Mark Pekett put up for sale is the fastest in the history of dragbayk «Pro Street» category


Racer Mark Pekett (Mark Paquette) put up for sale the world’s fastest motorcycle category «Pro Street» – Suzuki Hayabusa turbo.

In the past, Mark Pekett on this motorcycle set a record 1/4 mile on the track «South Georgia Motorsports Park».
Result: 6.7 seconds (previous record of 6.72).
That season, Mark easily won the championship.
He missed the first stage, but then dominated all the races.

Dragbayk Suzuki Hayabusa Mike Peketta made with maximum value for money, used the best parts – no savings.


– McIntosh chassis

– Head Ward Performance

– Transmission Robinson Industries

– Turbo Custom Comp

– Custom intercooler

– Motec M800 ECU

– Motec PDM15

– Tidy Motec C125

– Carbon-fiber body kit Montgomery

– BST carbon fiber wheels

– Penske shock

– Coil Energycoil

– Price from 85 000 to 110 000 dollars

– Contact [email protected]

Top scores:

– 1/4 mile 6.7

– 1/8 Mile: 4.43

– 1/4 mile, the speed of 217 miles / hour

– 1/8 mile speed of 178 miles / hour

Not a record, but close.

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