The new bike Kawasaki KX450F 2018


The new bike Kawasaki KX450F 2018 has more power, better managed and weighs less compared to last year’s model.
On motorcycles KX-Series stand or were legendary racers: Ryan Villopoto, Jeremy McGrath, Jeff Emig, Jeff Ward and Ricky Carmichael – that allows the Japanese manufacturer’s flagship krossbayk constantly improve.

So, the main features of Kawasaki KX450F 2018:

– Bike weight reduced by 3.4 kg

– Lighter, more powerful engine with new caps

– Repurpose piston

– Repurpose the intake valve to improve performance at medium and high speeds

– Redeveloped exhaust valve

– New camshaft (easier to change the timings at low speeds)

– A new air box

– New collector with integrated resonator

– New muffler, which helps to centralize the mass (lighter, less noisy)

– A system of «Plug & play» to connect the instrument to tune the engine control unit

– New lighter frame, new swingarm

– Lunch control system (based on racing technology)

– Fork Showa SFF-Air TAC, rear Uni-Trak suspension

– New aggressive design factory

– A flat seat

– Steering wheel, adjustable footrests

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