Results of the championship AMD Custom Bike Building in 2017, Cologne

Freddy " Krueger " Bertrand after receiving the highest award at the Custom Bike Building 2017 World Cup with his masterpiece project called NURB, built around the engine BMW K2017, joined the exclusive club of a lot – the winners of the championship title.
Kruger is a regular participant and AMD a serious competitor in the championship, and this is his second victory in the Freestyle class, the first trophy he won in 2017 with Veon project. Thus Bertrand became the second customizer, who took the title more than once after the three-time champion of Custom Bike Building Canadian Roger Goldammer.
For this project, Bertrand took up at the request of the French branch of the BMW , which offered customizer to alter the six-cylinder BMW K2017 from a tourist in an art work. This results in a futuristic custom Non-Uniform Rational B-spline (NURB). It should also be noted that Kruger has retained all the electronics, including the injection and ABS.

Freddy "Krueger" Bertrand and NURB

Second place in the Freestyle class took customizer from Finland Veikko Sikiö, a project built from scratch. With the casting method he created 800 cc V-twin and a number of details from metal and carbon.

Veikko Sikiö

Third place went to another project with no less interesting engine. «Abarth» by Francesco Bell of North Coast Customs, Italy. Wherein the power unit acts as the engine of the Fiat 500 in the pair with the gearbox Primo Rivera.

Francesco Bell of North Coast Customs

The Retro Retro Modified class the first place was Thomas Turner project called Nimbus with its unusual transmission. After last year ( on an AMD 2017 ) owner TMT Moto shop took the second place, he returned this year with kastomov Nimbus 2017 is equipped with row Quartet set out in the frame of a Harley.

Retro Modified Winner – TMT Moto

History in the Modified Harley class is identical to the previous ( AMD's 2017 Modified Harley ). Studio One Way Machine, represented by Julian Background Ohaymba from Germany, and returned this year deservedly won the first place by providing custom «Brougham» Softail 2017.

Modified Harley winner – One Way Machine

The Street Performance All surprised custom «Springster» from the studio Riverside Motocyclettes, France, combining a hardtail frame, the plug from the engine and Buell XB12 Ultima 127ci, shod in tires Continental Race Attack.

Street Performance Winner – Riverside Motocyclettes

Not without racing inspiration was constructed favorite class Café Racer motorcycle from France, cafe racer 750 CR from Crazy Racers. The bike is equipped with motor Ducati / Cagiva 750, front drum brakes Ceriani, low klipony and elegant hump.

Cafe Racer winner – Crazy Racers

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