The new BMW 2018-2019

BMW S 1000 RR

2018-2019 BMW S 1000 RR can be considered a perfect serial sportbike, which was created with the introduction of new technologies and has become a truly unique representative of its class. Sporting a striking design, light weight, liter capacity of 193 hp, aerodynamic carbon fiber, racing brakes, a titanium exhaust system, fast switching system, forged alloy wheels, power control system – this bike embodies the very sophisticated Components.

motorcycle concept eliminates the possibility of any errors, allowing to achieve, thus, the ideal result. 2018-2019 BMW S 1000 RR comes easily won races at any level, and does not rule out the possibility of a comfortable use on public roads.

The latest version of the 2018-2019 BMW S1000RR designers took into account all of the previous suggestions, comments and experiences and presented to fans of extreme driving updated and much improved model. For optimal control changed the geometry of the chassis, we worked ergonomics, especially the driver’s seat and a motorcycle equipped with an upgraded e-filling. Amazing strength has been achieved through the installation of an aluminum alloy frame.

Weight motorcycle ensures stability at any speed, handling, stability against wind and excellent maneuverability. A new electronic engine firmware makes the ride on the 2018-2019 BMW S1000RR is even more exciting than before: Depending on the selected mode, you can experience the full power of the bike on the track, enjoy good speed and a soft behavior on the road, estimated by mobility level safety in adverse weather conditions.

2018-2019 BMW S1000RR will not leave anyone indifferent, affecting its efficiency and demonstrating excellent behavior in completely different conditions.

BMW C 650 GT

Not having time to appear new sports and tourist maxi-scooter from 2018-2019 BMW C 650 GT made waves for its impressive performance, low fuel consumption, enhanced security and the ability to implement any plans. Luxury scooter meets all the requirements of tourism, which is characterized by long journeys.

Thanks to the adjustable back of the driver’s seat and heated comfortable steering column, informative dashboard, comfortable footrest and the windscreen with electronic control, roomy underseat space easily accommodates two helmets, you will realize that this compact two-wheeled machines can be extremely comfortable for excellent. 2018-2019 BMW C 650 GT – ideal for walks long distances.

Those who primarily travel comfort and functionality are important, it is necessary to pay attention to the new scooter from the German company – 2018-2019 BMW C650GT. As a completely new idea of ​​the company, in-line two-cylinder engine producing 60 hp excellently shows itself at large distances. Specially designed for hybrid scooter suspension provides better driving stability, excellent maneuverability and reacts well to all the actions of the driver.

Original solutions in the form of a parking brake, which is integrated in the side support, or central locking confirm the use of innovative technologies in the creation of 2018-2019 BMW C650GT. And the opportunity to choose from a wide range of accessories and additional equipment will allow you to create a unique image, and to achieve maximum comfort.

BMW R 1200 RS

RS Series motorcycles from 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad – a true symbol of tourism opportunities and match them with sports style. And 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 RS is no exception to the rule. This is a motorcycle that is perfect for those who consider themselves as lovers of sport tourism.

In any situation, it will show you what sports tourism

Motorcycle perfectly suited as a long journey during the holidays and for short tourist-town trip with the passenger “on board”. In any situation, it proves you belong to his class, not in words but in deeds, and show what a real sport-tourism.

Powerful boxer ICE and other features of the 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 RS

The model has a two-cylinder boxer engine with overhead camshafts, which perfectly showed itself on the same motorcycle and other series of 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad. The unit produces 125 hp and its maximum torque reaches 125 Nm (at 6500 rev / min). In this model is able to give you the pleasure of a dynamic tourist drive on different roads, whether direct route, or a winding serpentine.

The fact that the 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 RS has the makings of sports, says his bright appearance. Such features of the bike gives the exhaust system of the “2in1”, which is located obliquely muffler that provides a dynamic and fit silhouette. Not the last role in the formation of the image of a sports bike and play elements such as a new exhaust manifold, an air duct which has undergone modifications as well as radiator liquid cooling system is housed in the center.

BMW R nineT Scrambler

2018-2019 BMW R nineT Scrambler – one of the most popular motorcycles on the market today, without a review of which can not do any self-respecting fan of two-wheeled transport.
Not always the highest price scramblers are usually interested in their owners in the last instance – they are too good. The peak of the model’s popularity has fallen to 50-70 years of the last century. Millions of young boys and many girls try to buy a comfortable bike because of its high versatility, excellent quality in the process of driving off-road, as well as comfort during movement through the winding paths of the forests, mountain valleys and canyons. In those wonderful times at the person scrambler can be seen on the main street of the town and an abandoned sandy beach.

2018-2019 BMW R nineT Scrambler – Rises

Thanks to the efforts of designers 2018-2019 BMW segment is popular in the middle of the last century was the second birth of motorcycles. 2018-2019 BMW R nineT Scrambler has a unique spirit of old-time and at the same time acts as a model of technical perfection. Model specially designed for motorcycle romantics who do not forget the high quality of technology and functionality of two-wheeled transport.

Classic reliable engine

2018-2019 BMW R nineT Scrambler boxer engine equipped with a system of air-oil cooling. This symbol of the brand produces a characteristic sound and provides powerful thrust, just as it was in the days of freedom, and rock ‘n’ roll. Engine output 110 hp, the amount of a little more than a liter, torque 116 Nm. The model also meets environmental requirements of Euro-4 grade gasoline.

The possibilities for tuning and modifications are endless

Scrambler 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad – now the dream of all the excellent in in two-wheel format. If you like to experiment with the appearance of your bike – this model is for you. The developers have done everything possible to greatly simplify and empower the creative conversion of the vehicle. Satisfied customers will remain even with pessimistic taste preferences. The range of tuning options pilot-mechanics is not limited to the already incredibly wide range of original spare parts. Thousands of parts manufactured worldwide kostomayzery. With the help of their products is not difficult to create a truly unique, nothing on a similar, stylish scrambler.

