Oberden Betstsi: the Concept BMW HP2 Sport

BMW HP2 Sport – unique boxer sportbike manufactured Bavarian company in 2008-2012.
The model is interesting in terms of design and technical solutions, but non-competitive: the bike is too heavy, a little power.
Air oppositi hardly suitable for sports bikes.
There is also a problem with clearance.
The bike, of course, there is a small army of fans, including Italian designer Oberden Betstsi.

Italian design gurus imagined would look like BMW HP2 Sport, equipped with a boxer engine with liquid cooling (engine from the current generation BMW R1200GS).

BMW HP2 Sport 2009

With modern boxer engine BMW HP2 Sport could have 130+ hp
(And even more if we make the force), as well as the weight of less than 220 kg of the original motorcycle.

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