The history of the 12 most famous modern motorcycle manufacturers in the world

Company Ducati appeared in 1926 in the Italian city of Bologna. Initially the focus of the company was the production of radio. However, after the Second World War, the company focused more on the production of cheap vehicles. Today, Ducati is part of Audi AG group and produces about 40 thousand motorcycles annually.

Prior to becoming a world famous car manufacturer, BMW produced aircraft engines and motorcycles. The first BMW two-wheeled vehicle appeared in 1923. After World War II the company lost all of its engineering developments, so acute was the question of its closing. However, due to the production of BMW motorcycles to stay afloat. Today, BMW motorcycles are among the most reliable and high quality among the European producers

For most people, the word “motorcycle” instantly conjures up a production company Harley-Davidson. For over a hundred years the American manufacturer creates the legendary road motorcycles. A feature of the marketing Harley-Davidson is a bet on the creation of the community of fans of this particular motobrendy. Today the range of Harley-Davidson includes five lines of motorcycles: Touring, Softail, Dyna, Sportster and V-rod.

Today, Honda is the largest Japanese manufacturer of motorcycles. Release of this type of technology company started in 1955. And already in 1982, Honda produced about 3 million motorcycles per year. In the same year it was created division of Honda Racing Corporation, whose activities are focused on the development of sports motorcycles.

In 1961, Kawasaki started to manufacture motorcycles. Gradually motoproduktsiya company has become popular not only in Japan but also around the world. Today, under the brand Kawasaki motorcycles produced a wide variety of classes. But the most famous remains the model of the Ninja sportbike.

Unit Yamaha Motor Company was established in 1955 for the production of motor vehicles. First model Yamaha YA-1 won the race at the foot of Mount Fuji. Today, under the brand Yamaha produced a road version of motorcycles and famous sportbike.

Aprilia’s first motorcycle was built in 1968. Today, the Italian manufacturer produces scooters and motorcycles for road, off-road and travel. On the Aprilia motorcycles became world champions in such legendary championship as MotoGP and Superbike World Championship.

Suzuki Motorcycle Manufacturing Company was engaged in 1952. Since then, production of motorcycles have grown steadily and today they exceed the bar in 3.2 million copies. The company produces motorcycles of all possible classes, and race achieve Suzuki techniques are among the most significant in the history of motorsport.

The Austrian company KTM was founded in 1934, and 20 years later she started producing motorcycles. The fame of the company brought its off-road motorcycles. However, in recent years, range expands towards the road and sports cars.

Triumph company was founded back in 1902. During its long history, the manufacturer and experienced a period of prosperity and bankruptcy. However, in 1990, there was a revival of Triumph. Today, the British company produces a wide variety of motorcycle classes, but a special place in the lineup took retro motorcycles.

MV Agusta
The Italian company MV Agusta was founded in 1945 for the production of cheap and affordable means of transport in which the post-war Europe needed so badly. Gradually motorcycles MV Agusta became involved in racing. Today, motorcycles brand popular among ordinary consumers, and among the racing teams of different championships.

IMZ-Ural story begins with the release of an experimental model of the M-72, which is a copy of the German motorcycle BMW R71. Today, under the brand Ural as conventional models Retro Solo and Solo sT, and motorcycles with sidecar Ural-T, Tourist, patrol 2WD, Gear-UP and retro. The company’s products are very popular in overseas markets. Therefore, only 3% of motorcycles produced are sold in the Urals in Russia and CIS countries.

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