design with smooth lines, direct planting, management of «Naked» class, comfortable suspension, and most importantly – affordable price, this bike becomes very practical and convenient.

Renovated two-cylinder inline engine increases torque at low and medium engine speeds, a choice of automatic transmission will facilitate management, a narrow engine design optimizes the landing of the driver, and its capacity will give confidence in city traffic. 2018-2019 Honda NC750S – amazingly friendly bike.

Convenient, cost-effective and easy to manage new 2018-2019 Honda NC750S suitable drivers with very different skills and driving experience. Simple operation, soft and responsive engine, excellent ergonomics, low landing, simplicity of design – and we have a multi-purpose bike that absolutely does not require getting used to.

A number of technical innovations positive impact on the performance and handling characteristics of 2018-2019 Honda NC750S. The angle of inclination of the engine and the fuel tank is located low under the rear seat will significantly reduce the center of gravity. Telescopic forks and monoshock rear suspension make the perfect driving on flat roads too. Typical for this class is supplemented with a combined braking system ABS. And in the end we get a modern, reliable, practical bike at a reasonable price.

Honda CTX700NA 2018-2019

2018-2019 Honda CTX700NA is the most typical representative of the class “cruiser”. Elegant and stylish design catches the eye of other traffic participants. The model not only looks attractive, but also extremely comfortable. Thanks to a careful disposition of the center of gravity fit into the saddle extremely easy. Seat height is only 719 mm.

Capacity installed engine is 670 cm3. This bike can develop answered by a serious speed. The unit is a typical 2-cylinder inline engine equipped with electronic injection. CTX700NA Suspension is extremely soft, making it easy to overcome various pits, bumps and other bumps in the road. The front wheel is equipped with a telescopic fork, rear suspension Pro-Link. Although the saddle does not seem very large, the seat there’s enough for two people (driver and passenger).

The wheels of the model equipped with cast aluminum wheels. They are easy to wash and carry out other services. Front and rear brakes are single disc with two-piston caliper. The brake system can boast a special reliability and ruggedness.

Honda VFR1200FD 2018-2019

2018-2019 Honda has not had time to shake all the release of a completely new model of sports-touring motorcycles, how did his older, slightly modified and improved brother – 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200FD. A distinctive feature of the updated “vyfera” was no longer an optional installation of an automatic transmission, but its availability as standard, as evidenced by the letter and «D» in the title – Dual Clutch Transmission.

It is possible to use the automatic transmission becomes the highlight of the trip on the new 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200FD. And the improved engine performance, small but pleasant changes in the volume of the fuel tank and driver’s landing permit to bring the updated 2018-2019 Honda VFR to a whole new level of management and control.

When designing modifications 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200FD engineers have taken into account all the previous comments from the drivers, thereby creating an almost perfect bike in the class of “Sport Tourism”. Sophisticated ergonomics and increased volume of the fuel tank made 1200 cc “vyfer” as comfortable for long trips. Increased torque speed range mostly possible to achieve smooth switching and improve manageability.

Novice drivers will appreciate the availability of such options as “traction control, which controls the motorcycle grip on slippery asphalt, especially when driving in” Sport “mode. Among other things, 2018-2019 Honda VfR 1200 can boast an updated dashboard, set roomy wardrobe trunks and a choice of complementary colors of the motorcycle.

2018-2019 Honda VFR1200FD – a unique sports tourer, which pleases the perfect control in the conditions of urban roads, and makes you feel comfortable and enjoy the speed on a country road.

Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer 2018-2019

With the advent of the market in 1200-bottoms “vyfera” sport-touring motorcycles as a class and as a concept, in general, we have acquired a completely new features to get more tourist destinations, rather than sports. And with an updated automatic transmission and improved weight characteristics, 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200X once again confirmed their affiliation to one of the best manufacturers of motorcycle technology in the world.

Among other things, the new 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer attracts with its original and memorable design: tall, slim, sleek, compact and red krossturer instantly attracts attention. Due to the settings and verified carefully crafted performance, 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer remarkably suitable for daily trips and for country travel over long distances.

New 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200X Krossturer became the most powerful motorcycle in a class with 127 hp at 7500 rev / min, confidently beating all his rivals. Plus, this “vyfera” model is more than enough. Firstly, improved ergonomics, allowing the driver to feel as comfortable as possible on the narrower seat. Secondly, it is moderately wide and higher than the competition, steering wheel, allowing you to not feel any discomfort, even after a long drive. In addition, developers 2018-2019 Honda VfR 1200 Krossturer achieved remarkable ease of construction, which allows excellent maneuver to enter the turns and navigate in terms of urban traffic jams. A spitsovannye wheels, tubeless tires, a sufficient ground clearance make the bike passable in all conditions and on smooth asphalt, and graders, and the dirt road and on any terrain.

2018-2019 Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer will delight all lovers of good ride, looking for adventure travel at high speeds, but do not forget about safety and appreciating comfort.

2018-2019 Honda CBR300RA

CBR300RA – further modernization of the popular CBR250RA model.

The volume of 250 cc engine was increased to 50 cm3, power increased by 17%. Torque increased throughout the range of engine operation.

The bike has changed a little stylistic design. Headlights and front fairing made in the style model CBR1000RR Fireblade, the side panels have changed.

The bike has changed a little stylistic design. Headlights and front fairing made in the style model CBR1000RR Fireblade, the side panels have changed.

Motorcycle little grown in size, the wheelbase increased by 13 mm. Fuel consumption You still surprise: no more than 3.4 liters per 100 kilometers. CBR300RA equipped with standard ABS braking system.

2018-2019 Honda CBR1000RA Fireblade

In the racing world, the realm of elite sport motorcycles, SVR1000RA Fireblade holds a leading position.

Model CBR1000RA the 2014 model year received a modified cylinder head, improved air flow to the engine, an improved circulation of gases in the exhaust system, as well as other power system setup PGM-DSFI. As a result, the peak power increased by 3 hp, as well as increased torque at medium engine speeds. The bike got a little change in the position of a wheel and footrest for a more comfortable fit.

Amazingly fast and easily controllable Fireblade earned the well-deserved reputation as a motorcycle, a great pleasure from extreme driving. It allows any refined connoisseur or a professional racer to enjoy every ride.

Amazingly fast and easily controllable Fireblade earned the well-deserved reputation as a motorcycle, a great pleasure from extreme driving. It allows any refined connoisseur or a professional racer to enjoy every ride.