Bright sound and vivid impressions

Powerful exhaust with a pair of upwards directed silencing meets the high standards of the classic Scrambler. Located in close proximity to the frame creates the visual effect of a more slender appearance. At the outlet from the silencer turns bright sound, which is also fully complies with exhaust ECE R41-04 for the European Union requirements. Work large size of the catalyst significantly improves the degree of purification of exhaust gases.

Ergonomics for a pleasant ride without fatigue

Riding on a 2018-2019 BMW R nineT Scrambler driver sits in the classic, relaxed position. This is one of the main distinguishing features of the model. To comply with this condition, the designers have modified special ergonomic triangle footrest, seat, steering wheel. In comparison with the classic “Nine” seat height somewhat reduced, the wheel on the contrary – is raised higher, and steps are shifted slightly back and down. All these innovations provide the driver maximum relaxation while riding a motorcycle.
In the standard R nineT Scrambler comes with alloy wheels, and crossed spokes are available in the optional mode. Both are elegantly emphasize the authentic exterior of the model.

2018-2019 BMW F 800 GS Adventure

Fans of long-distance travel and adventure traveler will appreciate the new version of the reliable and powerful enduro tourism – 2018-2019 BMW F800GS Adventure. With him you will shoulder any distance and the most interesting way.

2018-2019 BMW F 800 GS Adventure is specially designed for long-distance travel, and “Enduro” component enables you to easily move and on the road. Strong and hardy engine power of 85 hp, a large fuel tank of 24 liters and the lowest fuel consumption in class – 4, 3 liters. 100 km will give you the ability to easily carry in uncharted given to adventure. With the increased windshield, comfortable footrests, wide and high windscreen, reinforced engine protection and roomy wardrobe trunks your trip driving the F 800 GS Adventure will be extremely comfortable. A stylish design with an elegant silhouette and appealing color of not only pleasure the owner of the bike, but also will cause the admiration of all traffic participants.

BMW S 1000 R

Motorcycle to conquer the road: 2018-2019 BMW S 1000 R.

Nothing extra – a thoroughbred roadster superior performance. 160 liter capacity. from. (118 kW), 112 Nm of torque, the power density of 1.29 kg / l. from. – Competitors far behind. Like his older brother, superbike, S 1000 R sets a new level of quality in its class.

The engine with a linear increase of power.

High-power four-cylinder inline engine is an improved model RR powertrain version. Optimization results are obvious: very smooth torque characteristics, which guarantees uniform traction at all engine speeds. Motorcycle engine S 1000 R develops power of 160 hp. p. / 118 kW at 11,000 rev / min and a maximum torque of 112 Nm at 9250 rev / min will appreciate driver at each turn the throttle.

Aggressive appearance.

The character of the S 1000 R impersonating a glance: aggressive design with a raised back and lowered the front part, firm and characteristic visual separation “gills”. This angular-manly features facing the R reduced to a bare minimum. To some this may seem a motorcycle “naked”, we prefer the phrase “nothing more”.

The variety of movement modes.

One push of a button can be released into the wild, or to curb the enormous power of the S 1000 R. In Rain Mode (Rain) engine responds smoothly to changes in the throttle position, and the ABS and ASC systems are adapted to a wet road surface. In Road mode (road), on the contrary, increased throttle response, and the parameters of the ABS and ASC systems are designed for dry asphalt. For those who are not used to be limited to standard equipment, additional Pro modes are available: Dynamic (dynamic) and Dynamic Pro (Dynamic Pro), which will help your R to show what he is really capable of.

Everything under control: racing ABS and ASC as standard.

Uncontrolled power is useless. S 1000 R – the first in the history of the motorcycle, as standard which includes racing systems: anti-lock braking (ABS) and Automatic Stability Control (ASC). This duo ensures optimal performance acceleration and deceleration even at the limit of the bike features. They can be switched on and off on the fly, without losing a minute of driving pleasure.

No compromises: individualization possibilities.

For individual configuration of the S 1000 R are two additional packages. Package Sport (Sports) includes Pro modes (Rain, Road + Dynamic, Dynamic Pro), DTC system, assistant gear and cruise control. The Dynamic Package (Dynamic) includes Electronic Damping adjustment system the DDC, handlebar heating, LED turn indicators and engine spoiler in the color of the main cladding. A particularly ambitious motorcyclists HP offers a wide range of components for the S 1000 R.

2018-2019 BMW K 1600 GTL Excl

Tourer K 1600 GTL Exclusive: all-inclusive.

When a great speaker is connected to the luxury, the result is simply amazing. 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad presents K 1600 GTL Exclusive – a luxury tourer in which technology and style perfected. Now, the dream became a reality.

Design: a real masterpiece.

Exclusivity is visible at a glance. The three-layer painting of exterior finish gives GTL Exclusive unmatched quality and depth. White Mineral White Metallic combine with soft shades Magnesium Metallic Matt and supplemented by numerous chrome accents, seat harmonizing colors and a variety of other details. GTL Exclusive: luxury and dynamics from any angle.

Technology: only the best.

GTL Exclusive features smooth, but very powerful in-line 6-cylinder engine, as well as a number of advanced technological solutions: help system hill start, providing a confident start movement on the slope, as well as the keyless entry system that automatically unlocks the steering column lock and ignition , cover petrol tank and an alarm system when the key is in a radius of two meters from the motorcycle. Integrated radio completely invisible, and LED head light daylight improves visibility and safety.

Equipment: no compromises!

Optional equipment for the GTL Exclusive – the most popular option among motorcyclists. Central locking with an alarm system and heated seats with backrest are standard. As options that enhance driving comfort, you can order the electronic adjustment of the suspension (ESA II), Dynamic Traction Control system (DTC), the tire (RDC) pressure monitoring system, additional LED lamp, adaptive xenon headlight, brake light and the backlight lower part. Enhanced onboard computer 2018-2019 BMW Pro and motor protection are standard.

BMW R nineT

2018-2019 BMW R nineT. Pure driving pleasure.

