Motokombinezon D-air Racing is already on sale!

Recently in the UK, the market entered a long-awaited racing suit from the world famous motor-equipment manufacturer Dainese. Externally it differs little from our usual motokombinezonov, but in reality it hides much more interesting possibilities than it seems at first glance. Italian brand decided to give consumers more information on the work motokombinezona D-air Racing, in order to increase their interest in the past to new developments in the field of protection of motorcyclists.
What we already know – is that the D-air Racing works in conjunction with the existing protection and airbag elements, which helps to protect the shoulders, upper chest and neck area.
Now get additional information, we can say that motokombinezon equipped with sensors, which work as a tool for the collection and monitoring of telemetric information about the performance of piloting a motorcycle, which can later be transferred to a computer for study or printing.
The extensive functions of the system include a lap time data, GPS telemetry motorcycle and diagrams concerning the braking time and the entrance path in the rotation. To speed up the data, the system is also compatible with Google Earth, which allows you to build an entire racing path on the mini-map.
D-air Racing system has passed all the tests of individual protection pilot, not only for the current European standards but also for pre-standards which will come into force in the near future. In addition D-air Racing is so innovative that the current standards only partially able to meet the needs of a certificate of advanced systems.
Motokombinezon D-air Racing can be made ​​according to individual customer needs: choice of colors, additional names, logos, etc. Prices for D-air Racing in Europe start at £ 2,409 for a standard suit and can go up to £ 3240, depending on the wishes of the customer.

Motokombinezon D-air Racing

Motokombinezon D-air Racing

Cooperating with Google Earth software

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