Street Fighter of the Ducati 2017

Like many neo-owners superbikes (not very professional) Alonzo Bodden lying on the pavement apart from its more minute ago flawless Ducati 2017 yellow – it was the first departure of Alonso. And this happened mishap near Buttonwillow Raceway in California, fortunately without serious physical consequences for the younger pilot. So, instead of to rebuild Alonso decides to call Nick Anglada and all that remains of the motorcycle was sent to Florida

Ducat This was the second experiment, Nick, for a start it was decided to get rid of the standard fairing and exhaust, then some of the mechanical components were painted gold. To give the character the bike was manufactured minimalist tail and found a wider rear tire. As a result of this work it has turned out not quite cheap streetfighter , while the "young talent", a new toy, that's just wondering how long?

Ducat 2017

Ducat 2017

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