Photos AMD 2017 custom bikes in the class «Modified Harley-Davidson»

Continuing the publication of photos of custom bikes with AMD 2017, we move to the next class Modified Harley-Davidson. In this class for creating custom bikes taken as a basis Evo engines or engines with a choice of frame Screamin 'Eagle / JIMS. Under the terms of prohibited changes in the geometry of the frame work of the motorcycle is allowed smoothing welds, installing moldings, tabs and brackets moving or removing any parts. Rear: pendulum can be modified to any size wheels, and the suspension can be replaced. The engine modifications are permitted except for the installation of the turbine and NOS kits.

First place in this class won Taiwan Rough Crafts workshop under the leadership of Winston E (Winston Yeh) (previously known to us in a joint project with Shinya Kimura ), providing custom called Stealth Bullet.

custom called Stealth Bullet

Second place was given to the studio in Germany, the city of Stauffenberg called One Way Machine, with kastomov La Salle presented them assembled under the direction of Julian von Ohaymba (Julian von Oheimb).

kastomov La Salle

Third place went to the studio again Sasse and van Essen, Germany, Fischbach. Under the leadership of Mike Guldnera (Meiko Guldner) guys have collected and presented on the AMD 99 custom Softail.

Softail 99

4th UK. The guys from the studio Shaw Speed ​​& Custom presented his vision of a motorcycle Harley-Davidson Blackline produced in 2017, was named custom HD 110 the LE, for which he received the fourth place. work shop F1-XLR F1-XLR , The Heritage Softail .

HD 110 LE

5th place: the United States, Bloomfield, workshop Hoosier Daddy Choppers, which is owned by John Shipley introduced custom Firehouse Racer.

custom Firehouse Racer

6 th place: Hungary, Solimyar, custom Gigamachine Aluracer from studio Gigamachine Choppers Hungary, submitted a Harley, with cradles.

custom Gigamachine Aluracer, Harley, with cradles

7th place: Spain, Barcelona, ​​custom Lobo Lobo 2 of the workshop on the basis of Motive's V-Rod, 2017.

custom Lobo Lobo 2 of Motive's workshop

8th place: France, Misery, workshop HD Riders from EL Camino666 with kastomov Moka Race.

Studio HD Riders from EL Camino666, custom Moka Race

9th place: Poland, BT Choppers shop and custom War Boy

custom War Boy

10th place: Russia, Moscow, workshop Orekhovo Custom Art. Sergei and Andrei Kuzakov "Skull" presented at the 2017 AMD custom called "Meteor", which entered the top ten of the world's customizer.

custom "Meteor" from Orekhovo Custom Art

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