Overview racing helmet X-802

The legendary X-802 – a racing motorcycle helmet made ​​of composite materials Nolan Group of companies. The X-802 are the best pilots of Moto GP and WSBK : Marco Melandri, Jorge Lorenzo, Carlos Checa, Casey Stoner, and many others. Each component (shell, visor, liner, ventilation system) is the result of innovative development, aimed at maintaining the best quality and excellent performance of the helmet. All of the helmet carefully designed to provide maximum performance for participation in world racing MotoGP.

At the beginning of the racing season 2017 Casey Stoner and Jorge Lorenzo, and other riders, which supports the Nolan Group is, tested a number of innovative technical solutions, reflected in the helmet, which is now available for the most demanding riders.
The three-layer shell
An advantage of X-802 to use three different shells shells available in six sizes (XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL). Thus, the weight and volume of the helmet (and hence its aerodynamic drag) is minimized. The shell is made of composite materials.

Three layer shell

Visor in X-802 is made from Lexan material which provides high impact resistance. It is fully renovated, with the obvious changes in design that have resulted in an impressively broad overview and an excellent mechanism for opening the visor with Pinlock ®sistemy (the standard inner visor with anti-fog and silicone sealed profile).
The new visor is equipped with a rotary engine, which is installed on all enclosed motorcycle helmets Nolan ® past few years.

Special features:
(A) Lock visor to prevent accidental opening, especially at high speeds;
(B) The system of protection from fogging the NFR, required to drive at low speeds, during stops at the opening of the visor.

The removable liner and cheek
"Breathable» UNITHERM fabric used for the X-802 and the inner lining is a major component to ensure rider comfort. It consists of the most modern elastic microfiber, which actively regulate breathability by rapidly removing the evaporation inside the helmet. Removable cheeks needed to maintain a stable position in the head at high speeds. This is due to the triple shell of different density, which provides excellent comfort even in significant impacts on the cheek.
Linings for the cheeks of different thicknesses are available to provide the best comfort and fit.

The removable liner and cheek

Stability regulation system (ASD)
An innovative aerodynamic adjustable rear spoiler is integrated into the helmet. Spoiler
was tested in the wind tunnel and on the track, optimize the aerodynamics of the helmet,
it stabilizes at high speeds, and also helps to extract the hot air from the helmet
through outlet vents integrated directly in the spoiler itself. Aerodynamics
It can be set to one of the two available configurations for maximum correspondence
styles of different riders.

adjustable aerodynamic rear spoiler

Ventilation system
X-802 offers the most effective ventilation system ever created
for hats . In addition to the ASD system described above, the innovative rear spoiler
provides permanent removal of the hot air generated inside the helmet, that is:
1 high air flow rate with defogging function; 2 external protection with integrated aerodynamic ventilation;
3 side vents;
4 upper intake vents;
5zadnie exhaust vents.

Ventilation system

The helmet X-802 has a wide range of designs, some of which are replicas of pilots: a few
Replica Jorge Lorenzo and Carlos Cheques and Marco Melandri, Fabrizio Pirovano, Airtona
Badovini and Casey Stoner.

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