Nembo 32 – upside down

In October last year, on the Internet there were first photos of unusual motorcycle Nembo 32 with an inverted three-cylinder engine. These photos are then caused a lot of discussion and debate from design to technical issues. In fact – this is a normal reaction when someone is trying to radically change stereotypes. It took almost nine months to the "birth" of innovative motorcycle Nembo 32 , over the weekend were tested at Franciacorta circuit in Italy. According to test Samuel Sardi, small size and weight make the bike very easy to manage.

After the first road tests it became clear that Nembo 32 is very manoeuvrable, it is especially good at shifting to the S – shaped curves. The sound of the three-cylinder in-line engine at 9000 rpm makes the run chill on the back. Engine displacement is 2017cc, and its power of 170 horsepower. The creator Nembo 32 Daniele Sabatini stressed that his motorcycle over a road than the track.

Currently second prototype for further testing was assembled with the same volume. After testing and scoring rates, plans to release a motorcycle with a capacity of 2017cc. In the production model will look just as experimental, spartan, but with even more power and torque.

Buyers will be able to be improved, engine tuning, suspension and brakes, stating their wishes producers, although an external view of the motorcycle will not be changed, keeping the recognizable features of the prototype.

Daniel noted that the project is the result of hard work of the whole team: Giovanni Mariani, Alessandro, Fabio Falcone, Carlo Versselone Marco Fasani, Luca Signorelli, test Sardi Samuel, and mechanics Caro and Sandro.

This is a very small team, in order to bring about radical changes in engine in such a relatively short period of time. Surprisingly, it can make a person focused on your goal. Congratulations guys. Great job!





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