Motorcycles have always been able to inspire real passion. The company 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad shows over the last 90 years that this will continue. Meet new to fans of classic 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad: 2018-2019 BMW R nineT. Motorcycle with a strong design and wide possibilities of individualization.

2018-2019 BMW R nineT. Authenticity.

One of the main priorities for the rider is a sense of freedom when riding. The 2018-2019 BMW R nineT this is combined with a stylish informal design that is easy to discern the 2018-2019 BMW family traits. Together with other features – such as the exceptional driving experience and a distinctive sound – it provides the basis for an independent life style that distinguishes this rider.

2018-2019 BMW R nineT. Customization.

On the 2018-2019 BMW R nineT mounted two-cylinder four-stroke boxer engine with oil-air cooling. Instruments – speedometer and tachometer – executed in a retro style, emphasize the ascetic and the rapid appearance of a motorcycle. Built-in multi-function display provides all the necessary information. On the 2018-2019 BMW R nineT front mounted telescopic inverted fork type, rear – suspension 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad Paralever. But the new bike stands out not only minimalist design in a retro style. It provides opportunities to be more than just an individual and unique. Every wish will be fulfilled. In Examples removable rear portion of the frame, the ability to install the 6-inch disks, and more. At the same time 2018-2019 BMW R nineT from a technical point of view is a true motorcycle 2018-2019 BMW. ABS system, fitted as standard, ensures a high level of security.

2018-2019 BMW R nineT. Life style.

The quintessence of passion, strong design, pure driving pleasure. 2018-2019 BMW R nineT appreciate classical fans. Personalisation means freedom. In terms of versatility and flexibility nineT configuration – is the best possible. Create your own motorcycle, live in their unique style! The name of the motorcycle and the style – 2018-2019 BMW R nineT.

2018-2019 BMW C 600 Sport

One of the best manufacturers of cars and motorcycles decided to conquer the city with new models, and so there was a maxi-scooter 2018-2019 BMW C 600 Sport – a spectacular, dynamic and well managed. With this transport you will be an excellent feel for the city roads, enjoying the comfort and excellent technical characteristics.

With its powerful and economical engine, braking system ABS, proprietary suspensions modern, stylish design, electronic components, on-board computer, the bike was set up, ready to give you a world of great opportunities and exciting adventures. 2018-2019 BMW C 600 the Sport, above all, suitable speed lovers who want to experience the possibilities of sporty handling, while not losing the reliability and convenience.

Total one trip to the 2018-2019 BMW C600 Sport will be enough to get your perspective on the world of compact motor vehicles for everyday use has changed dramatically. Optimized in-line two-cylinder engine, the maximum speed to 170 km / h, fuel economy, conceptual suspension, rigid and stable, inverted fork, automatic parking brake, adjustable windscreen – every detail of this maxi-scooter is thought in order to meet the demands of a wide range of customers.

2018-2019 BMW C600 Sport component of its technical and stylish, bright and memorable moments from the first design not only attracts fans of scooters, and motorcycles, and even motorists who want to try alternative transportation. And additional accessories and the ability to install optional equipment makes the 2018-2019 BMW C600 Sport is even more interesting.

Representing the world C600 Sport, 2018-2019 BMW raised the bar for motor vehicles urban to a whole new level.

2018-2019 BMW F 800 R

Company 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad continues its line of expressive motorcycles with two-cylinder engine with the cylinders arranged in parallel new model of the F 800 R. The consistent improvement of its versatile properties of the new sports roadster from 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad not only admire sporting driving characteristics and excellent handling, but also for its versatility and dynamic appearance view.

The movement of the motorcycle causes, as before, the two-cylinder engine with liquid cooling, four valves per cylinder and a cylinder capacity of 798 cm3. Its capacity is now 66 kW (90 hp) at 8000 rev / min (previously 64 kW (87 hp) at 8000 rev / min) and a short gear ratio of the first and second gear bike allows the new faster boast acceleration while maintaining their renowned qualities, among them – high traction, instant response and low fuel consumption. Maximum torque is, as before, 86 Newton-meters.

Bright sensations from a trip on the F 800 R provide a new chassis components, as well as optimized ergonomics. Thus, in the direction of the front wheel meets the inverted-type plug and confident slowdown provides two-disc brake with hydraulic drive and radially mounted calipers. More comfort for the driver’s seat provides a new reduced height (790 mm instead of 800 mm) in combination with the new and novel driving footpegs for the driver.

The appearance of the F 800 the R, which is great for beginners, and reflects even more vigor. The new side trims, radiator shrouds, front fender and wheels, as well as new colors do look extremely dynamic sports roadster. In addition, the symmetrical design of the headlights gives the bike a unique look.

In accordance with the principle “Safety 360 °” the new F 800 R has as standard with ABS. And the optional system, including the system of automatic stability control ASC (Automatic Stability Control) system and electronic chassis adjustment ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment), allow the new F 800 R to be the best in the segment in terms of safety and versatility of its qualities.

Overview of new 2018-2019 BMW F 800 R:

  • Increased capacity of 800 F R from the previous model: 66 kW (90 hp) at 8000 rev / min (previously 64 kW (87 hp) at 8000 rev / min).
  • Changed ratios of the first and second gear.
  • New elements in the finish even more dynamic design.
  • New colors.
  • Symmetrical light.
  • Upside-down fork.
  • Radial calipers on the front wheel.
  • Lighter wheels dynamic design.
  • Side steps for the driver
  • Reduced to 790 mm (previously 800mm) seat height.
  • New aluminum handlebar with variable section.
  • automatic stability control ASC (Automatic Stability Control) (factory option / accessory)
  • Electronic chassis adjustment ESA (Electronic Suspension Adjustment) (factory option).
  • Power reduction to 35 kW (48 hp) (accessory / default option).

If you are new, and the power of this model repents too much, this is no reason to abandon this motorcycle. Attention buyers proposed version of the F 800 R with a 34-horsepower engine. So, even a novice can please yourself riding to attract attention and to surprise instance.

