Superbike Honda V4 will be presented in 2019 !?


Japanese giant Honda last autumn introduced the new Honda CBR1000RR Fireblade 2019 , but continues to work on a mysterious superbike with a V4 engine, which is likely to be released in 2019 by the 70th anniversary.

The new sportbike will allow the Japanese company to pass homologation and perform in a superbike using all the advantages of the V4 engine, reminding us of the legendary past RC30 and RC45.

Rumors about a new motorcycle have been going for a long time.
Last year it became known that the motorcycle will have an aluminum monoamom like Ducati Panigale, and inside it will be installed a simplified Honda RC213S V4 engine to reduce the cost, since for homologation in the WSBK the motorcycle should cost no more than 40,000 euros.

The British edition MCN closely follows the development of the project and has unearthed a series of new patents that detail the Honda V4 project.

1) Design of the tail section.
The main goal is to increase the efficiency of aerodynamics.
Various nozzles allow you to pass the airflow that passes over the windscreen and the back of the rider.
All the channels are connected, that is, the entire airflow leaves through a large hole between the tail lights.
There are also smaller channels.

The diagram shows the place of fixing the license plate.
The patent also refers to the V4 engine and the chain final drive.

Superbike Honda V4 will be presented in 2019 !?

2) The second patent is dedicated to attaching the exhaust and the bracket to the footrests.
Some elements on the diagrams are made for the completeness of the picture (for example, a cowl in the style of Honda RC211V).

3) The remaining patents concern the design of the fairing, the device (probably carbon fiber), the central inlet (similar to the RC213V inlet), the tiny LED headlights.

Honda also patented the design of air intakes, frame design, mirrors with LED turn signals …

The photo in the title shows a concept created on the order of the MCN edition on the basis of information from patents.

Superbike Honda V4 will present in 2019 !?

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