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When I said that I wanted to take a 2018 Harley-Davidson Sportster Roadster for a test ride, “our colleagues” I wondered – why, they say, to me this child lisaped?
He zhezh small, and does not go at all.
I, in turn, assailed by vague doubts, because in 2015 I tested the 750 Street and he told me suddenly, like (well, except for my size it), and it is unlikely the new Sportster will be worse.
Again, the engine of 1200 cubic centimeters versus 750 as it suggests that much what-what, and power Sportster exactly should not be deprived.
Strongly rejecting prejudices and deliberately bulging the slogan “we must all try to” motorcycle was reserved.

The 2018 Harley-Davidson’s representation, too little surprised – they say, where I was about 120 kg of wild boar on this, as someone put it there the of “fence with wheels”, but did not object.
Monsieur knows what’s what … Apparently.

He said, “go” and waved …

From the pages of Sportster Roadster press release looks large enough, well, just does not look very much small.
A kind of dog fighting, a low, aggressive, muscles and tendons to the show, nothing more.
But what is it really?
Well, the reality, as often happens, turned out to be different from the wet images.

So the beginning of August, and he stands in front of me.
It is necessary to vibrate and, although there is no vibrating and shaking as the incarnate of Parkinson’s syndrome.
And it’s “vibro-kid” I have to go?
And “baby” this is not a diminutive, it is almost a statement of the actual dimensions.
I look at him and think: that’s how much I matted fool?
But as they say, a penny, get in the box and, after listening to a short lecture about the features of this representative of the twin-Pot from Milwaukee, I went and perched.
At this point, very much like that it was the night, and no one has seen “the elephant riding a flea,” but alas …

The epithet “two-wheeled fence” is not easy to stick to the bike firmly and immediately.
The bike is very narrow, the tank “pistachio”, narrow wheels, driver’s seat at all is almost purely nominal, passenger seat and did not consider that.
The only thing that saves size – just a steering wheel, and conveniently located and concise dashboard.
The most important thing a misunderstanding of the motorcycle – driving steps.
They stick out like Cheburashka’s ears – high and wide.
And, despite the fact that the steering wheel still slightly wider footpegs, at any given time, making his way somewhere in the heavy traffic, on a subconscious level skrebёtsya idea – if only not to touch anything.
Moreover brackets, which are attached shared in the same steps, also designed alternatively gifted engineers.
As a result, the foot is not on the running board, and much, very much closer to the center of the bike, in fact on the hold bracket and “envelope” more stick of 5-7 centimeters of the most footrests.
The ride is comfortable enough so, at least, more comfortable than if you put your feet on the footrests properly.
Engineers, designers, or rather, from Milwaukee clearly something too clever by half, and why, for example, do not put the footrests as the Sportster Seventy-Two, personally for me a riddle.
However, I am sure, using spare parts catalog, this misunderstanding can be easily eliminated.
By the way due to such position of feet on the footrests gearshift – a separate quest: So, swap the left leg “right” on the bandwagon quickly find the foot switch, and then switch the transmission, then remove the leg back into a comfortable position.
All quest is made.
After a couple of hours of practice, already switches the leg without moving from a comfortable position, but it is necessary to have a certain flexibility and skill.

But Parkinson’s disease disappeared stylus budge.
No special vibration was not seen in motion.
But it is necessary to stop as his body felt – the motorcycle is stationary, and the inside of the frame had something not even shaking, fluttering.
Looking down you can personally see the “beating a fiery heart.”
Speaking of “flaming heart”.
With an impressive volume of 1200 cubic centimeters engine did not seem much more powerful than the Street 750. Yes, it is gaining its cruising 130 km / h faster, but not much else.
According to the dynamics of his time in compare with the most Heritage Softail Classic, the same smoothness and prudence, even some ductility, but I was expecting something else …

The first 150 meters have identified that the bike needs to be set up under the driver’s seat.
On hitting bumps in the fifth point is not merciful, wheel set with the expectation of a low rider footrests … with footrests have to do something.
Reaching into his workshop, quickly solved the problem with the steering wheel and handles all the benefit is adjusted in the presence inch hexagons.
But with the rear suspension had to torment.
Need the keys in my studio was not, and in fact I have there what is there not.
No, with the help of Gdańsk and the tool can be hell bald shoe, but the preservation of the appearance is not guaranteed, but even so the bike did a test, and we must return it in the form of decency.
Scratched domes, then tykovku and had an epiphany: there must be an original set of tools, and it certainly is the key to suspension.
Climbed to search.

was not set under the seat, it is strange.
Climbed to all other prospective locations, where it can fit a set of tools, it is not anywhere.
That is I think so … maybe stolen, I’m not the first one motorcycle testing, and our people are strange … upset.
And was about to put the seat back shot, he discovered that it is the reverse side of it, in a special recess mounted key here is that which is necessary – to adjust the spring tension.
Hooray, the fifth point to say thank you.
So I do not understand about this tool bug or a feature, but the springs are tightened, now we have something to do with the running boards.
I have them dismantled, collected and turned in his hands, and this way and that they apply, no, there’s no way grinders and welding, and the bike can not be cut, even if you really want, and even if in the end for it will say thank you.
Life – the pain will go as it is.

