New elektromototsikl Zero S 2017


motorcycle Zero S is the most powerful bike in the family ‘electronics’. The city mode the bike can cover a distance of up to 220 kilometers on one charge. The maximum speed that can develop elektromototsikl Zero S is 155 km / h, which is actually a breakthrough for elektrobayka.

Elektromototsikl Zero S 2017

The new Zero S is working on the new Z-Force motor with passive cooling. The main and most important feature of this engine is to reduce the charging time. Using a standard outlet, the battery can be charged in less than one hour.

Elektromototsikl, also equipped with applications for the iPhone and Android. This application provides the ability to switch modes motorcycle on your mobile devices. Silent engine features high torque at any speed, and despite the fact that on the Zero S has an automatic transmission, the last fact can not please fans of the dynamics.
New elektromototsikl Zero S goes on sale in January 2017 with an estimated value in Europe 10 000 euros.

elektromototsikl Zero S 2017

Elektromototsikl Zero S 2017

Eelektromototsikl Zero S 2017

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