When the Fireblade was first shown in 1998, spectators and riders opened their mouths in astonishment. All unnecessary weight has been removed, and the model structure itself was trimmed so that it was possible to see through it in some places. The same philosophy of minimalist design and use principle ( “there should be absolutely nothing that really do not need”) are used in practice for several generations CBr.

Model Fireblade has become even more compact. Focusing weight of the motorcycle as close as possible to the center of gravity, we have enhanced maneuverability, stability, handling and overall amazing agility on the road. Regardless of whether the rider leans in the long stretching turns or passes them at great speed, Fireblade is managed efficiently and confidently, making the race fun.

In 2009, the Fireblade is added to a highly efficient hybrid system with ABS brakes with electronic control as an option. Moving along the path of continuous improvement of safety of motorcycle racing, combined braking system with ABS is a remarkable achievement for a bike of this class.

For many years, combined with ABS brake system gives confidence to the rider in the event of emergency braking, the wheels can lock up, which will inevitably lead to loss of control over the machine. But never before the designers were not offered in the system as needed improvements in this never before, they did not reduce weight. At least, until now.

2018-2019 Honda developed the all-new, lightweight system that meets CBR1000RA concept. By reducing the weight, any member of motorcycle racing, which requires the highest return on their motorcycle, will get pleasure from the confidence that gives a combined braking system with ABS.

Honda CB1100 2018-2019

New model 2018-2019 Honda CB1100 embodies the best traditions of motoklassiki and achievements of modern technologies. Strong character, harmonious combination of reliability, flexibility and performance -, 2018-2019 Honda is able to conquer the hearts.

With elegant lines, large headlight, concave fuel tank, side panels stylish silver 2018-2019 Honda CB1100 is always recognizable on the road. And thanks to its compact body and excellent dynamic performance, this bike is different and more wonderful control. High stability is ensured by a double frame newly designed 18-inch wheels, and the opportunity to pick up the wheel for the usual type of drive you comfortable fit and deliver even more fun.

2018-2019 Honda CB1100 – a modern motorcycle, reminiscent of the classic past, functional and beautiful, it is required to emphasize your individuality.

Honda Gold Wing GL1800 2018-2019

2018-2019 Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing – a worthy successor of the legendary motorcycle line, which marks the ’41 in 2017. Constantly getting improved, it remains a role model in its class. If you want to buy a motorcycle for comfortable travel over long distances, 2018-2019 Honda Gold Wing is great for this.

Features and benefits of the 2018-2019 Honda Gold Wing

Every detail in this model is carefully designed. As a result, you get a powerful bike with smooth running, which operate – a pleasure. Among the features of this device should be highlighted:

  • Multi-layered fairing complex shape, thanks to which the motorcycle is characterized by excellent aerodynamic performance.
  • Improved wind protection, allowing you to confidently lead 2018-2019 Honda GL 1800 even in difficult conditions.
  • New comfortable seating, in which both the driver and passenger can stay as comfortable as possible.
  • Aluminium frame box-section, as well as special construction rear of the motorcycle. This ensures excellent handling and stability while driving at any speed.
  • High security: your attention is invited to the airbag, as well as a combined brake system (airbag is an option).
  • Volume trunks, allowing to take to the road even more things. Their volume is 150 liters.

The bike is equipped with a 6-cylinder boxer engine capacity of 1832 cm3. 118 hp and 167 nM of torque ensure excellent dynamics 2018-2019 Honda GL 1800 Gold Wing and confidence at all times (including during overtaking). Among the features of this motor – the catalytic converter HECS3, thanks to which the emissions level is at around 2 times lower than that found for the EURO-3.

Honda CTX700AE  2018-2019

Model 2018-2019 Honda CTX700 is a great motorcycle class “cruiser”. CTX abbreviation stands for Comfort Technology Experience – experience comfort technologies. Equipped with this model a powerful in-line two-cylinder engine with a working volume of about 670 cm3. It is quite injectivity and has excellent acceleration dynamics. This allows you to feel comfortable not only in the city, but also on the suburban route, such as when overtaking.

One of the modifications of the model is equipped with a robotic gearbox with two clutches. This technology allows to save fuel during long journeys.

2018-2019 Honda CTX700 model differs from other analogues that is equipped with a fairing, trunks, windscreen. The torque is transmitted by means of the shaft. The suspension is quite comfortable, it makes the movement extremely smooth and pleasant. There is traction control and modern braking system with ABS. All this makes the operation of the motorcycle safe and very simple.

The height of the seat is 719 mm, so the model management CTX700 very comfortable and convenient, as thanks to the direct landing of the driver is provided by a wide view of the road.

2018-2019 Honda VFR1200XD Crosstourer

The company 2018-2019 Honda was not used to stop there, so that fans of sports-touring motorcycles can already appreciate the new 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200 XD Crosstourer, which will amaze you with how nice and easy ride it over long distances. With improved vertical landing and excellent maneuverability, technological V4 engine, upgraded automatic transmission and double clutch this bike will delight every driver of its handling and power throughout the rev range.

The main aim of 2018-2019 Honda’s engineers was to give the world a sports tourer, which would perfectly combines the capabilities and road and urban motorcycle. And it is quite successful! Now you have the opportunity to enjoy a quick ride on the highways, and the cross on any terrain.

New 2018-2019 Honda VfR 1200 Krossturer shows such wonderful sports and tourism of quality with a powerful 4-cylinder engine, ergonomics, moderately wide handlebars and soft suspension, designed specifically for long journeys. The engine of the new 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200 XD Crosstourer shows excellent revving, and the first volume of the motor (1237 cc) mounted on a similar model. Automatic transmission pleases smooth ride and the ability to seamlessly switch gears in one of three modes: Manual, normal auto and auto sports. The aluminum die-cast frame, combined with long-travel suspension allows for excellent handling and a smooth ride even on the low-quality roads. A braking system ABSi traction control make 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200 XD Krossturer safe and reliable bike in all weather conditions.

2018-2019 Honda VFR1200 XD Crosstourer – a first-class motorcycle that will satisfy the demands of both drivers experienced and novice amateur road adventures.

Honda CBR300RA 2018-2019

2018-2019 Honda CBR300RA aimed at novice motorcyclists. RA index indicates that the ABS system is equipped with a modification that enables the motorcycle to keep under control in any situation.

Familiar to many motorcycle with new features

2018-2019 Honda CBR 300 RA is based on its predecessor with an index 250. It is installed the same engine, the volume of which increased to 286 cm3, due to what turned out good power increase of 17%, with the result that it was 30.4 hp Maximum torque of this model is 27 nM. Among the features of 2018-2019 Honda CBR 300RA should be highlighted:

  • The new head optics. It uses two spaced lights (predecessor – one), due to which the model is like a motorcycle more “senior” series.
  • Not too high klipony raised, thereby landing on a motorcycle is not as low as in the more powerful models of the manufacturer. This reduces the load on the pilot wrist and get a great overview.
  • The ability to set the pre-tension of the spring in the rear monoshock. In general, the suspension of this bike is quite rigid, allowing complete control over his behavior during driving.

