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Not so long ago we wrote about the innovative new development in the protection of the motorcyclist the D-air Racing , from the recognized leader in the manufacture of motoekiperovki company Dainese. Of course, initially the protection of D-air Racing, as the name has been aimed primarily at protecting the drivers participating in the race. Now, when the D-air Racing has successfully passed all the tests, it's time for the road version.
D-air ® Street can be used with any other security means. When an accident triggered airbags that are designed to protect the vital organs of the passenger or the pilot, such as the chest and spine, as well operational airbag reduces the movement of the neck, reducing the risk of final fracture.
Set D-air consists of two parts, the first is mounted on a motorcycle, and reads the information from the sensors located on the suspension and the bike frame, the second unit is located directly on the pilot or passenger, and is in constant exchange, bi-directional data transfer bike-to-rider / pillion and vice versa. In tests it was shown that in emergency situations when using the D-air protection damage decreased to 85% (!!!), but the best course to these situations never arise.
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D-air ® Street

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