The best 10-ka custom bikes for half a year

Every six months, we will present you a top ten hit kastomov. Motorcycles, which will be presented to your attention, were selected guided excitement they caused abroad. In the future we will try to choose the top ten for your votes and comments. Everything will depend on your activity.

The Black Falcon

1. The first place in our motto-charts Black Falcon took chopper (see photo above). The explicit unconditional leader, a masterpiece that provided the public the guys from Los Angelesco workshop Ian Barry.

Triumph Tiger Custom

2. The second place in this championship race took custom Triumph Tiger (see photo above). As the leader in the motorcycle visible impact old second SQA formula . This beautiful custom Triumph Tiger 2017 release was built New Yorker Eric Henderson, with the support of his friends from TT Cycles. This bike is not anything radical, just perfect proportions and elegance in the decoration.

Son of A Gun BSA

3. Son of A Gun BSA (see photo above). Larry Houghton already has experience of the winner, so at the last show Custom Chrome, which took place in Europe, he was able to hit the judges, winning the prize. Truly amazing original and inexpensive cafe racer , many of the parts were purchased on eBay.

triumph bonneville

4. Atom Bomb Velvet Underground (see above). Clay Rathburn is the builder of the old school, most of the work he does, until the frame structure. His »Doctor Who» custom is one of the clear favorites, so we are delighted to once again see his latest creation.

Revival Cycles BMW R75 / 5

5. Revival Cycles BMW R75 / 5 (see photo above). One would expect that the performance clumsy cause at least a neutral reaction. But it turned out that originality always wins, and Alan Stulberg with his companions and the only one of its kind Revival Cycles BMW R75 / 5 ranked fifth.

'Scrambler UM-2'

6. U'Scrambler UM-2 'BMW R80 (see the photo above). Always nice to see new customizer. London workshop "recycles" old motorcycles in everyday use tool, ideal for prohvatit on city streets. Custom 'Scrambler UM-2 "has caused great interest among fans of vintage motorcycles.

harley-davidson sportster

7. Member Show Speed ​​& Custom XLST3 rightfully occupies seventh place in our top ten (see above). If you think that this bike is based on the XR750, then you are greatly mistaken. Even the most sophisticated fan of Harley-Davidson, would have never guessed that it is possible to build a custom with a clear swing to the primer of Sportstera !!! The bike was presented to the British dealer of Harley-Davidson, and there it is very attractive.

honda cx500

8. Wrenchmonkees CX500 (see above). Nikaya "top ten kastomov" would not be complete without a member from Copenhagen by children from Wrenchmonkees. And of course, their unassuming look at Honda CX500 was just hit. According to the Copenhagen Male unto which style is made motorcycle called 'chopper-racer'. Even more impressive bike looks brown.

yamaha xj900

9. Yamaha XJ900 (see above). Muted, restrained tones are the most popular, not only among professionals but also for amateurs. This delightful XJ900 was built avtraliytsom Carlo Romanino. This bike is an iron fist in a velvet glove, for external greyness and asceticism hides engine with 100 hp Deserved 9th place.

kawasaki z750

10. Finally completing our ten custom Kawasaki Z750. This bike also presented us guys izWrenchmonkees (see. Above). The bike has undergone not only external but also internal processing, so custom was chiseled cylinders and pistons are replaced. This Kawasaki   can be called elegant simplicity, rightly occupies the 10th place.
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