Exterior view, worthy of attention

Apart from optics, approximating the bike in appearance to the “senior” model, and it is worth noting the overall sporty silhouette. Sports and prompt him to give the kind of sharp edges of the body. But at the same time can be seen here and restraint, which says that the model is aimed at those who work the gas and brake smoothly, and is in turn, is not laying the motorcycle on critical angles. If you want to get the best of a powerful motorcycle, which is easy to control even the novice, think about how to buy a 2018-2019 Honda CBR300RA. The compliance, moderately high dynamics and appearance with a hint of a higher class – these are the main features of this model.


Honda VFR1200F 2018-2019

2018-2019 Honda VFR1200F – a unique bike that far exceeded not only all his predecessors, but also left the competitors far behind other brands in its category. With the new, unique engine and improved handling performance, road-racing VFR1200F make you experience new sensations.

The developers of the new 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200F put its main purpose the creation of a sports bike, which will be easy and comfortable to overcome any very long distances. As a result, the 1200 cc “vyfer” was not only a new and original form, but also a special flair in the form of an optional automatic transmission, which has never before been installed in the sports motorcycle. But even the standard 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200F remains a reliable and high-quality motorcycle with excellent ergonomics and running performance.

When creating a new 2018-2019 Honda VFR1200F functional orientation of the sports tourer is embodied in an external performance. Multi-layered fairing provides the perfect aerodynamic characteristics, and the shape of the windscreen increases the stability of the bike at high speeds. 2018-2019 Honda designers have taken care of and comfortable driver’s position, as low as possible down the seat and making a comfortable fit thanks to the shape of the fuel tank and the seat itself.

Radical changes have affected not only the design of sports and tourist 2018-2019 Honda VfR 1200F, and technical equipment. With a more powerful engine, increased torque at low revs, increasing the volume of the fuel tank, traction control, the new compact transmission, we get the bike is stable and resistant, delicious cornering and overall agility. Excellent braking system and rear damper settings will ride comfort in all driving conditions, even with a maximum load of the motorcycle.

2018-2019 Honda VFR1200F can safely be called one of the most advanced motorcycle in terms of design, and through the use of the latest achievements of technology.

Honda CBR650FA 2018-2019

The new bike 2018-2019 Honda CBR650F is designed for young and active people who love to drive fast, and above all appreciate the original, colorful design. Unique in performance motorcycle – a true embodiment of the motorcyclist dreams of: it is equipped with a powerful four-cylinder engine, the displacement volume is equal to 649 cm3. This engine provides the power over 87 hp at 1100 vol. / min!

Although the new bike 2018-2019 Honda CBR650F is equipped with such a powerful powertrain, it’s different minimum fuel consumption – only 3.9 l / 100 km. Superb driving characteristics of the motorcycle successfully combined with stylish design: the integrated instrument panel located in the front fairing and is completely digital, making it as easy as possible to read, regardless of the time of day!

In the digital dashboard display options such movement, such as speed, engine rpm, fuel level in the tank, as well as many other important information until the display lights included. New model of motorcycle CBR65F – the perfect choice in favor of an uncompromisingly fast and comfortable ride!

Honda GL1800C Valkiria 2018-2019

For those who love the power and speed, 2018-2019 Honda GL1800C Valkiria is an excellent choice. The design of this model looks very stylish, bold and elegant at the same time. Each motorcycle line speaks of his energetic and strong character.

Viewed motorcycle has a working volume of the engine installed in 1832 cm3. Serious indicator, which tells about the beautiful dynamics of acceleration and pickup. Model GL 1800C Valkiria is equipped with a five-speed manual gearbox. Often this is what attracts bikers, because the manual gearbox makes it possible to really “feel” his technique. The height of the seat above the ground is small, making it easy to drive a motorcycle, even for people with little growth.

Motorcycle Wheels 2018-2019 Honda GL1800C Valkiria equipped with alloy wheels mnogospitsevye. They not only give the bike a high-tech modern look, but also extremely easy to maintain: simply wash and polish. The front suspension is a telescopic fork. This bike course is different smoothness, and the driver and passenger will feel extremely comfortable.

Farah and established it the optical element excellent illumination of the road in the far distance. No pits and potholes will not be a surprise to you and other road users will see your bike from a distance due to the powerful position lamps.

Honda VRF800F 2018-2019

New sport bike 2018-2019 Honda VRF800F – a great combination of style and power. It is equipped with an engine whose displacement volume is 782 cm3. This engine is capable of producing up to 104.5 hp at about 10,250. / min and maximum torque it reaches to 8500 vol. / min. The bike is equipped with a traction control, which is available even in the basic version, but with only one mode of operation, and its switch is located on the left side of the steering wheel.

In addition to the traction control of the motorcycle is equipped with a variety of accessories and innovative technologies, such as anti-lock braking system ABS, Electric heated grips, the ability to adjust the height of the saddle, podvorotniki that turn off automatically. motorcycle 2018-2019 Honda VRF800F housing is provided with a new body kit and wheels, as well as Pro-arm swingarm and telescopic fork. Developers have finished and the engine, focusing on the achievement of maximum torque already at low revs, and.

Changes undergone design and updated VRF800F. Turning lamps were installed directly in the side mirrors. Design head lights was changed and it became the LED. It is worth noting that this model is the first in a series of motorcycles 2018-2019 Honda, equipped with LED lighting.

Honda NC750X 2018-2019

2018-2019 Honda NC750X – another novelty presented one of the most popular companies in the world among manufacturers of motorcycles. This bike is unique in everything from its compact dimensions that cover the amazing specifications, and ending with a completely new position of the fuel tank.

Srednekubaturnye bikes are one of the most popular in recent years, but 2018-2019 Honda was able to achieve maximum fuel economy, without losing in speed characteristics. The main feature of this bike – in the position of the fuel tank: at the usual place, you will now see the luggage compartment and the fuel tank itself, reduced in volume moved under the rear seat. Thus, before us it is a completely new concept of class “Tourism” small motorcycles.