2018-2019 BMW R 1200 R

Perfect for fans of classic motorcycle, the 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 R will delight every lover of the old traditions of their excellent appearance, excellent performance speed and confident behavior over long distances. One look at this roadster is enough to understand – before you truly German motorcycle with a recognizable appearance and excellent quality.

The classic lines and perfect form, perfect dynamic properties of the 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 R and the perfect comfort on any road and in any distance – the bike is able to cause only a delight and give the thrill of riding on it. A accessories and options allow to create a unique bike that is sure to become your faithful companion for many years.

2018-2019 BMW R1200R is able to satisfy completely the opposite requests, turning into a classic city bike, it becomes the conqueror of long distances. Suspension with adjustable dampers, front fork diameter of 61 mm and a long stroke, set low fuel tank and, accordingly, the maximum displacement down the center of gravity, the best in class chassis, the optimal ergonomics and excellent wind and moisture protection give confidence in the management, making to feel you a first-class driver on any road.

Of particular note is the two-cylinder engine composite 2018-2019 BMW R1200R, which will amaze you not only with its luxurious sound. Volume of 1,200 cm3, and a power of 109 hp allow it to perfectly handle the load, exhibit excellent handling and well dispersed, even from low revs.

Every driver, no doubt will like how 2018-2019 BMW R1200R perfectly shows itself on the road, and offers unique opportunities for everyone.


Designed on the basis of the previous version 650GS, 2018-2019 BMW F700GS has undergone major changes that have made it one of the best enduro in its class, suitable for both experienced bikers and motorsport fans beginners.

Responsive 798-cc engine producing 75 hp It provides high-end manageability, including by reducing the gear ratio, an excellent traction and low fuel consumption. The already excellent security system 2018-2019 BMW F 700 GS gets even better: ABS, part of the basic package and the optional installation of ESA and ASC systems allow you to enjoy a comfortable control. Also, for the comfort of the driver’s new informative instrument panel and change the windscreen of design. And added versatility lowered suspension, low weight and low seat, which makes the 2018-2019 BMW F 700 GS convenient even for women drivers.

BMW S 1000 XR

The 2018-2019 BMW S 1000 XR became a quarter-of a family of high-performance motorcycles 2018-2019 BMW is equipped with in-line “Four” (before the company’s engineers worked on the superbike S 1000 RR, HP4 and Roadster S 1000 R). When you create a new model took into account all the achievements and experience in the field of security, functionality, performance, attractive appearance, typical of the modern representatives of this class of motorcycle. In S 1000 XR combines all this new model, which makes it possible to say that it is a motorcycle – the next step of 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad engineers in all these areas.

Appearance, dynamics and innovations 2018-2019 BMW S 1000 XR

In the appearance of the motorcycle visible features of sports and tourist models. He attracted the attention it deserves.

The four-cylinder inline engine is already known fan of 2018-2019 BMW motorcycles for the model 2018-2019 BMW S 1000 R. This unit produces 160 horsepower and its maximum torque is 112 Nm. Also worth noting, and excellent traction motor even at low and medium revs. This leads to adaptation 2018-2019 BMW S 1000 XR for dynamic driving, and to leisurely walks on the highway.

Also among the features of the model:

  • Two driving modes are already in the basic version: “Rain» (Rain) and “Highway» (Tour). If necessary, you can add two more optional mode ( “Dynamic (Dynamic)” and “Advanced Dynamic» (Dynamic Pro));
  • included as standard stability control ASC;
  • the ability to retrofit the bike Dynamic Traction Control (DTC);
  • a considerable range of optional equipment and accessories offered by the manufacturers of the motorcycle.

2018-2019 BMW K 1300 R

Perfect technology and ambitious design, unprecedented power and unmatched security, rapid start and excellent maneuverability – 2018-2019 BMW K 1300 R has combined all the best achievements of German developers of one of the best manufacturers of motorcycles.

Only once experienced this bike in action, you will never want to part with it. The ideal dynamic performance for racing, inimitable cornering and first-class comfort in a long journey – each driver will appreciate the unique and stylish 2018-2019 BMW K 1300 R highly. Adding to all these advantages of low fuel consumption, extremely powerful engine and a choice of a large number of options, we get a motorcycle, which will never have to be bored.

Power, speed, reliability – the three fundamental aspects that are oriented developers to create the 2018-2019 BMW roadster K1300R. To achieve high safety performance fails due to equip the motorcycle reliable brake system with ABS, ASC and ESA. fast switching system greatly facilitates the management, allowing you to change the transmission in seconds. Row four-cylinder, liquid-cooled, mounted on a 2018-2019 BMW K1300R, it allows you to reach speeds of over 200 km, and the fastest possible acceleration to 100 km / h, and this despite the fact that it differs a fuel savings, which are not always available for less dynamic motorcycles.

Another bonus will be a variety of accessories and optional choice of additional equipment: a sports instrument panel, a variety of solutions for the transport of luggage, fast switching system – it’s easy to emphasize their individuality.

Takes off for a moment – then get the adrenaline in its purest form, with a few meters way. The strength of this bike could frighten, not whether it is securely tamed with the help of the latest technological developments 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad.

Start like a rocket launch, and it’s a special thrill for any biker. Ideal for racing a quarter mile and for daily trips, incomparable in the corners, it is reliable in the journey – more than likely you will not want to go anywhere without it. But not only because this motor can easily remove the power of 173 hp and a torque of 140 Nm, and of the new hexagonal exhaust pipe is heard roar, from which chills go through the body. And all this at such a low level of fuel consumption and emissions, which boasts a much less dynamic motorcycle. In the end, this 2018-2019 BMW – Bavarian Motor Works.

The most advanced technology, a unique layout and absolutely unforgettable style. Hard to believe that, despite all its emotion, is one of the safest motorcycles, impeccable in terms of everyday use: for example, as options available ABS, ASC and ESA II. A variety of accessories are delighted: the riders can enjoy a quick shift system, which makes it possible to instantly change without soaking clutch transmission, or dashboard-style 2D Moto GP – fixing the lap times, and many additional options. And if you are using the motorcycle you carry a lot of luggage – in a choice of solutions to make it as comfortable and compact.

