the Moto Morini preparing a new bike Moto Morini Rebello 1200 Giubileo

In the last few years the name Moto Morini was going through difficult times, and it seemed to all that the Italian brand could leave motorynok forever.
However, in July 2011 Moto Morini bought for 1.96 million entrepreneurs Sandro hood and Rudzheromassimo Yannutstselli.

The company is gradually being revived, and the Italian company has released a small teaser, which proved that Moto Morini back in order and prepare a new motorcycle Moto Morini Rebello 1200 Giubileo, who officially will present later.

It is obvious that the new bike will be a symbol of the restoration of the brand and the celebration of the 75th anniversary of Moto Morini ( «giubileo» translated from Italian -. Anniversary).
Most likely the motorcycle is equipped with a 1200 cc engine classic Moto Morini.

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