The new 2018-2019 Honda NC750X combines the features and the scooter and motorcycle tourism, complemented by an absolutely new solutions that allowed us to obtain a modern and multi-purpose unit with excellent performance. New designed especially for this model, engine displacement of 669 cm3 increases fuel efficiency, and its location creates a low center of gravity, which improves handling. Perfectly balanced steel frame and suspension, which provides a hard turn, allows you to confidently manage the same 2018-2019 Honda NC750X, both in the quality of roads in the city and the suburban road with a few errors in the road surface.

Direct planting, high wheel, easy steps – a tribute to the classic, which allows you to feel comfortable and to control the bike in all situations. It should be noted already become familiar to most motorcycles 2018-2019 Honda combined braking system ABS and the presence of a semi-automatic gearbox, which also has a positive effect on motorcycle handling.

2018-2019 Honda NC750X – a great bike for the daily commute, economical, environmentally friendly and extremely comfortable.

Honda GL1800 BAGGER 2018-2019

Thanks to its 1.8-liter six-cylinder engine 2018-2019 Honda Gold Wing F6B Bagger is a unique bike, the perfect new word in the class of cruise motorcycles.

2018-2019 Honda Gold Wing F6B very different from his brother, the most comfortable tourer. When developing a new model of the company’s engineers were intended to create the perfect cruiser for every day. And they are perfectly coped with the problem: due to the low center of gravity, reduced weight and quality of the spring elements, it was possible to achieve maximum comfort control; sound system with four speakers will appeal to both driver and passengers in a long journey. 2018-2019 Honda Gold Wing F6B Bagger will not only be a perfect companion for travel over long distances, but also markedly distinguish you from other drivers.

Honda CBR600RA 2018-2019

Honda’s technical masterpieces do not get tired to amaze here more than one generation of sports motorcycle enthusiasts. New product engineering became 2018-2019 Honda CBR600RR ABS, raising the bar for safe driving to a whole new level. The main part in the updated CBR600RR is the anti-lock system designed specifically taking into account all the characteristics of a class Super Sport motorcycles. A control 2018-2019 Honda CBR600RR ABS was perfectly safe even under the most extreme driving.

In addition to the key characteristics of the transformation affected the overall design of the motorcycle, which was lighter and more compact, as well as the engine, making it more powerful and faster. And as a result we got a sportbike 2018-2019 Honda CBR600RR ABS, which is a harmonious blend of reliability, perfect handling and irreproachable behavior on any roads.

CBR600RR ABS is considered one of the best among the other motorcycle class “supersport” is best suited for beginners and fans of extreme driving and professional racers. The new system is an electronically controlled ABS allows 600-cubic Honda only to strengthen its position, thanks to unrivaled efficiency when necessary emergency braking.

In addition, 2018-2019 Honda CBR600RR ABS has a very compact motor with increased torque, thereby improving maneuverability and control. Changes affected the body of the car, making it more ergonomic and thus improving the racing performance and achieving excellent aerodynamics CBR600RR. The compact chassis and mass centralization only added to the treasury of stability, controllability and a perfect response on the road.

Surprisingly powerful and obedient 2018-2019 Honda CBR600RR will win your attention from the first trip, and you will appreciate the highest quality inherent in the company Honda.

2018-2019 Honda CBR1000RA FIREBLADE

Surprisingly powerful, easily managed, and striking his speed SVR1000RR Fireblade has won a large number of fans of extreme driving. But after the release of a new version of 2018-2019 Honda’s Fayerbleyda equipped with the latest generation anti-lock braking system designed exclusively for sports motorcycles, supersport this has become even more attractive.

With the new electronic system C-ABS safety SVR1000RR 2018-2019 Honda Fireblade even in the case of the most extreme deceleration will reach unprecedented heights. Combined ABS for the new 2018-2019 Honda Fayerbleyd designed with the non-standard steering geometry and a shorter wheelbase, allowing the most optimal distribution of the center of mass. It is through the installation of an anti-lock system on the Fireblade, you can now afford the most extreme ride ever practiced sports bike.

With the introduction of ABS as an option on a motorcycle 2018-2019 Honda Fireblade, it became possible to improve the already excellent characteristics of reliability and safety. In addition, the system itself is designed to meet the general SVR1000RR motorcycles line the concept, the main principle of which is that of the maximum vehicle weight reduction. By implementing a combined ABS system with electronic control, the developers managed to preserve the company’s 2018-2019 Honda delightful handling characteristics typical of a sports bike, allowing at the same time to achieve the maximum possible extreme driving while maintaining total control over the situation.

Updates this version 2018-2019 Honda SVR1000RR Fayerbleyd affected and external performance motorcycle: it now looks remarkably short, perfectly embodying the minimalist idea of ​​engineers. All items are located as compact as possible, saving space and creating a sense of a whole from the front of the fairing to the exhaust pipe.

New SVR1000RR Fireblade ABS allows you to enjoy every ride, bringing untold pleasure from extreme driving.

Honda CTX700N 2018-2019

We are pleased to introduce you to 2018-2019 Honda CTX700N.

This is a new type of motorcycle, urban cruiser, designed to bring the pure pleasure of driving.

The abbreviation “STX” stands for: «C» – Comfort (Comfort): ease of use, ease of management, quiet motor, excellent stability, low seat height and a relaxed fit. «T» – Technology (Technology): high-torque two-cylinder engine, PGM-FI and a combined braking system C-ABS electronic fuel injection. «X» – eXperience (Experience): flat and sbalasnirovanny character, landing like a motorcycle cruiser class.

The abbreviation “STX” stands for: «C» – Comfort (Comfort): ease of use, ease of management, quiet motor, excellent stability, low seat height and a relaxed fit. «T» – Technology (Technology): high-torque two-cylinder engine, PGM-FI and a combined braking system C-ABS electronic fuel injection. «X» – eXperience (Experience): flat and sbalasnirovanny character, landing like a motorcycle cruiser class.

CTX700N created on populyanogo NC700S platform. The engine – two-cylinder parallel to the type, volume 670 cm3 liquid-cooled. Cancel thrust at low and medium engine speeds and excellent fuel economy. Compact and sturdy steel frame. The low seat height, comfortable fit, ergonomics cruiser.

STX is ready to go along with you in a pleasant and exciting trip, whether it’s a walk through the city, a night promenade or leave the city. STX700N combines the best qualities of a cruiser and neykida. Rasslablennnaya landing with his back to move back, legs extended forward. Easy to operate and easy to use. Interesting design will not leave anyone indifferent.

Other technology:

CTX700N – new bike, which can realize all your dreams and desires.

Honda VFR1200X Crosstourer 2018-2019

model Updates

The top model of the family «X» company Honda – Motorcycle VFR1200X Crosstourer – received the following practical renovation: easily adjustable windscreen, 12V socket and the three-level mode S Mode (only for version with DCT), as well as a new color version of the Special Edition. In addition, the bike is now complies with Euro-4 environmental standard.

