production model KTM RC16 promise in 2018-2019


With the KTM MotoGP project the very start it was clear that the Austrian brand will make the production version of the KTM RC16 for customers who are willing to pay a six-figure sum for a real track bike.

Director General Stefan Pierer KTM gave an interview to the German edition of “Speedweek”, sharing interesting information about the “consumer version” of the prototype KTM RC16.
The good news is that the KTM factory plans to release at least 100 motorcycles that will be as close to a racing prototype.

Engine KTM V4, mounted on KTM RC16, produces 270 hp, and maintain such high performance is unlikely to succeed.
On the production model promises to figure in the area of ​​240 hp, which is quite nice.
The new bike belongs to the super premium category, but the manufacturer still concerned about the price tag.
The Austrians promised to prepare a novelty in 2018-2019, and its cost is lower the price tag the Honda RC213V-the S .

Stefan Pierer said that he wants to the production version of the KTM RC16 cost 100k to 120K euros.

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