Soaring Chad Reed

We do not follow the championship motocross, but an event that happened at one of the stages of the American Motocross Championship last week with the Australian rider Chad Reed, we could not leave unnoticed. To believe it – it should be seen .
Check-leader Chad Reed in the race lost control and was thrown from the bike saddle straight while jumping. Falling from a great height, he not only did not receive any injuries, but returned to the race, finishing fourteenth.
Here is the comment of your flight Chad Reed; "After a few strokes of the front wheel, the bike flew out from under me , the next moment I realized that I was flying through the air. I'm just happy that everything worked out without injury, and I was able to return to the track. Having lost the first place, I was not going to give up and took 14th place. Now, after losing 25 points battle will be even hotter and I look forward to the excitement and the next steps. "

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