Series production began in VFR1200X Crosstourer 2012. The model range is the pinnacle of sports touring motorcycles for Honda brand of adventure. The design team, led by Yosuke Hasegawa (Yosuke Hasegawa), tried to create the bike, giving the owner a sense of adventure, and opportunities for discovery.

Series production began in VFR1200X Crosstourer 2012. The model range is the pinnacle of sports touring motorcycles for Honda brand of adventure. The design team, led by Yosuke Hasegawa (Yosuke Hasegawa), tried to create the bike, giving the owner a sense of adventure, and opportunities for discovery.

Equipped with a V-obraznym4-cylinder engine working volume of 1237 cm³, advanced chassis electronic filling, including a combined anti-lock system (ABS) and traction control (TCS), and transmission Honda Dual Clutch Transmission (DCT) (optional), Crosstourer firmly It occupies a leading position among sports motorcycle segment models for adventure.

The few representatives of this class will be the same as VFR1200X Crosstourer, go anywhere, anywhere. And even among them he will stand his power, which is easy to manage, as well as the unique engine sound V4 – unique in this class.

model Overview

In 2014 VFR1200X Crosstourer became more comfortable, got some new technology and emphasis in dizayne.Na motorcycle traction control has been established Honda Selectable Torque Control system that allows you to select one of three levels of control of the engine torque transmitted to the drive wheel. If necessary, the system can be switched off. 6-speed transmission Honda DCT received updated software to its work has become even more intuitive and “natural”, regardless of whether you drive on a highway or along the country road.

On the bike also established a unique, automatically shuts off the turn indicators, developed by Honda.

The modified seat increased comfort and allows the driver to easily reach enough feet to the ground. The ignition key with a wave-like profile has become standard equipment.

VFR1200X Crosstourer 2016 model year meets the requirements of Euro-4 standard. In addition, he received practical improvements such as easily adjustable windscreen, 12-volt outlet and a three-level mode S Mode (only for version with DCT).

Honda NC750X 2018-2019

We are pleased to introduce you to 2018-2019 Honda NC750X – an upgraded version of the popular NC700X.

This pleasant in all respects a motorcycle offers practicality and ease of operation, making it an excellent choice as a vehicle for daily commuting, attacks on moderate off-road or just the pleasure of control. Crossover NC750X has a long-stroke suspension, the possibility for cross-country and direct planting, similar to those of off-road motorcycles.

Motorcycle meets the highest standards in terms of stability, handling, braking performance and power characteristics of the engine. This bike is a practical and manageable transport every day. Reliability is at the highest level.

Motorcycle meets the highest standards in terms of stability, handling, braking performance and power characteristics of the engine. This bike is a practical and manageable transport every day. Reliability is at the highest level.

Heart NC750X – designed specifically for this model, lightweight and compact, in-line 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine cylinder capacity of 745 cm3 having low-lying center of gravity, excellent torque curve in the lower and medium speed. The motor is compact, economical, environmentally friendly, soft and pleasant to work in operation. The low level of pollution and outstanding fuel economy (28.9 km per liter of fuel for the WMTC standard). The elasticity of the motor on top. Electronic fuel injection PGM-FI helps optimally dosed fuel. Power Performance: 54 hp at 6250 r / min and 68 Nm at 4750 rev / min. Giving power and torque comes so linear that even beginners, for the first time find themselves behind the wheel of the motorcycle srednekubaturnogo will be able to fully enjoy the power of this model.

light and compact steel diagonal frame used in the design. Robust frame has a high stiffness for precise handling. This type of frame is ideal for motorcycles with a dense arrangement. It takes up little space.

In the place where the traditional motorcycle fuel tank is located, at the NC750X has a spacious storage compartment, whose size allows to place in it a full-size helmet-integral. On the instrument panel is an LCD screen. Standard sets the combined anti-lock braking system C-ABS.

Honda NC750S 2018-2019

We are pleased to introduce you to 2018-2019 Honda NC750S – an upgraded version of the popular NC700S.

This pleasant in all respects a motorcycle offers practicality and ease of operation, making it an excellent choice as a vehicle for daily commuting or just the pleasure of control. Motorcycle meets the highest standards in terms of stability, handling, braking performance and power characteristics of the engine. This bike is a practical and manageable transport every day. Reliability is at the highest level.

Motorcycle Heart – designed specifically for this model, lightweight and compact, in-line 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine cylinder capacity of 745 cm3 having low-lying center of gravity, excellent torque curve in the lower and medium speed. The motor is compact, economical, environmentally friendly, soft and pleasant to work in operation. The low level of pollution and outstanding fuel economy (28.9 km per liter of fuel for the WMTC standard). The elasticity of the motor on top. Electronic fuel injection PGM-FI helps optimally dosed fuel. Power Performance: 54 hp at 6250 rev / min and 68 Nm at 4750 r / min power output and torque occurs linearly so that even beginners, for the first time find themselves behind the wheel of the motorcycle srednekubaturnogo will be able to fully enjoy the power of this model.

Motorcycle Heart – designed specifically for this model, lightweight and compact, in-line 2-cylinder, liquid-cooled engine cylinder capacity of 745 cm3 having low-lying center of gravity, excellent torque curve in the lower and medium speed. The motor is compact, economical, environmentally friendly, soft and pleasant to work in operation. The low level of pollution and outstanding fuel economy (28.9 km per liter of fuel for the WMTC standard). The elasticity of the motor on top. Electronic fuel injection PGM-FI helps optimally dosed fuel. Power Performance: 54 hp at 6250 rev / min and 68 Nm at 4750 r / min power output and torque occurs linearly so that even beginners, for the first time find themselves behind the wheel of the motorcycle srednekubaturnogo will be able to fully enjoy the power of this model.

light and compact steel diagonal frame used in the design. Robust frame has a high stiffness for precise handling. This type of frame is ideal for motorcycles with a dense arrangement. It takes up little space.

In the place where the traditional motorcycle fuel tank is located, at the NC750S has a spacious storage compartment, whose size allows to place in it a full-size helmet-integral. On the instrument panel is an LCD screen. Standard sets the combined anti-lock braking system C-ABS.

2018-2019 Honda CRF50F

Motorcycle Updated 2018-2019 Honda CRF50F, referring to the category of particularly compact off-road cross-model is very popular in the market. It is perfect representatives of the young generation seeking to join the motorsport. Externally, the vehicle is an exact copy of the spectacular “adult» enduro class version. At the same time it has a very compact design and tremendous ease.

