Motocross helmets GSB for every taste!

Group GSB the GROUP , recently to begin the deliveries of Italian helmets GSB to the Russian market, is ready to share its achievements in the field of development and production of helmets for motocross. According to experts from the GSB the Moto – official representation of the GROUP GSB in Russia – in today's assortment of motocross GSB models available for domestic motor-fans, be sure to find a suitable solution for
any rider. So, let's look in more detail what offer these optimistic Italians.

XP-14 Model

Take the XP-14 model – quite a decent option for those who are attracted to ride through the woods and roads. Probably, this helmet GSB is unlikely to surprise with something extraordinary, in terms of design features, but in terms of price / quality ratio, XP, 14-model looks really advantageous. Reinforced housing made of high-strength thermoplastic resin HIR-TH and has two full-sized shells, ensures reliable protection of the head during the movement. In addition, XP-14 – it's excellent aerodynamics and ventilation system, additional air intakes for better air circulation, comfortable strap with micrometric adjustment and fully removable, soft to the touch interior Dry Comfort. But the most interesting aspect – it is, of course, price. So, today retail XP-14, the cost is only 7350 rubles. It seems that it is quite cheap for the quality of European level. Moreover, complete with a similar helmet GSB Moto offers and motocross goggles are available in two colors – black and red – a record low retail
price – 2017 rubles.

Model XP-14 A

For riders who prefer affordable motocross model with glass of GSB guys developed XP-14 A line that is different from the XP-14, the presence of the visor made ​​of high quality polycarbonate and equipped with a user-friendly system of rapid removal and replacement visor. At the same time the glass of the helmet increases the cost by only 600 rubles. compared with the model XP-14 (retail price of XP-14 A is 7950 rubles.)

Model GSB XP-15

Finally, effective solution for professional athletes – a model GSB XP-15, which is a super-lightweight helmet from carbon-Kevlar composite Fibreglass ACF (total weight 2017 g) with stylish and colorful prints from the Italian designer Mario Starezzi.
XP-15 Retail price of 20170 rubles. But, by and large, is not so much to the helmet of a composite material.
Helmets GSB appear in the windows of specialized salons of our country, which means that racing fans on the road today can buy a brand new motocross model and evaluate them "in."

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