New 2019 Kawasaki Z900 A2 Motorcycle



Japanese manufacturer Kawasaki introduced the updated Kawasaki Z900 A2 2018-2019 motorcycle for beginning motorcyclists in Europe.

The new Kawasaki Z900 A2 2018-2019 is equipped with a 70 kW (93 hp) motor, which is ideal for all drivers of the A2 category. Japanese engineers have tried to make the design of the novelty the most similar to the design of the brother Kawasaki Z900, whose engine develops 123 hp.

Motorcycle Kawasaki Z900 A2 can easily be deformed to 35 kW, changing only the settings of the ECU control unit (the work must be performed by a certified dealer). Like the original model, the new motorcycle is equipped with a 948-cc engine, slipping clutch.

Kawasaki Z900 A2 – an excellent solution for a beginner. Having received the rights, the motorcyclist buys a smothered adult motorcycle, and in due course by adjusting the control unit it is possible to add power …

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