New Helmet Arai Corsair V RC 2017

This year, the manufacturer of motorcycle helmets Arai introduced a brand new helmet in the line 2017. New germak of carbon fiber is made-to-order, for a modest $ 4000, called Arai Corsair V RC. Price trends extols it in first place as the most expensive hat in the consumer market.
What makes it so special at? Firstly, a person skilled in Arai takes one day to create a single layer of carbon fiber, there are a total of 11 mb. The plastic used in making hats was developed in the construction of commercial airliners, all this makes it the lightest helmet in its class. The Arai Corsair V RC used GP-6RC Arai technology, which are used for the pilots of Formula 1. So it should be noted that the helmet is made-to-order and the time for manufacturing takes from 4 to 7 weeks.

Helmet Arai Corsair V RC

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