The new ATVs Honda 2018-2019

2018-2019 Honda TRX680FA

One of the largest and most trusted 2018-2019 Honda TRX680FA quad is popular with novice drivers, as well as from experienced connoisseurs of quality motorcycles. Despite its impressive size, the ATV attracts excellent dynamic performance and comfort.

As powerful and reliable SUV, ATV 2018-2019 Honda TRX680FA confidently holds the leading position, thanks to a powerful fuel-injected engine with liquid cooling, independent suspension, automatic transmission, abrasion resistant front brakes. Versatility 2018-2019 Honda TRX680FA will appreciate the many drivers: it is indispensable in hunting and when driving on any road, for the transportation of goods and easy for outdoor exercise.

2018-2019 Honda TRX680FA safely be called the pinnacle of the model range: both powerful and easy to manage, it becomes a dream of many drivers. Four-stroke engine of 756 cm3 delivers excellent power performance and a high torque over a wide rpm range. rear suspension design provides ease of maneuver on any terrain. Thanks to the automatic transmission, it is possible grade engine braking.

Much attention is paid to developers of weight loss 2018-2019 Honda TRX680FA, actively using a large number of aluminum components and parts. When riding on this ATV, you will appreciate the ease of use, thanks to a comfortable padded seat, which is located controls, multi-functional instrument panel with LCD display and a protective footrest.

A strong and reliable 2018-2019 Honda TRX680FA the ideal transport in all conditions.

2018-2019 Honda TRX420FA

Updated srednekubaturny 2018-2019 Honda TRX420FA becomes extremely popular model in its class, thanks to superior comfort, excellent terrain for any off-road and familiar to the Japanese concern the reliability and capacity.

The advanced automatic transmission with manual shift, independent rear suspension, powerful engine of 420 cm3, a front differential, electronic stability control, increased ground clearance, dual disc brakes – all to bring 2018-2019 Honda TRX420FA a whole new level. The outer design of the ATV with integrated headlights and LED brake lights says that at any moment he is ready to go with you in search of adventure.

2018-2019 Honda TRX420FA has unique features and benefits that make it so popular. Maximum permeability is achieved by all-wheel drive system. The manual shift lever allows the driver to control the situation, or you are left with the choice to use the automatic transmission, which selects the transmission depending on your style of driving and the respective rates of change. Longitudinal location of the engine makes it more powerful and resourceful. Cooling of the engine, due to the installation of a large heatsink with a fan, it is possible at all times.

Hard tires, steel swingarm and gas shock rear independent double-pipe fork, stiffer suspension, hydraulic disc brakes in the front have a very positive impact on the terrific management. With the off-road ATV 2018-2019 Honda TRX420FA you will surely conquer new heights.

2018-2019 Honda TRX450R

Construction, design, rear suspension PRO-LINK and the engine 2018-2019 Honda TRX450R make it a cult model in the class sport ATV. For the king of sports tracks and any possible spaces there is nothing: it comes out a winner in almost every race off-road!

2018-2019 Honda TRX450R – real racing quad bike with a powerful engine, able to deftly handle any road obstacles. Thanks to the powerful, reliable, easy engine providing superior handling, you will realize that this ATV is designed for those who are always determined to win and achieve new heights. And with a light electric starter, you can leave opponents far behind already at the start and without problems to overcome any obstacles on the track.

High power and torque ATV 2018-2019 Honda TRX450R provides longitudinally extending four-cylinder engine capacity of 450 cm3 liquid-cooled, carbureted power. Fully adjustable dampers, hydraulic front brakes with twin-piston calipers, metallic brake pads, five-speed transmission – every detail of the ATV racing is impressive and admirable. A distinctive feature of each of the 2018-2019 Honda ATV is the reserve volume in the fuel tank. I was no exception and 2018-2019 Honda TRX450R with a total volume of 12 liters in the tank 3 with a little of which perform a backup function.

