Off-road motorbikes Alpinestars Tech 10 Indianapolis


Company Alpinestars introduced the Motobots Alpinestars Tech 10 Indianapolis, issued a limited lot.
Why Indianapolis, ask?
Indianapolis is an important city for off-road motorsport, its history and development.

Motobots Alpinestars Tech 10 Indianapolis gathered all the latest technology along with a unique coloring.
As a result, top and very rare off-road shoes were obtained.
The Indianapolis model, in fact, differs only in color, that is, it corresponds to the specification of the basic model.

Features of Alpinestars Tech 10:

– one-piece construction of five different polymers, from which an optimized and light structure is created, guaranteeing strength and integrity without unnecessary connections and weak points

– rubber inserts are made on the middle part for maximum contact with the motorcycle

– certified protection

– double fastener system

– Shin protection from stretching, but at the same time sufficient mobility is provided

– heel protection

– protection of fingers and other key zones

– removable fasteners

– double sole, all parts are replaced

– Removable insole

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