Meet the new King – 2018-2019 Harley-Davidson Road King Special


Today the company revealed a new model at night – Road King Special.

From a standard King differs elongated bags, gloss black instead of chrome, new wheels 19/17, driving a “mini <br> <br> <br> AprĀ» 9 inches stritglaydovskim seat, and of finishing details.

Given that the CVO Road King was in a production line the last time in 2014, this machine is very crucial in my opinion.
The recommended price for exactly 3 thousand dollars higher than the price of conventional King Road.
A lot or a little – everyone decides for himself.

Personally, I very much like the steering wheel – thick as CVO, and moderately high, and another notch on the decorative details.
That fuel gauge, others will say, of course, “nostalgic”, but for me too lived their and needs to be replaced.

The motor is the same – M8 107 inches – that prevents the motorcycle include ideologically family S, characterized by a more powerful motors.
And it does not create competition CVO models.
But, on the other hand, this is an excellent base for the installation of tuning Stage 4. Speaking of Stage 4 – I have the brand new M8, which not even his master did not sit.
Soon it will turn out 107 full-time into a monster volume of 120 cubic inches, with ported heads and other goodies.
Details will be published.

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