BMW G 650 GS

The unforgettable sense of freedom and confidence will give new enduro 2018-2019 BMW G 650 GS, which has bold and sporty, aggressive look and allows you to experience a completely new emotions on any roads. G 650 GS – a real wagon, which allows you to feel confident at its wheel and in city traffic, and having escaped to the expanses of countryside road.

In the development of the motorcycle company’s engineers have paid great attention to every detail. Serious consideration design, presenting us easy and bold silhouette and bright personality. Outstanding results were achieved when the work on the technical side, to give the bike that meets the requirements of a wide range of customers.

2018-2019 BMW G650GS hardly a classic enduro, because meeting the demands of modern life, it perfectly combines the features of different styles and directions, find fans among a wide range of fans of two-wheeled machinery. Someone give him a preference for daily trips around the city, others will want to go on a short journey, novice drivers will appreciate the ease of management, and even women-drivers do not remain indifferent.

Externally, the motorcycle attracts attention at first glance: asymmetrical lines sharpened turn signals, dual headlights, slanted mirrors, original plastic lining – it is easy to guess enduro. And thanks to the comfortably furnished and amenities in a high windscreen, the low maximum seating falshbaka front, well-read dashboard, we get a motorcycle, always stands out on the roads.

The original design together with superior performance makes it a serious competitor to 2018-2019 BMW G650GS rest enduro. Thanks to its robust suspension, it is possible to feel the road is excellent. When traveling on a dirt road you will appreciate the perfect job telescopic fork and single rear shock. And with reliable brakes, taxiing and excellent light weight, 2018-2019 BMW G650GS becomes consummate motorcycle for beginners

BMW F 800 GS

2018-2019 BMW F 800 GS – a rare type of enduro, which impresses with its versatility on general purpose roads and off-road. Another feature that you definitely will notice, traveling just a few kilometers on this enduro with sports features – you feel that you have long been familiar with him, and you absolutely do not need time to get used.

With its stylish exterior performance, excellent driving characteristics, the usual technique for the German two-wheel comfort-designed instrument panel 2018-2019 BMW F 800 GS is an excellent choice for use in all conditions and on the track, and in moderate terrain. A responsive engine vibration, comfortable seating for two, effective brakes and excellent handling characteristics will be an additional advantage, which encourage you to buy a 2018-2019 BMW F 800 GS.

Enduro sport with notes and tourism opportunities? This is possible if you were driving a 2018-2019 BMW F800GS. The nature of this bike has only becomes clear from a glance at him: the original finish of the fuel tank, an upgraded air inlet pipe and the windshield, narrow saddle, chopped faces – the power and dynamism is read in every detail.

F800GS management leaves a lasting impression: very docile and easy bike with a confident cornering, excellent directional stability and excellent maneuverability. Provides the necessary safety brake system with ABS can be switched off and has long proven Brembo brakes. Features of the Enduro on the track is not in doubt, but also on the dirt road, he shows indicators, not unlike the familiar road. Management fully a loaded bike on the road at a moderate speed of 110-120 km / h does not cause any complaints.

2018-2019 BMW F800GS and calls to go on the road, cross the entire city, escape to the track and go on the road to explore the immediate surroundings.

BMW R 1200 RT

The ideal element for the 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 RT – is a highway: it is at this tourist bike you will be happy to go to any very long journey. With improved protection against wind and noise, excellent ergonomics, adjustable suspension, upgraded engine, which has become more powerful and shows excellent traction throughout the rev range, the tourer would be the perfect choice for every road fan.

Every detail of the 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 RT conceived and designed taking into account its use for long-distance travel: weather protection, comfortable fit, excellent acceleration when fully curb motorcycle handles and seat heating, the soft engine sound, a convenient instrument panel – the romance of the road waiting for you.

If you decide to buy a classic touring bike 2018-2019 BMW R1200RT, it will be your trusted companion on any journey for a long time. The updated composite engine of 1170 cm3 and raised torque surprises its dynamic performance, smooth acceleration and easier maneuvering. A near-perfect front brakes and optional ABS allow installation to achieve the best safety performance.

A distinctive feature of the 2018-2019 BMW R1200RT – comfortable control electronics and new devices. Possibly adjust the suspension, windshield using the buttons located on the steering handle. A digital audio player and the ability to connect multiple flash media will make a trip to your favorite music is very pleasant at any distance. The low seating position, convenient dashboard, spacious luggage compartment – the comfort of the driver and passengers at least an important part of 2018-2019 BMW R1200RT.

BMW R 1200 GS Adventure

With the new travel enduro 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure will be any problems you on the shoulder! Asphalt, gravel roads – now it does not matter, because the wheel of the motorcycle in any way to be fun. Weather conditions also become a hindrance, thanks to the excellent wind protection, protection from mud and stones flying from under the wheels, and optimum grip on any road surface. With the R 1200 GS, you can conquer long distances, thanks to the increased fuel tank to 33 liters. A control reliability is guaranteed by accurate chassis settings, high ground clearance, additional systems ESA and ASC.

Deciding to buy a 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 GS Adventure, you will get a unique combination of off-road abilities, tourism opportunities and impressive maneuverability.

Having experienced the 2018-2019 BMW R1200GS Adventure in action, you will realize that this is an extremely harmonious motorcycle, created mainly for high-speed long-distance travel, causing serious respect for his appearance, monumentality and, of course, excellent running characteristics.

The first thing that impresses – is fit, somewhat different from the standard for the Enduro, due to the high seat, more opportunities to straighten legs and high vehicles, allows you to go in for the classic enduro posture while standing and sitting comfortably steer. The new engine from the HP2 Sport perfect fit for the character of tourism, enduro, demonstrating the increased power and torque and even lower fuel consumption. Surprisingly quite easy operation R1200GS Adventure, despite its considerable weight almost 300 kg. Due to the presence of electro-hydraulic power and reinforced hoses in the braking system, you’ll be amazed how perfect your brakes Enduro. A robust wheel with crossed spokes added confidence on any road.

