Motorcycle 2017-2018 MV Agusta F4Z (first picture)


2017-2018 MV Agusta F4Z – one of the most mysterious of motorcycles in August.
The Italian company is gradually warmed up the public interest by publishing videotizery, and now appeared the first complete picture of the future of motorcycle, which will be officially launched on September 4th.
The company 2017-2018 MV Agusta has published a photo at the office.
starnitsu at Twitter .

Motorcycle 2017-2018 MV Agusta F4Z is a collaboration with 2017-2018 MV Agusta Milan design studio Zagato, which previously specialized only in vehicles.
The basis of the project, obviously, took Superbike 2017-2018 MV Agusta F4, which Zagato finishing almost like himself.

Motorcycle design is consistent with the picture, which was formed after we see all videotizerov.
It belongs to the past, and there are hints of futurism.

All teasers:

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