Off-road ABS from Husqvarna

Anti-lock braking system ( the ABS ) largely become one of the most important events in the motorcycle idustrii – regardless of the skill of the driver and the driving experience, ABS has a significant potential to save the lives of motorcyclists. However, the technology that is so valuable on the street, until today has not been used in off-road. To fill this gap I decided Husqvarna company has recently announced its first new developments in the world of off-road ABS, which has been fully optimized for off-road racing, and which will be implemented on the model of the TE 449 Husqvarna 2017 model year.

ABS on-road Husqvarna consists of two wheel sensors reading wheel pulses, which determine the speed of rotation of the front and rear wheels, ABS modulator pressure hydraulic system and an electronic control unit. Due to the dynamic features that occur in off-road racing, ABS adjustment applies only to the front wheels – the rear brake is not regulated, allowing the driver to intentionally block the rear wheel of a controlled skid.

Compared with some other ABS systems used on some road and dual-purpose bikes, the new system developed by Husqvarna has a high slip threshold and various adjustment parameters that allow us to offer excellent braking performance on rough terrain, without compromising the dynamic off-road riding.

ABS from Husqvarna

ABS from Husqvarna

ABS from Husqvarna

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