“Heart” of the model is the 4-stroke powerplant with a displacement of 50 cm3, which guarantees a smooth increase in power. It becomes the key to the safe operation of a motorcycle, even the most inexperienced bikers. Due to the high compression ratio, the engine provides exceptional performance. The ideal study carburetor circuit causes excellent fuel efficiency and instant feedback motorcycle on the control action. The engine operates in tandem with the reliable 3-speed transmission that provides extraordinary ease of shifting. With a special spark arrestor integrated in the silencer, noise reduction is carried out.

Updated 2018-2019 Honda CB1000RA

One of the most popular liter-class Naked motorcycles, which enjoys unprecedented demand for each of its models – Updated 2018-2019 Honda CB1000RA. Surprisingly stylish, surprising for its characteristics, unusually easy handling and acceleration, this bike will impress you with the first acquaintance with him.

In the development of this particular CB1000 managed to harmoniously combine luxury and design, and excellent technical characteristics. Having focused on the external form of aggressive, high power excellent management, emphasizing the light weight and optimum form, using the latest innovations of sports motorcycles, managed to get a Updated 2018-2019 Honda CB1000RA, which is ideal for both beginners and experienced fans of motorcycles.

One look at the new Updated 2018-2019 Honda CB1000RA enough to understand how powerful and unique motorcycle in front of you. Aggressive design with bulky mechanical parts, the original seating position, it appears as if above the engine, a short narrow fairing, nickel and chrome, large headlight triangular – your bike is simply impossible to miss on any road. This looks like the new Updated 2018-2019 Honda motorcycle sport compact than powerful Naked liter.

And after the first trip on a powerful CB1000RA you will not want to part with it. Thanks to the 4-cylinder engine capacity of 998 liters with increased power at low and medium revs, we get faster acceleration and reduced weight and compact size make the bike surprisingly powerful. Modifications and other components subjected to new CB1000RA, including transmission, exhaust system, influencing the weight distribution of the motorcycle, durable diamond-shaped aluminum frame.

Getting around the city on a Updated 2018-2019 Honda CB1000RA will be an amazing adventure full of pleasant surprises.

Honda CRF250R

Updated 2018-2019 Honda CRF250R – this is a great choice for everyday use. The model is an ideal weight distribution, absolute stability, sufficient capacity, responsiveness to the control action.

The main element of the design is flexible lightweight aluminum frame. Due to the reduced position of the steering column, provided decrease in motorcycle’s center of gravity. Advanced Showa inverted fork performs in this model, the function of the front axle. The rear suspension is a rigid pendulum with shock. This engineering solution allows to reduce the inertia forces and ensure maximum braking performance.

By equipping the model 4-valve Unicam engine (249 cm3) with liquid cooling technology, the modernized piston system and a progressive injection PGM-FI, the vehicle exhibits improved traction on medium and low revs. Through the installation of recycled exhaust system with 2 silencer provides effective removal of waste products of combustion and optimum weight distribution of the bike.

Honda NC750XD

Two-wheeled crossover Updated 2018-2019 Honda NC750XD, belonging to the class enduro, famous for engine reliability, excellent design, excellent running characteristics. The popularity of this model, experts explain its ultramodern equipment robotized clutch, high fuel efficiency and excellent fit comfortably. Due to an optimum combination of performance characteristics, experienced riders see this vehicle as a universal version that is suitable for everyday use and for long journeys breathtaking.

The quality of the power unit for this model, developers have offered in-line 2-cylinder engine with liquid cooling function (745 cm3), which is characterized by powerful torque in the range of medium and low speed. The engine demonstrates exceptional fuel efficiency: by equipping its innovative PGM-FI electronic fuel injection technology, fuel mass flow rate does not exceed 3.5 liters per 100 kilometers. Thanks to the telescopic front fork, rear suspension with pendulum damper, as well as V-belt variator, the bike leaves the excellent impression of the trips.


Shadow of Updated 2018-2019 Honda Motorcycles always have success through a combination of excellent performance, comfort and stylish design with the introduction of modern technologies. A novyyUpdated 2018-2019 Honda SHADOW VT750C a vertical landing, a classic for the 750 cc cruiser management and excellent technical data could instantly gain popularity.

The design of the Shadow, its size, proportions and weight will please a wide range of drivers, including a completely inexperienced, and given the low seat, the bike will find its admirers and in the women’s circle. Perform a test drive at the wheel SHADOW VT750C with its narrow handles, low seat and a powerful V-twin engine, you will remember for a long time those unique experiences that are only able to give this chopper.

VT750C series Shadow motorcycles designed for the enjoyment of the road, it is important not so much direction as the process itself. Everything in this motorcycle, from design to technical content, is a delight. The typical and unique image Updated 2018-2019 Honda Shadow VT750C give recognizable shape, recessed rear and front fenders, chrome, display panels, a straight rear mudguard, a stepped bifurcated exhaust pipes, a comfortable steering wheel, providing better maneuverability at low speed and, of course, the classic low seat.

For a pleasant external design adds a reliable engine from Updated 2018-2019 Honda, which provides a particularly excellent driving at low speeds in tight road flow, and pendulum suspension and soft dampers allow smooth roadway deficiencies. electronic injection system provides a smooth and confident response and a balanced chassis with double steel frame makes operation more comfortable. And as a result we get a Updated 2018-2019 Honda Shadow VT750C, which gives a sense of security, confidence and complete comfort on any road.

Honda VFR800X

Wanting to create a unique motorcycle that is unparalleled, Updated 2018-2019 Honda unveiled a new VFR800X Crossrunner, which embodies the features of the two very different motorcycles, taking all the best from classic neykeda- ease of management and the racing bike – a direct approach and aggressive appearance. This results in a modern, reliable, all-purpose motorcycle with a unique and inimitable style.

Because of its excellent handling, excellent driving characteristics, Updated 2018-2019 Honda VFR800X Crossrunner an ideal choice for motorcyclists totally different ages, with different demands and driving experience. New Crossrunner demonstrates improved aerodynamic performance, wide configuration allows for precise steering control, 4-cylinder engine makes the bike extremely powerful.

A unique stylish look and quality specifications make Updated 2018-2019 Honda VFR800X Krossranner excellent bike for all road conditions, both within the city and in the country line. Originality Krossranera feel only just looking at him: tall and wide wheel, straight seating position to increase comfort and improve visibility. Through the use of the lower exhaust system, which was removed from under the seat, managed to fit low and flat, which has a positive impact on handling.

