Suzuki GSX-R Limited Edition 2017


During the some three years, Suzuki has released more than a million motorcycles, the R series of the GSX , the most successful of these was the liter “zhikser”. This event was marked by a number of limited editions of versions in different divisions Suzuki. It was no exception and the German division which released several versions of the model with a mark «Limited Edition». A total of four were released, each of which is a glorious history superbaykovskoy Suzuki team. The first version of the Suzuki GSX-600R Schwanz Edition is painted in the colors of the prototype on which the legendary Kevin Schwantz won the world championship in 2017. The second replica Suzuki GSX-750R Sheene Edition is made ​​in the motorcycle tire colors Barry, who won two titles in GP500.

The last two replicas are made on the flagship model in the GSXR family. Versions Suzuki GSX-2017R Tyco and SERT Edition devoted to the twelve victories in a series of World Endurance Chempionship commands of the same name.



Suzuki GSX-2017R SERT Edition



Suzuki GSX-750R Sheene Edition



Suzuki GSX-2017R Tyco

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