nuda the Husqvarna 2018 900R


With “wool» Yamaha R6 on Husqvarna 2018 NUDA 900R =) What’s what and why in the photo +;

It took 4 years and 3 full seasons with yamaha r6.
According to posts you can see how developed my relationship with the motorcycle.
I saddled him with a range of 11,800 km, separated from the city to 39,000 km.

In short, chic motorcycle: design, handling, engine, etc.
Indeed, it is a masterpiece of engineering, so the model for 8 years and it is still in trend =)

How so, you ask, because such a cow is needed most …

Harsh realities of our metropolis and my life cycle, multiplied by the age, prompted me to change my 2 wheeled vehicle.

Briefly on the + and – R6

“+”: Chassis in the corners, if not nakosyachil with the trajectory, then you, like a knife in butter (quantity in stock options over), the engine is at full output and rebuilt after the 8000 revolutions;
This animal (of course in its class) design …

In 2007, when I saw him, I said to myself: “I would like that!” =)))

“-“: The fact that did not like, but rather it is the specificity: The fee for the excellent handling is the rigidity of the chassis;
if night prolyubil jamb Road, the eggs in the clink.
Steering angle, in short, without the damper, it is for the alpha males.
Zhor is proportional to the temperature of the oil and the air turns, but in the framework.
Despite the compactness, R6 motorcycle for tall.
The angle of the rudder, in short fuck you turn in a traffic jam =))), or you Gymkhana =) fan))

Operation with vozduhanom, saddle, side ski damper nut, bolts tank side, 11 bolts vozduhana … did not seem difficult, but zadalbyvaet.

Once in the garage sipping foamy, I noticed a motorcycle that has chosen a neighbor (a year ago, he laid the Z1000, but after rehabilitation returned to the K1300S) struck and realized: “I want to straighten up.”
And so the grain fell into the ground.

Actually the question may arise, and why is she ?!
I have a friend Den Panferov (deputy. Motoeksperta chief editor), so, 2 years ago, taking the technique to the test, he had left his horse in the workshop, namely, nuda.
The then my colleague strongly “poddrachival” on the Husqvarna 2018 brand.
We, of course, did not fail to assess the aid.
I liked the design and sound =) I asked Dan, a brand licensed to ATT, that such exhaust ?!
His answer: a couple of bottles of limoncello =))) course on another motorcycle we rode.

Actually when peck cock in the ass after 2 years, I have thought of this model and called to ask what was happening.

In short: In the iron no complaints (with 11,000 taking up almost 50,000), replacement of only consumables, korobaster alive and willing, as an urban unit one of the best.
Look for 2013 with ABS.
Fuck you find it =))) (looking ahead) as the Brembo brakes and nakosyachit extremely difficult …

Moto overthrew th whole two options: Nuda and NudaR?
which led to the re-call of Dan.
He clarified what Feng Shui versions.
Monoblocks adjustable Sachs fork, Ohlins Amorth, star, leading to tooth less (also seen that the ride height by 15 mm higher), and the color scheme of black and red.

Options that I had chosen a plus nishtyaki from the owner.
Disks in the new color, carbon, sliders all places =).
The only thing that I did not have to be happy is ABS = (although the issue decide during infusion of money …

In general the transition to a subject took place.

Monoblocks, in one of the articles they write that this is overkill, hz, but the bite is very fierce, I brake with one finger and index finger =)

Yet, how happy I pressure pump nipple into the tank, finally it is not necessary to be perverted in yoga, both R6 and its huge brake discs at pumping =)))

Feet in the relaxation after hard pegs R6.

The stock exhaust Bach as it should, HZ
how they propihnul by noise.

Italian design, there is nothing to add …

Through these gaps we breathe (on both sides)

Trident =)

Little things, but are going to the picture as a whole.

Features of the transition, summarizing:

Hoda suspensions.
210 and 180, the eggs are rejoicing, back satisfied.

Motor torque 100, 105 horses, do not break off.
Pihl, though similar to the F800 from BMW but the other, elbows, connecting rods, pistons (315 degrees angles outbreaks, this sounds like a V obraznik)

gas, long handle, straight at all, it is necessary to move the brush.

There is a mode to rain, makes a linear motor, without the pick.

The brakes on the R6 were good, but these stsuko evil, no right at all evil.
Not enough ABS = (rear brake like quite straight, modulation holiday.

Spotlight shines straight.
Good cars are shining in the mirror and notice immediately.

The steering wheel is wider than the titanium stock 2 cm. Straight bull by the horns, but on the first night when the stretch mirror motorcycle hit a mirror gazelki.
With passenger without problems.

Rulitsya easy lay spectacled (yet) high.
If my 182 sitting pull socks (maybe a feature version of R)

The sound is OK.
While that all the drain, nothing do not plan to change.

The unusual machine catches even experienced.

Jokes about the chainsaw has listened.

Nipples swap wheels mikroorgazm =)

No glove compartment at all, it is for those who roll a barrel on the fine at the R6

The second number can bring up without pain and agony, =))) compared to R6

Something like this.

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