The heart of any motorcycle – its engine, and Updated 2018-2019 Honda has established its VFR800X showed itself only with the best sides of V4, which provides smooth power throughout the rev range from the very start and fuel economy. In the development of Updated 2018-2019 Honda VFR800X Crossrunner chassis technologies have been used used to create sporting motorcycles. The front wheel is perfectly controlled thanks to the extendable front fork and the original suspension and braking system allows the motorcycle to adapt to different driving styles.

Updated 2018-2019 Honda VFR800X Krossranner – it is an opportunity to experience the incomparable thrill of riding a motorcycle, which, thanks to its uniqueness, and will allocate you among the other drivers.


Due to its unique design features, the model Updated 2018-2019 Honda CB600FA Hornet gained many adherents. The manufacturer has equipped its original rhomboid frame Mono-Backbone, executed from an aluminum alloy die casting. A key component of the frame is a power unit. This engineering solution has increased rigidity and reduced weight of the vehicle. The dynamic appearance of high stresses aft. Very impressive looks monolithic design that combines head-optical element and the instrument panel.

By equipping the motorcycle 41 mm retractable inverted front fork and shock absorber Monoshock HMAS with 7-step control pretensioning model demonstrates the incredible smoothness, improved manageability, and enhanced security.
Operation of the power unit with an innovative electronic system of fuel injection PGM-FI different throttle response, minimal emissions of waste products and the special stability at medium speed. Equipment model combined the ABS version is a guarantee of steady passage of the most difficult sections of the route.


Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBR500RA completely change your attitude to compact bikes. A perfect classic look, perfect handling, full accountability – this model is the best choice for riders who prefer srednekubaturnym models.

The bike is based on the diagonal duplex frame. Developed on the basis of race technologies, it is particularly easy and stiffness that becomes the key to excellent controllability. The bike is equipped with a reliable engine (500 cm3) with superior traction throughout the rev range. These operational features Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBR500RA fully compensate for the lack of hurricane power of the motor. In view of the short wheel base and increased (17 “), this model is perfect for the races on the racing tracks and mountain roads.
Unlike the sports bike, landing on this bike radiates comfort and fuel consumption – economy, making it particularly suitable for long journeys. The model is equipped with disc brakes with two-piston calipers in the front part and 1-piston rear.

Honda CBF600SA

Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF600SA confidently holds the leading position in its class, thanks to the versatility and meet the needs of a large number of drivers who have different tastes and adhering to different driving styles. The attractive exterior design, updated cast aluminum frame, powerful, yet compact engine based CBR600RR, the Naked average volume will certainly win your attention.

New CBF600SA with its reduced weight, ease of management and increased capacity will appreciate all the fans of extreme driving: and experienced riders, beginners and amateurs, and female motorcyclists. A serious work of engineers to improve comfort and performance yielded the best bike on a parity “price-quality” in the class srednekubaturnyh Naked.

In developing the new version of the 600-cubic CBF Updated 2018-2019 Honda engineers set a goal to get a compact, powerful, agile, comfortable and certainly easy to drive a motorcycle. To achieve such performance they had in the first place due to the general decrease in the weight of the whole structure, which positively affected among other things still on accelerating and increasing the confidence of the bike on the road. Great influence on the improvement of the technical characteristics had to use the latest technology. Thus, the new Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF600SA received a compact and lightweight 4-cylinder engine that provides an even more powerful and smooth acceleration, the new cast aluminum frame, custom front fork, lightweight front brakes and a combined braking system with ABS.

Updated and shape of the motorcycle, which became easier, more expressive and elegant. With improved the overall ergonomics, adjustable windscreen, curved lever and clutch brake, comfortable seat design is ideally integrated into the overall design of the fuel tank with increased capacity Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF600SA becomes extremely comfortable on all roads.

Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF600SA will appeal to every driver, allowing you to hone your driving skills or the confidence to show already existing skills.

Honda ST1300A PAN-European

Swift, elegant, fashionable – so characterize representatives motosoobschestva 2-seater model Updated 2018-2019 Honda ST1300A PAN-European, belonging to the class premier sports. Adjustable seat with perfectly-developed surface, high load capacity, as well as the best performance of the inherent travel versions, distinguished by the development of the legendary Japanese manufacturer.

The main structural element of this model is a high-tech, 3-piece, injection molded aluminum alloy frame. Maneuverability and perfect bike handling equipment determines its suspension-type Super Sports, provides for the installation of the front of the 45-mm telescopic gas fork and rear – adjustable monoshock. For the safety of responsible innovation with the anti-lock brake system elements.

The model is equipped with a unique 4-stroke 16-valve power unit V4, which has a function of liquid-cooled DOHC and PGM-FI technology (electronic fuel injection). His work together with hydraulic multi-plate clutch 5-speed ensures excellent dynamics and smooth speed dialing.

Honda CB650F

For Motorcycle Updated 2018-2019 Honda CB650F, belonging to the «naked» class, characterized by spectacular appearance, dynamic nature, and comfortable fit. Due to the small, perfectly distributed weight, powerful and reliable motor delivers great handling responsive chassis, this model srednekubovaya has many supporters among very experienced riders, and among the newcomers.

As a manufacturer of front axle set for this vehicle is 41-mm telescopic fork, as the back – with a steel monoshock swingarm and adjustable preload spring mechanism.
Maximum pleasure from management ensures in-line 4-cylinder powerplant with a displacement of 650 cm3. He has a pair of upper camshafts (DOHC) and liquid cooling function. Technical characteristics of the motor cause the most effective impact on the reduced torque and mid-range, rapid acceleration, impressive efficiency.
The basic package includes the model manufacturer, diode lighting elements, liquid crystal instrument panel, an innovative braking system C-ABS.

Honda CBR600F

Representative lineup 6oo-vat supersportovUpdated 2018-2019 Honda CBR600F is very different from their counterparts in the class, thanks to a completely new concept developed by the best engineers. The new sportbike from Updated 2018-2019 Honda combines the technical features, fully meet the requirements of Class Super Sport, a balanced management, and most importantly – an unprecedented for the Supersport grace of forms, practicality and superior comfort, including a passenger.

Retaining the familiar for all motorcycles of this line is equally smooth handling in all road conditions, Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBR600F has become even easier for novice adventurers. And thanks to a series of serious transformations, you can now evaluate a new road sport bike that surpasses time.

