The first stage WSBK / «Mad Max»

Here come the first stage WSBK , which was full of drama and tension. The first race was won by Max Biaggi (Aprilia Racing), his chief persecutor became Marco Mellandri, which this year after leaving the factory Yamaha team, moved to the BMW Motorrad Motorsport. But the reigning champion Carlos Checa after the terrible haysayda was forced to finish the race, but in the second part of Checa lost his arch-rival Max Biaggi easily won the second race. But despite the fact that Checa won the second race, is no exaggeration to say that this race was Max Biaggi. Started out early in the race Max returned to the track at the 22 th place, and for four laps before the end, he was in second place! Finished third, Tom Sykes (Kawasaki Racing Team), who started from the first place giving way to Ceku, Biaggi and Rea he was already at the finish line was able to snatch victory from his fellow countryman Jonathan Rea (Honda World Superbike Team) their duel was second on heat, after a triumphant passage great Biaggi. Bravo's "Mad Max."

The first stage WSBK

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