Through good design, high level of comfort, balanced performance and a huge stock of progress, 2018-2019 BMW R1200GS Adventure is an excellent choice for lovers of adventure and the unknown.

BMW K 1600 GTL

Built completely from scratch, 2018-2019 BMW K 1600 GTL – a new model in the line of motorcycle travel. Despite the huge amount of electronics and the use of the latest technology, the bike remains a classic option for long-distance travel, becoming only more comfortable and safer.

Behind the wheel of 2018-2019 BMW K 1600 GTL will take you to any destination, at any time, and you will not frighten even the bad weather. This tourer has an excellent controllability, cost-effective and at the same time very powerful engine, excellent braking system, the ability to customize individual components by means of electronic systems behind the wheel and, of course, superior ergonomics, specially-designed for the comfort of a long journey. The ideal setting and excellent handling characteristics allow to travel directly from the cabin.

2018-2019 BMW K1600GTL is unique, it is easy to understand just by looking at him. And after you pass on this amazing tourer, you will never want to part with it. Thanks to the sophisticated geometry of the driver’s seat, steering settings and wide passenger seat with backrest, developed lining and adjustable windscreen, comfort and protection from the weather provided you and your companion along the way. Three roomy wardrobe trunk, constituting a single stylistic unit with all the motorcycle, and many small compartments allow to take on the road with everything you need and more.

The powerful in-line 6-cylinder engine, low center of gravity, long wheelbase – and before you easy to drive 2018-2019 BMW K1600GTL, giving the sensation of flight. Special attention is given fuel economy, which is crucial when traveling long distances. Highly reliable braking system with 4-piston calipers in front and 2-piston rear brakes and the system demonstrates excellent performance and emergency braking on a straight line and when cornering.

Deciding to buy a 2018-2019 BMW K1600GTL, you will be able to experience the unique experience every ride and appreciate the maximum comfort and excellent dynamics.

BMW R 1200 GS

2018-2019 BMW R 1200 GS – the best in its class, universal travel enduro, attracting the attention of everyone who encountered on the way. German designers have created a motorcycle, ready to conquer the long-distance roads with less than ideal coverage or even a complete lack of roads.

In addition to its versatility and already proven quality transformed 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 GS pleased with the new boxer engine capacity of 1170 cm3 and a power of 110 hp and a rich package of electronic assistants: traction control, semi-active suspension, a wide range of suspension settings. Updating the combination of air and liquid cooling make the bike is not only environmentally friendly but also more economical. Deciding to buy a 2018-2019 BMW R 1200 GS, you make a lot of pleasant discoveries.

Being behind the wheel of the 2018-2019 BMW R1200GS, you will appreciate its excellent performance in the bustling city traffic, and escaping to the track. He shows excellent handling even at low speeds, and together with a small turning radius, maneuvering in traffic becomes unspeakably easy. Powerful motor provides good traction even at low rpm, six-speed perfectly matches the engine settings. Also contributing to the improvement of traction makes the chassis with improved geometry and a long pendulum.

Special attention is given R1200GS comfort, which manifests itself not only in a comfortable fit for both driver and passengers, but also in the precise suspension settings, stiffness which also can be adjusted depending on the nature of the road and the motorcycle boot. For safety when driving are responsible upgraded brakes and ABS system, and daytime running lamp and LED headlights give the 2018-2019 BMW R1200GS special charm.

BMW K 1600 GT

Tourist 2018-2019 BMW K 1600 GT – the embodiment of an entirely new concept that combines the increased comfort, unrivaled speed performance and high technology. This motorcycle appeared the best talents of German developers, recognizable in every detail, from the appearance to innovative technologies.

The main highlight of the 2018-2019 BMW K 1600 GT became its inline six-cylinder engine, which is not only a great power (160 hp), even at low engine speeds and a smooth operation, but most importantly – it is surprisingly compact and lightweight, which could not get anyone before. With this engine, together with other indicators at the highest level of motorcycle possibilities are almost limitless, and you get an unprecedented sense of freedom and incredible handling.

2018-2019 BMW K1600GT – is not just a motorcycle, with which you can go on a long journey, but also a reliable companion that will give you a trip to the sporty style. One of the main features of this sports-tourer is its handling, which is deservedly celebrated by all the lucky ones already had time to test it in action. Such indicators managed to achieve at the expense of the excellent mass centralization, good weight distribution and installation firm suspension. In addition, it is possible to install an optional electronic suspension adjustment system that allows you to select one of the 9 modes that best suits your driving style and road conditions.

Intelligent design, ergonomics, safety – all in the 2018-2019 BMW K1600GT created for the enjoyment of the road at a good speed. You will appreciate the extremely comfortable fit, allowing to become one with the bike, amazing obedience during acceleration and cornering. A system of adaptive cornering lights, equipped with a xenon lamp, not only gives another bonus in the treasury security, but also make you stand out significantly on the roads.

2018-2019 BMW K1600GT satisfy the most demanding customer and can easily compete with the best in its class.

BMW F 800 ST

Updated 2018-2019 BMW F 800 ST – sports motorcycle that their impeccable behavior on any roads proves that it can be universal. This bike will give an unforgettable experience on the race track and make a fascinating trip through the city, allowing you to easily overcome the traffic jams, the envy and admiration of other traffic participants.

On the track, you will certainly appreciate the powerful cravings, perfect stability and, of course, the incomparable sensation of speed, and returned to the city, Updated 2018-2019 BMW F 800 ST will give you a high level of safety, low fuel consumption, comfortable fit and excellent maneuverability. Maximum versatility allows the bike to everything you need in any situation, whether it’s high-speed track, daily trips around town or long trip with luggage.

New Updated 2018-2019 BMW F800ST is striking in its uniqueness and certainly not go unnoticed in any environment. One look at this stylish travel bike enough to appreciate its power and excellent aerodynamic performance, which just wanted to experience in action.