Excellent technical characteristics, lightness, simplicity in service, reliability and efficiency make the Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBR600F attractive in the eyes of most fans of sport bikes. Original external performance will appeal to those who appreciate the first sports motorcycle design, and those who prefer the comfort of travel. Multi-layer design of the fairing with the strict and dynamic lines, a raised tail, a head light, the outlines of which smoothly into the windshield – all these elements create a single sports rigorous whole. A modern digital instrument panel, improved ergonomics and work out the position of the driver’s body make the trip comfortable even over long distances.

Powerful four row engine, small compact chassis, and electronic injection system Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBR600F provides phenomenal handling, stability and remarkable performance. A die-cast aluminum frame, adjustable suspension, one of the shortest in the class of wheelbases, modern brake system and racing wheels allow to speak about the creation of a motorcycle with the latest technology.

Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBR600F – Universal motorcycle, perfectly meets the requirements, and urban roads and race track, which combines comfort, reliability and high-end specifications.

Honda XL1000VA Varadero

A dynamic model Updated 2018-2019 Honda XL1000VA Varadero gained a leading position in the world of speed. Perfect designs, perfect ergonomics, excellent driving characteristics have caused the incredible popularity of the motorcycle.

Ideal proportions and rigorous flying lines attached to the outer appearance of the vehicle determined, aggressive and sporty look. Famous tourist quality model due to the presence of type Diamond frame executed from steel pipes, as well as innovative suspension system that includes 43-mm telescopic fork and antiklevkovuyu system (in the front part), as well as progressive design Pro-Link Pro-Arm, which has 40 customizable provisions (in the back).

The “heart” of the motorcycle is a rapid 4-stroke 2-cylinder powerplant V-shaped type (996 cm3) with injector technology and liquid cooling. It is the key to stable operation of the vehicle and the speed of the speed dial. This model is designed for dynamic travel on the highways, confident driving on mountain serpentine and fascinating travel on difficult routes.


One of the key features of the motorcycles produced by Updated 2018-2019 Honda, – it is their versatility and the ability to use in different environments wide range of fans of motorcycles. That is why Updated 2018-2019 Honda XL700VA TRANSALP – it is not just the classic Enduro off-road, and best-in-class travel enduro srednekubaturnyh. To achieve this state of Transalp succeeded, thanks to ergonomic comfort, the possibility to travel long distances on motorways and off-road, very well thought-behavior on any roads, ease of management and excellent performance.

Updated 2018-2019 Honda Transalp surprisingly exhibits the characteristics of both off-road and road bike, suitable for drivers with a completely different driving experience and preferences.

Updated Updated 2018-2019 Honda Transalp pleased its fans improved ergonomics, increased power and increased maneuverability. First of all, attention is drawn to a completely new and bold style decisions. Transalp became more aggressive and more slender, compact fairing creates an unusual feeling, making you feel the wind, which in this case does not interfere with driving comfort, accurate instrument panel uncluttered not separates the driver from the road. The fuel tank has been slightly reduced in size, but, thanks to increased fuel efficiency, it becomes the only plus.

Engine updated Updated 2018-2019 Honda Transalp XL700VA was also subjected to considerable modernization, becoming greener and make management easier. With this new engine became more powerful enduro it demonstrates impressive acceleration, even when fully curb motorcycle. A sound transformed V-engine, especially on acceleration, will delight every lover of good motorcycles.

Updated 2018-2019 Honda Transalp proves once again that one of the leading manufacturers of motorcycles in the world knows how to do quality universal technique.

Honda CBF1000A

Being a multifunctional classic motorcycle, Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF1000A is very popular, especially for those who use their bike for daily trips around the city, and for long-town travel. CBF1000A makes solid impression at first glance, but one visit will be enough to understand – before you dynamic, bright, reliable and, not least, unpretentious motorcycle.

This model borrowed Updated 2018-2019 Honda Fireblade liter engine in, and in combination with a combined brake system with ABS, adjustable windscreen and the driver’s seat, qualitative performance suspension and chassis and the availability of accessories, driving Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF1000A you will experience comfort, safety and maximum enjoyment.

Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF1000A – a unique model that combines the number of parts from their counterparts by brand, introducing fans Naked completely new and original version. It draws attention motorcycle has its external execution: svetooptika beautiful, especially its aggressive asymmetry at night when switching low and high beam, developed poluoobtekatel, externally similar to the aluminum frame, adjustable seat height in three positions, – CBF1000A if invited to ride on it.

Equally pleasant stay and after a trip to Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF1000. Quick acceleration and top speed to 235 km / h, excellent aerodynamics, perfectly balanced chassis, good visibility, extremely comfortable fit, frugal engine, easily carrying any fuel quality errors, obedient response to the slightest change in trajectory – all created to immediately go on the road.

With a bike like the Updated 2018-2019 Honda CBF1000A, you can safely begin his acquaintance with the world of motorcycles and with it receive a first driving experience.

Honda DN-01

Model Updated 2018-2019 Honda DN-01 is truly unique. It features a living power, superior comfort low landing, incredible responsiveness to control actions, the lack of cohesion. This amazing version of the vehicle came from two different form factors – road motorcycle and scooter practical.

Formed by elongated lines and athletic forms a spectacular appearance, 2-cylinder power unit is a V-type design execution wheels (17 “) allow us to speak about the model Updated 2018-2019 Honda DN-01 as a real high-class motorcycle. However, instead of the usual clutch manufacturer equipped ultramodern model continuously variable automatic transmission, causes, however, excellent acceleration performance. It ensures the efficient transformation of energy, to optimize the transmission of torque to the drive wheel and to ensure adequate adaptation of the vehicle to the road conditions.

The model distinguishes absolute stability, due to the increased up to 1.6 m wheelbase, perfectly balanced weight distribution and center of gravity point of understatement: at any speed mode motorcycle can be laid in the corners to the most footrests.

Honda CTX1300

One of the best motorcycles for touring is Updated 2018-2019 Honda CTX1300. It has many advantages over its competitors: the highest level of comfort, reliability and build quality, elegant, unique style.

Magnificent dynamics of the vehicle acceleration gives the V-shaped four-cylinder unit with a truly enormous displacement of 1261 cm3. motorcycle design makes it ideal for long-distance travel, as an offset to the ground center of gravity makes it comfortable to stay in the saddle of the bike. This allows you to travel very long distances, almost without tiring. Motorcycle Seat height is only 739 mm, so to stay and easily control the device driver will be able to even a small increase.

Torque wheel shaft passes, which indicates the reliability of a particular vehicle. Many options to help cope with the management of even very complex way. Updated 2018-2019 Honda CTX1300 equipped with ABS, traction control and excellent modern braking systems. Maximum torque of this model is 106 Nm at 4500 r / min. This makes it possible to develop impressive speed, despite the fact that the model is not designed for racing.


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