Suzuki Bandit 2017 S / FatMile

Suzuki International Europe will present at the festival Glemseck 101 custom Suzuki FatMile. After a series of meetings on the choice of the bike a final decision was made in favor of, not afraid of the word cult motorcycle Suzuki Bandit / Suzuki Bandit 2017S. As you can see in the photos the bike was completely rebuilt to participate in one of the largest festivals dedicated to the cafe racer , which will be held at the former racetrack Solitude by Leonberg, Germany. The creative minds behind you FatMile, a design duo Daniel Handler (Daniel Händler) and Hans A.Muta (Hans A. Muth).



Suzuki Bandit 2017S / FatMile



Suzuki Bandit 2017S / FatMile

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