self-balancing elektrotsikl GyroCycle 2018-2019


Company «Thrustcycle», located in Honolulu, unveiled a prototype self-balancing electric motorcycle GyroCycle 2018-2019.

«GyroCycle 2018-2019 – vehicles with low performance and high level of stability”, – says Clyde Igarashi, president of «Thrustcycle Enterprises LLC».
– “The gyroscope functions as a stabilizer and as a mechanical battery”.

internal flywheels are used for stability GyroCycle 2018-2019, which create a gyroscopic effect that guarantees the motorcycle upright and in motion, and at the time of parking.
Mechanical battery is used to absorb the braking energy to then use it to speed up.

«Thrustcycle» The company promises to present the first prototype of the production in 2018-2019.
Estimated cost: $ 20 000.
The company produces all of its prototype in the factory in Wilsonville, Oregon.

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