2018-2019 Honda TRX450R created specifically so you can feel like a king in any race!

Honda TRX700XX

2018-2019 Honda TRX700XX – a completely new word in a series of sports ATV. The revolutionary new product is equipped with an updated engine of 686 cm3 with electronic ignition and an electric starter.

Combining the latest technological solutions and advanced engineering developments, 2018-2019 Honda TRX700XX earned the right to be called technically advanced serial ATV. In addition to an updated single-cylinder four-stroke engine, five-speed transmission ATV attracts the rear transmission, independent rear suspension, chain-driven drive wheels, stainless steel silencer. Due to the long-awaited novelty 2018-2019 Honda TRX700XX, the world of sport ATVs radically transformed.

Original solutions, which have found expression in 2018-2019 Honda TRX700XX, made it extremely attractive and popular ATV. The updated engine with electronic injection demonstrates the highest in class power performance. The rear suspension provides an even greater stroke – 269 mm, instantaneous stop is made possible thanks to disc brakes.

It attracts and appearance of the ATV. His aggressive and predatory design, thoughtful execution of every detail underline the sporty character of this custom ATV. Taken care of the developers and the comfort of traveling in the dark, equipping TRX700XX headlamp with a wide lens. Occupying a special niche in the world of ATVs, 2018-2019 Honda TRX700XX justifiably earned the title of “King of off-road.”

2018-2019 Honda TRX500FA

Perfectly balanced, powerful, easy to operate and exhibits excellent permeability – a 2018-2019 Honda TRX500FA. Distinctive features of this quad – four-wheel drive transmission, automatic transmission, electronically controlled, reliable disc brakes and a center differential, fast acceleration and good traction.

TRX500FA deserved popularity among a wide range of drivers because of not only excellent technical characteristics, but also to progressive design, a comfortable fit and the possibility to operate the ATV on any terrain and under the most extreme conditions. Reliable and practical, 2018-2019 Honda TRX500FA will be an excellent companion on any road.

In the aggregate performance of all 2018-2019 Honda TRX500FA deservedly become a favorite among many lovers of off-road driving. ATV has a number of advantages that markedly distinguish it among fellow class. GPS systems that help navigate the terrain, will appreciate the hunting and fishing fans, who dream to discover new horizons. Hydro transmission allows engine braking, which significantly improves manageability. The original front differential eases the load on the wheel and reduces the need to steer.

Special charm is TRX500FA 2018-2019 Honda Transmission: Automatic character addition, it allows you to select different modes for maximum speed and power, has extremely soft switch and operates almost silently. Due to the steel swingarm and dual shock absorbers provides comfort and stability in the governance process, and responsive brakes increase safety.

Impressive design, multi-function display, a waterproof luggage compartment, roomy tank – 2018-2019 Honda TRX500FA created for you to fully feel the pleasure of its management.

2018-2019 Honda TRX250X

Exciting sports design and an updated design racing ATV 2018-2019 Honda TRX250X creates an excellent opportunity to use it in completely different conditions. He is equally confident behaves and sports riding, and if you are thinking of a simple nature walks.

Innovative sport clutch makes 2018-2019 Honda TRX250X versatile unit, ready at any moment to go on the road, full of exciting adventures. And thanks to the excellent technical and operational characteristics, ATV and perfect will satisfy beginners and experienced drivers, and is a great choice for family travel.

To achieve such universal indicators 2018-2019 Honda TRX250X managed by engineers serious approach to its development. Single-cylinder air-cooled engine provides ease of management and makes operation easy as possible. His contribution to the easy operation and adds five-speed with reverse gear. Rear suspension system smoothes out all the unpleasant moments and road surface irregularities. Reliable braking system with hydraulic front brakes and sealed drum mechanically driven behind the safety and manageability of power line indicators. A construction and aggressive design emphasize the sporty direction of 2018-2019 Honda TRX250X.


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