Petit Nicolas: concept Supermoto Honda Africa Twin

Honda Africa Twin is not a natural basis for supermoto, although the bike is a great turenduro.
French designer Nicolas Petit delved into the issue and introduced the concept of Supermoto Honda Africa Twin.

The French designer has developed the concept in Photoshop and proved that such modernization is possible.
Nicholas added 17-inch wheels mnogospitsevye with slick tires and the bike a bit understated.

In design, everything has changed in the direction of supermotard.
And received a very nice car, ready to win.
Racing colors and labels attached to the bike even more sporting character, not to mention the exhaust tuning.
The project clearly has the full right to existence.

The company Honda, of course, never release Supermoto Honda CRF1000L, that is, such a project can be implemented in any studio, not more.

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