Repairing BMW R80 G / S

If you choose an old bike to make it on tour in Europe, many would choose the BMW R80 G / S. This is – a bona fide classic, but unlike the majority of peers and competitors, and it is still reliable. In addition to relatively simple mechanical assembly of its parts still available. This unique motorcycle would be an excellent candidate in the selection list. The guys from the London studio Untitled Motorcycles otlichilis- again four months ago was presented to R80 based Scrambler UM-2.


Now came the turn of GS 2017. For a long time after standing in the garage, about its history and previous owners, we can only guess. Maybe not hitting it in the hands of Untitled Motorcycles GS so and was buried among the junk garage. "The first trip was not to forget – not dampen the shock, but it was not the oil in the front fork." Replacing rear shock and front fork exhausting bike proezdil a year before it was decided to subject him to change.

"We almost decided to change BMW R80 G / S, but instead decided to restore it. This is – a classic that should be treated with the respect it deserves. " Restoration work were subjected to all motorcycle units. Major engine repairs, replacement of all consumables, painting and electroplating transformed it beyond recognition, looking at him you would think that it rolled out of the salon yesterday. Subscribe to the blog for new articles to the post office can be here !


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