Lucy Pinder and Yamaha R1

Of course, most of us (we are now talking about a strong half of mankind) can not remain indifferent, given the criticisms of our readers, is screwing word to sexy babes in bikinis. And when these beauties a few, even the most jealous owners can not resist not to give your bike in the hands of a top model Lucy Pinder and her assistant Charlotte and Stephanie for showering. Looking at the video who will think here would be in place Erki (Yamaha R1), so, with such thoughts is difficult to disagree. Beautiful bike , sexy (!) Girl cleaning the bike all the classics, but it's nice to see …

The editor of one of the foreign sites in touch with Lucy for a short interview, here are some excerpts:
Do you think the riders more crazy than motorists?
Yes definitely crazy. We must have the courage to sit behind the wheel of the bike, rather than behind the wheel of a supercar.
Do you know how to ride a motorcycle, and that prefer cruiser or a sportbike? What is your favorite bike?
I'm not brave enough to ride a motorcycle, but if I plucked up the courage, he would have chosen a sportbike. While filming the video clip I R1 soap so long that it has had time to fall in love with him.
You look MotoGP? If so, who is your favorite rider, and why?
Yes, I sometimes watch the MotoGP, I like Valentino Rossi, he is a talented and purposeful.
Have you ever been to the Isle of Man? Would you like to pass on the TT circuit on a motorcycle?
I've never been on the track TT, but would like to ride in the back seat with an experienced driver behind the wheel.

Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1

Yamaha R1 Independent Online Edition

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