Racing elektrotsikl Shinden Yon2018-2019

At the Tokyo Motor Show Mugen team introduced the 4th generation of the electric superbike Mugen Shinden, which has an even higher performance compared to previous versions.
Elektrotsikl Shinden Yon2018-2019 (with Jap -. “Four”) produces more power, but harder last year’s model.

At the same time, the Japanese manufacturer has also changed the shape of the fairing, and now the bike is more like a shark.
The motor manufacturer a little less than 147 hp
(137 hp at Shinden San), while torque remains the same – 220 Nm.

Other features:

– 370-volt lithium-ion batteries

– Mass of 250 kg (10 kg heavier than last year’s model)

– 3-phase oil-cooled engine

– Diagonal frame CFRP

– A plurality of components of carbon fiber

For Mugen team will play John McGuinness and Bruce Anstey.

Racing elektrotsikl Shinden Yon
Racing elektrotsikl Shinden Yon
Racing elektrotsikl Shinden Yon