When operating a motorcycle exceed all expectations. The company’s engineers succeeded so well-distributed center of gravity in different nodes of the motorcycle that he was equally confident behaves when cornering, and rapid acceleration, and even in times of emergency braking Updated 2018-2019 BMW F800ST remains stable. Two-row two-cylinder engine demonstrates excellent traction even at low revs, and all that – with low fuel consumption and achieves a top speed of 220 km / h, acceleration to 100 km / h in a matter of seconds. Do not forget to take care of the company’s engineers and the driver and passenger comfort, providing informative motorcycle dashboard, different seat height and thoroughly thought through the overall ergonomics.

Updated 2018-2019 BMW F800ST – sample reliability, efficiency and simplicity, complemented by a great look that will leave an unmatched driving pleasure.

BMW G 650 GS Sertão

New motorcycle from Updated 2018-2019 BMW – G 650 GS Sertão – mostly designed for lovers of off-road riding than racing on the highway or the daily commute in busy city traffic. Once behind the wheel of Updated 2018-2019 BMW G 650 GS Sertão, you get complete control over the management, reliability, maneuverability and excellent power – all that is so necessary to conquer any terrain. And the possibility of its use in the toughest off-road conditions, and will be useful when moving around the city.

Due to its characteristics, G 650 GS Sertão becomes the best among travel enduro light, allowing them to operate not only on long journeys on the motorway, but also happy to move on the road.

As a new element Sertão is mostly off-road, all the modifications in the design of this model were aimed at satisfying its off-road requirements. A more sporty appearance, alloy spoke wheels, white and blue color complemented by black and gray details – in a performance Enduro becomes markedly more aggressive. Focusing on priority vneasfaltovogo using this motorcycle, the company’s engineers have set a stiffer suspension with increased speed. A powerful engine and low weight of the motorcycle will make management easy and comfortable in any situation.

Taken care of the producers and the possibility of a rich selection of additional equipment: brake system with ABS, original alarm system, heated handles, – all aimed at achieving maximum comfort for the management of Updated 2018-2019 BMW G650GS Sertão.

BMW F 650 GS

Updated 2018-2019 BMW F 650 GS – a versatile motorcycle premium, which will give everyone what he most desires. F 650 GS can be a best friend for a new driver and a good companion in a serious journey, fit to go on a trip on a gravel road or a good motorway.

Renovated two-cylinder engine with electronic fuel injection has a large capacity for this class of motorcycle. Located under the saddle tank has already become a recognizable tradition of German motorcycles. The optimum size of alloy wheels can be used Enduro equally confident in everyday life, and during high-speed travel on the highway. Updated 2018-2019 BMW F 650 GS – truly versatile bike, ready to realize all your wildest plans.

Updated Updated 2018-2019 BMW F650GS demonstrates superior performance and features, while having excellent appearance and giving untold freedom. In the external performance of unmistakable origin: a dynamic and lightweight silhouette, expressive wheels, engine pipe and shape of the fairing – the bike is designed for true connoisseurs. A very good ergonomics, informative instrument panel, the optimal planting and reliability of the whole structure – the producers made sure to make your trip as comfortable as possible.

Positioning F650GS as a motorcycle entry-level, Updated 2018-2019 BMW has focused on first-class handling in all conditions, what has been achieved, thanks to the downward displacement of the center of gravity, the total motorcycle dimension, direct and low handlebars, excellent, always ready for extreme conditions, the brakes and, of course, striking in its dynamics engine – along with the “Twin”.

Updated 2018-2019 BMW F650GS is a perfect starting point for exploring the fascinating world of motorcycles, full of exciting adventures.

2018-2019 BMW K 1300 S

After releasing the most powerful and fastest in the class K 1300 S, Updated 2018-2019 BMW Group has once again proved that he can safely claim to be the leader among manufacturers of motorcycles. Handsome and charismatic, with verified aerodynamics, perfect management and powerful engine – the new Updated 2018-2019 BMW K 1300 S is not simply an ideal sport motorcycle, but a true technological masterpiece.

Each first-class motorcycles necessarily hit as perfectly possible to combine in one unit the innovative technology, safety, ease of operation, stability, travel and beautiful design. Among other things, Updated 2018-2019 BMW K 1300 S is unpretentious in service and serve you faithfully for many years.

Feel the power of Updated 2018-2019 BMW K1300S sports can be, even before he could start: high torque is felt even at low speeds, even when the motorcycle is not in motion. The four-cylinder inline engine demonstrates the unprecedented power, which significantly improves performance. A major advantage that may influence the decision to buy a Updated 2018-2019 BMW K1300S, becomes elevated developers taking out security company. The bike is equipped as standard with ABS brakes and optsialno have the opportunity to select the system ASC and ESA. To emphasize their individuality and uniqueness of your motorcycle you can by purchasing additional equipment.

Updated 2018-2019 BMW K1300S – this is a true sports restraint and the best manifestation of the power and the ability to confidently manage and urban roads becomes another plus this close to perfection bike.

2018-2019 BMW HP 4

Perfect in everything from performance to an external e-filling, supersport Updated 2018-2019 BMW HP4 is striking from the first seconds. Unprecedented ease, striking power and excellent handling are unlikely to leave anyone indifferent at least one fan speed and drive of this.

Due to the lowest in the class weight, engine power of 193 hp with a high torque at medium engine speeds allows to show amazing results on the racetrack. A dynamic suspension system and a choice of Rain and Sport modes on the roads, or Race, and Slick on the racetrack can achieve unprecedented responsiveness, rapid acceleration, maximum traction and optimum balance between control and driver assistance system.

The power and splendor of Updated 2018-2019 BMW HP 4 emphasizes luxury and design of this bike: graceful forms and blue-white color – and you will not go unnoticed on the road.

2018-2019 BMW G 310 R

We offer an overview of the G 310 2018-2019 BMW R. Complete single-cylinder roadster from 2018-2019 BMW is lightweight and dynamic riding. The owner of the vehicle feels comfortable on city roads and cross-country trips. The model embodies the best qualities that are capable developers Bavarian concern within the output into a new segment of the motorcycle market. And they believe, are capable of much.
2018-2019 BMW G 310 R roadster present to the bone. On this bike one day easily cover more than one hundred kilometers. Fatigue does not feel comfortable because of the driver’s landing. A minimized fuel consumption reduces the cost of gasoline purchase.

