Prototype elektrotsikla CRP Energica 2017

Italian manufacturer elektrotsiklov CRP introduced pre-production prototype of the new elektrosportbayka CRP Energica.
Official presentation of the new items will be held next week in Milan, and the beginning of sales in Europe and the United States is scheduled for 2017.

CRP Energica will be the first electric motorcycle designed and manufactured in Italy.
In addition Energica road is the epitome of the experience gained in the company of electric TTXGP Championships.
In 2010, Alessandro Branetti on the race elektrotsikle eCRP 1.2 won the TTXGP European Championship, and the second place was conquered in the World Cup the same year.

New elektrotsikl CRP Energica equipped with battery capacity of 11.7 kWh.
In this component, the Italian company took a big step forward since the last race elektrobayk eCRP 1.4 came with a battery capacity of 7.4 kWh.
Charge the battery CRP Energica enough for about 150 kilometers and a top speed of 220 km / h.

Other features and specifications CRP Energica:

• Engine: 134 hp, 160 Nm, oil-cooled, asynchronous electric motor

• Frame: steel trellis (on eCRP was cast aluminum frame, decided to simplify and reduce the cost)

• Suspension: adjustable 43mm Marzocchi fork, Sachs shock absorber adjustable

• Brakes: Brembo, radial, front pair of 310-mm discs, rear 220 mm disc

• Other: LED lights, digital LCD tidy

• Tires: Pirelli Diablo Rosso II

• Price: 18 000 EUR

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