By the way the controls, in addition to the driver’s infamous chicanery, no complaints.
Everything is done with the usual for 2018 Harley-Davidson quality, and is situated on already, the usual places.
As always some time to get used to the buttons on the turn signal control (left to left, right to right, respectively), but it comes quickly.
The aforementioned above dashboard while not the most impressive size, read perfectly in all weather and lighting conditions.
And yet there are some useful (but standard for almost all HD) features, as an indicator included bargain, and the estimated mileage of the current balance of fuel (this is in addition to the standard, such as the total and daily run) – already asked for more luxury.

After the “fit for the growth of” bike began to behave not much better, hands at the correct height, back straight, the seat even start to pretend that it is comfortable.
Yes, on behalf of the bumps Sobyanin and all of its predecessors, although you feel the full depth of corruption in the capital’s road construction, but did not want to take immediate and destructive action on the fight against this corruption.
I thought even about riding with a passenger and his wife decided to bring their bike to the center Sexton.
Adventure these things happened miraculously, his wife said that more on the fence (probably an epithet suggests itself), it will not sit down.

Passenger seat exists only nominally, there’s nothing bigger than a skinny teenager categorically can not be transported.
Even with that, my wife is just about such dimensions, it was uncomfortable to sit.
When typing speed passenger fifth point tries to go back to the wing, and when braking in turns to rest against the tank immediately.
Passenger footrests positioned high enough that passenger comfort is not added at all.
About the work of the suspension when riding with a passenger it is better not to remember.
In general, the bike is clearly not to travel alone.

To be honest, at this point I thought it was an epic Fail, not the bike, it seemed not such as to be in it all.
But something bothered me, I always tried to understand this bike – for whom is it?
Who is its target audience?
Who are these people?
The head always something to spit, but could not possibly be formed, some obvious thought that suddenly explains everything and dot the “e”.
I saw a motorcycle with different sides, wondering over the appearance, the design of various parts, motor, power and agility.
But it is, on the whole, very good.
Initial comparisons with dog fighter’s really not far from the truth, engine, frame, wheels with alloy spokes, brake, by the way, more than adequate motorcycle.
Here they are the bones, muscles, tendons, meat, where it is necessary, too, but not a single gram of excess “fat” or the hound and not a bodybuilder.
And then it dawned on me … Student!

And it is true, “the states» Sportster is really popular motorcycle – is cheap, credit policy is that, let it alone can anyone who can buy on credit new IPhone, and this, in turn, is almost every American.
And now everything falls into place.
He was just in size to the average student.
This is the first 2018 Harley-Davidson for a young man.
It more than 146%, you can move between the buildings inside the campus of the institute route: dormitory – lectures – gym – cafe / movie – hostel.
On it it is possible to throw a classmate on the way, and better classmate.
And because not go away, it will not have time to understand all the “charms” of drive number two riding on the “fence”, and certainly appreciate fit appearance.
On a motorcycle you can even go to my parents for the weekend, with the proviso, of course, that they live in the same state (I’m sure there are fans who will travel further, but it’s fans).
Moreover now his appearance becomes even more attractive.
Fighting almost mischievous traits are consistent with the spirit of the student’s ardor and thirst for non-conformism.
Yes muffins in my smoothies, but in this context, even the washed-hipster pokemonolov, with a full range of modern looks like stamps tucked trousers, beards and glasses Ray Ban, will be more than organically look at this bike.
I would even say – will look cool.
Certainly steeper and organically than the next with a thick plastic chopper or rocket.

To be honest, I’m a little jealous of this hypothetical student.
In my student days, all I could afford, and then if you climbed into crippling debt, it Ural 8.103-10 “Sovkotsikl with sidecar”, with an appropriate design.
What I like the Sportster’u, at the time, I could read only on the pages of “Western” magazines, and my jealousy was quiet and very dark …

But something I digress.
Compare Sportster Roadster can and should be only with the “little brother» – Street 750. Street is clearly made with a focus on the Asian market, it is much more maneuverable and easy to trim simpler, and the price matches.
Sportster – already a full-fledged American 2018 Harley-Davidson, it is more stylish, more American-style rough, real 2018 Harley-Davidson to the last bolt, what would there not talking oldfagi.
Just this 2018 Harley-Davidson for a new generation.

And at Sportster has a secret, and because of it he is on his head ahead of Street all the characteristics.
Somewhere in the pedigree was Sportster Flat-Tracker, and these genes are a no-no, and lurking outside, just need to find them.
If you find them, the bike is changing, the motor ceases to be sluggish and stiff suspension from the lack of dignity becomes.
I’ll reveal the secret: it is necessary to twist the throttle sharply, to enter the turns harder, brake later, to open earlier, and then take you to the “dark side.”
Here lives a kind of horse humpback, small, but behind him smeared with turpentine very densely.
He roars engine almost ringing valves, exhaust sound goes unmerciful crescendo wheels constantly strive to break into a skid, but he keeps screaming, but keeps, and he drags and drags, and about-ho-ho as the drags.
At such moments, I found myself completely insane grin, and added more gas.
And only very deeply on the margins of consciousness skrebёtsya thought – edrit Madre and the steps that get through there, where are we now so fly ..?

In this I think I will finish.
I’d like him yourself?
No, of course, I have long grown out of it, both physically and mentally.
I would have bought it to his son hypothetical student, idiot?
(All students – blockheads – IMHO) I would of course first offered blockheads or enduro sportbike, but if any is not otherwise attract youth, Well Sportster is the best one.

Thank you all that have read.
Peace to you 😉

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