Without difficulties and inconveniences

the motorcycle has been developed from scratch, but it left and strengthened all the benefits for which the lovers drive with the wind love the 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad: high quality, innovative technical stuffing and unprecedented reliability. Owner Relations and motorcycle for many years characterized as carefree as the technique is almost does not break.
When you create a 2018-2019 BMW G 310 R designers take into account the requirements of international markets, so the movement on the roadster even possible after pouring fuel inhomogeneous quality. It is noteworthy that even in this scenario, the engine work will not disturb the local requirements and generally accepted environmental standards.

Something more than just design

Saucy character, perfect handling and maneuverability emphasizes the aggressive styling of the new model. Leadership position in the motorcycle segment demonstrated more than clearly. A closer study of the 2018-2019 BMW G 310 R detects some similarities with the other sports model – the S 1000 R.
In general, in the appearance of the motorcycle is viewed aesthetic completeness and self-sufficiency, which emphasizes the sporting rear part, an aggressive front fascia, harmonious, characteristic roadster proportions, the dynamic performance of the tank shape, optical and other similar elements. motorcycle surface is modeled with stunning accuracy, which gives the exterior an even more spectacular view.
About impressive maneuverability says SWB. Externally, the 2018-2019 BMW G 310 R looks like a good podkachenny, athletic guy. The raised rear end adds to the overall picture of the missing lightness, which must be present in all of sports motorcycles. The whole model is made in the image of Naked, but this did not prevent designers add sports side surfaces to create a closed silhouette. The high status of 2018-2019 BMW G 310 R emphasizes the impeccable attention to detail, accurate hoses, high quality materials and reliable inverted front fork, which is included as standard. Price model fully justify the money spent.

at the level of Ergonomics

The bike is ideal for daily use. Even if you need to get to work on the other edge of the metropolis – the ease and lack of stress is guaranteed. As with every 2018-2019 BMW Motorrad model series, the customer is given the opportunity to buy a really safe bike. All additional handles, buttons and knobs are switched in a fast and intuitive operation, it does not create additional interference in the process of movement.
About mobility 310 R has already legends. But even in extreme situations the motorcycle is guaranteed to remain absolutely neutral and predictable. Maximum pleasure experienced pilots will have on long corners. A long, straight stretches of the path will be pleased with the stable operation of the main components and mechanisms.

Elektroskuter BMW C evolution 2017

elektroskuter BMW C evolution 2018-2019

The scooter BMW C evolution in 2018-2019 modernized the new battery pack, which increases the cruising range and will increase the capacity, maximum speed.

Company BMW Motorrad presented the updated elektroskuter BMW C evolution in 2018-2019, which officially will be shown at the upcoming Paris Motor Show.
Scooter is specially designed for the city, as there is an acute problem of fuel consumption and the level of harmful emissions.
New in 2018-2019 will be available in two versions with a power reserve of 160 km and 100 km.

German engineers managed to increase the power reserve due to a new generation of batteries (94 Ah).
With regard to power the motor manufacturer 19 kW (26 hp) – 8 kW (11 hp) is greater in comparison to its predecessor.
The maximum speed reaches 129 km / h.

2017-2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler

In light of the successful line of accessories for the 2017-2018 BMW R nineT 2015 the company introduced advanced Rizoma collection for the new 2017-2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler .The new collection of accessories: lamp housing with aluminum fasteners, the jumper for the standard steering, front fender, rear fender, LED anti-fog lights with aluminum body, back support, for fastening trunks, additional protection (lamps, arc removable sliders).
Adaptability – always a good feature motorcycles, which are capable of off-road, so the added steps Rizoma Rizoma Rally co removable metal teeth, adjustable shift lever, adjustable brake and clutch levers, as well as a variety of handles.
On the 2017-2018 BMW R nineT Scrambler Rizoma suitable set of components for the standard model 2017-2018 BMW R nineT: engine covers, tank cover and much more.

New begger BMW K1600B 2017
BMW K1600B

New begger BMW K1600B 2018-2019 officially presented.
The bike has a good packaging and obviously designed for traveling over long distances.

K1600B model has a base K1600-series, but the design is inspired by the concept of ” the BMW Concept is 101 “, which is presented in the past year.
The front part has a large fairing to the headlamp of the three components and adjustable windscreen.
On hard saddlebags with integrated brake lights and turn signals are installed the back of the motorcycle, and the bottom can isolate a large polished exhaust.
The rear wing, by the way, goes up, making it easier to dismantle the rear wheel.

Power is provided by a proven 160-horsepower 6-cylinder engine.
The bike is equipped with electronics: electronic throttle control, suspension BMW Dynamic ESA electronically controlled (modes “road” or “cruise”).
Transmission may have an optional reverse gear, which helps to maneuver in parking lots.
Other options: The system «Shift Assistant Pro», a lot of travel accessories and so on.

EICMA 2016: Superbike BMW HP4 Race with carbon frame
Superbike BMW HP4 Race with carbon frame 2017-2018

Company BMW Motorrad continues to amaze.
At EICMA 2016 Bavarians presented Superbike BMW HP4 Race 2017 – preimum version of the BMW S1000RR with carboxylic detyalami.

The main feature of BMW HP4 Race is a carboxylic diagonal frame (something new), ie the new bike Bavarians must compete with the new Ducati 1299 the Superleggera .
At least when it comes to the wow effect.
The German manufacturer, unfortunately, did not go into details, but we assume that the bike will be available during the second half of 2017.
It probably can only be used on the track, but exact information on the matter yet.

In addition to the carboxylic frame on the BMW HP4 Race wheel set carbon fiber and carbon fiber fairing.
Weight should be reduced by about 10 kg when compared with the “old» the BMW HP4 .

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