Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Focused on the main thing.

HP4 RACE is more than just the sum of its constituent parts. This motorcycle is a real explosion of emotions. From the moment of creation to the race track, the pure passion that made this racing bike what it is. An innovation generator designed to push the boundaries.

The HP4 RACE is the world’s first motorcycle, which offers a full carbon frame and all-carbon wheels, and weighs only 146 kilograms (dry weight) at 158 ​​kW (215 hp). A hand-made dream that will become a reality for only 750 enthusiasts.

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750 copies of pure dynamics

HP4 RACE is a true work of engineering. Each of 750 copies of the limited edition of a racing motorcycle is made by our specialists manually and is marked with an individual number plate.

The quintessence of passion, which we offer only to those who share this passion. Those who do not recognize the limitations and are always ready to go further. Fans of extreme sports who with HP4 RACE should not only satisfy their ambitions, but also in a new way designate them. There are not many such people. More precisely, seven hundred and fifty.

New standard in lightweight construction

Frame HP4 RACE is made of carbon fiber and from the steering column to the pendulum support is a single structural part. Compared to series frames, this saves a total of 4 kilograms of weight.

In the applied for HP4 RACE carbon technology Model 2019-2020 BMW is not about the external effect, but about the properties. They allow you to pre-calculate and implement in the design of twisting and stiffness, depending on the functions. Make it as rigid as aluminum and as hard as steel. All the advantages of the carbon material are also fully used in wheel rims. Thus, even under extreme loads, they retain their special flexibility.

Perfect execution down to the smallest detail.

Designed entirely for the race track, the HP4 RACE has a carbon-bearing front section that, with its aggressive, split-half split-up (Splitface) and lower Ram-Air, virtually cuts the oncoming airflow. The dome-shaped wind shield provides optimal protection for the driver and improves streamlining.

The perfect harmony of painted and carbon surfaces makes HP4 RACE, if it suddenly stays stationary, the absolute center of attention. A new era opens and a color palette. Together with HP4 RACE we present the new sports colors HP – Light White / Racing Blue Metallic / Racing Red.

Made by hand. Created for high scores.

Manufactured manually in Berlin, the HP4 RACE engine is an upgraded version of the engine for the World Endurance Championship and World Superbike Championship. It has a power of 158 kW (215 hp) and increased to 14500 rpm maximum speed. Its maximum torque of 120 Nm engine develops at 10,000 rpm.

After the engine is run by our specialists on the test bed and the results are logged, the first service is carried out, including the replacement of the oil. The engine is endoscopically inspected, the valve timing and valve clearance are regulated. Thus, when transferring to the customer HP4 RACE is already ready to give out its full potential on the race track.

The correct approach is to guarantee the best results on the race track.

The race character of HP4 RACE is reflected in every detail. In the carrying front part of the carbon fiber there is a dashboard “2D”, which provides all important information for the driver and designers. 2D-recorder allows you to write to the memory and read the measured data. Through the key blocks, the Dynamic Traction Control (Dynamic Traction Control) can be precisely adjusted to ensure optimum traction for each racing situation. This and other electronic functions – a set of power depending on the included gear, the possibility of programming engine braking (Engine Brake) and control of lifting the front wheel (Wheelie Control), as well as limiter speed in the pit lane (Pit-Lane Limiter) and automatic Acceleration (Launch Control) – guarantee impeccable operation on the racetrack. The electrics are supplemented by a minimized wiring harness and a lithium-ion battery built into the bearing carbon shank of the frame. Equipped with a three-step adjustment, the carbon frame shank is also part of the optimal ergonomics of the HP4 RACE.

Full individuality from seat height to model number.

Other options for individual adaptation to the driver: the adjustment of the bend of the rudder and the adjustment of the footrests. The HP RACE Pro gearshift assistant with a reverse switching scheme provides clear information when changing gears. The six-speed gearbox has approximate gear ratios, adapted to the FM specifications, and with the use of additional “second” gear ratios (included in the delivery) it allows further adaptation. At the level of the World Championship, a four-cylinder four-stroke engine with a power of 158 kW (215 hp) with oil-water cooling, which was built and tested on a test bench by our team of specialists, is also working and comes with a test report. Each individual engine achieves the required power ratings.

Thoughtful details for the highest requirements.

The Öhlins inverted telescopic fork FGR 300 and the TTX 36 GP shock absorber stand are known at the World Superbike Championship. Brake calipers Brembo GP4 PR, which are used in the MotoGP championship, together with the steel racing 320 mm T-Type brake discs of 6.75 mm thickness provide outstanding braking performance. The HP4 RACE wheels of twisted carbon fibers are 1540 grams lighter than forged wheels and at the expense of reduced dimensions are noticeably more dynamic. The sequential simplification of the design continues the Akrapovič exhaust system, made entirely of titanium, and a handmade aluminum gasoline tank. Not forgotten and smaller parts that allow you to get a dry weight of 146 kilograms (171 kg / own weight according to DIN). Thus, titanium screws of 6, 8 and 10 dimensions save not only the mass of HP4 RACE, but also the necessary tool.

Number of cycles 4
Number of cylinders 4
Number of valves per cylinder 4
Configuration Inline
Working volume 999 cm³
The diameter of the cylinder and the stroke of the piston 80 x 49.7 mm
Max power 215 hp
Maximum torque 120 N ∙ m
Dimensions and weight
Length 2070 mm
Width 777mm
Seat Height 831 mm
Curb weight 171.4 kg
Fuel tank capacity 17.5 l
Dry weight 146 kg
Beginning of issue 2018

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

Model 2019-2020 BMW HP4 Race

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